Win a Free Copy of Kettlebell Challenge Workouts

My new Kettlebell Challenge Workouts program is coming very soon … and you can win a free copy!!

It’s a “mega-bundle” of more than a dozen kick-a@@ kettlebell challenge workouts you can do any time, any place, with just a single kettlebell and your own body weight, and in 20 minutes or less.  And the full program will be officially available in a few short days …

So, as we get the finishing touches of the delivery process ironed out, and as a gesture of appreciation to you, a loyal reader, I’ve decided to give away two free copies of the program before I officially release it.

All you have to do to win your copy is leave a comment on this post detailing your number one fitness goal … and your biggest obstacle/frustration/etc. that’s keeping you from accomplishing it.  I’ll have my assistant go through and pick the best two comments so the contest is as fair as possible.  And all I’ll ask for is a little feedback from the winners after they’ve read through the program, watched the videos and tried the workouts themselves.

Leave a comment below to get entered to win … and keep an eye on your e-mail inbox to get first word of the Kettlebell Challenge Workouts program’s official release!


118 thoughts on “Win a Free Copy of Kettlebell Challenge Workouts

  1. Damien Clark

    My goal is to lead a healthy life and set the example for my children . They are however the my biggest set back as the demand all my time which I gladly give them.

  2. Sergey

    My aim in training with kettlebells is to become strong, no, STRONG. Inhumanly strong. I want not only to ace various bodyweight feats of strength (“The Big Six” from “Convict conditioning”), but also build myself up (I weigh 145# at 6′, which is apparently not very good) and gain some endurance and functional strength. My biggest problem is that I do not train regularly (well, until recently) and do not eat well (sad, but true). Anyway, it would be interesting to find out what your new program is like and what it can offer us (-:

  3. Cecilia

    My fitness goal is to get back in the shape I was in when I was early – mid twenties. I” 39 now and got side tracked a bit with workouts. My biggest block is me. I have minimal motivation. I do what I can to help improve my motivation, but still feel like something is missing. As a CPT and graduate of EXSS degree, I know what to do, but got bored somewhere along the way. Last year I was introduced to kettlebells and love them, but the gym I’m at now doesn’t have them. I’ve also been dealing with hip flecor issues since June and am feeling much better, but not totally healed and fraid to injure myself more. I still feel minor pain and tightness there, but nothing compared to the first few months with the injury. Now I n stand upright without stiffness.

  4. Elena

    Would love to have a copy of the book and get in the best shape of my life. At 42 yrs old, I want to knock it out of the park on my next birthday and be around a long time for my son. 🙂

  5. My fitness goal for 2013 is to do RKC or SFG Level 2. MY mind is holding me back, as it always does, tricking me into thinking I can not do it. I was able to overcome my mind and pass Level 1 this past September. But you know, the negative self talk always starts back up again. Hopefully I can squash the talk and continue to get strong!! 🙂

  6. Alia

    My main fitness goal is weight/ fat loss. My obstacles were time, expense and effectiveness of a program. The reasons I choose kettlebells and your initial program in the first place~ kettlebells are quieter than dumbells and having to workout in the room I share with my infant while he was sleeping that was essential ! Also, I needed a routine I could perform quickly and get the maximum results since I am short on time. I am doing the swing workouts and will soon need more variety in the workouts. Also I had a problem with my hip and back since giving birth and I believe the kettlebell swings have helped to relieve that pain!

  7. Nicole

    Thanks for the opportunity-I can’t wait to see the new program. My biggest goal is getting my body to work proper movement patterns, but I need to break the ingrained poor connections currently in place. Less traps/more rhomboid; less quad/more glute. It seems futile, but I won’t give up.

  8. Roxanne

    At 57 I workout with Kettlebells 4 times per week. I can’t get the snatch heavier than my 18lb bell I swing a 12kg and 16kg kettlebell.
    I would love to be able to train and pass the RKC along with getting slimmer and physically stronger.
    Can you help?

  9. Allen Hillman

    My biggest fitness goal for this year is to get into better shape than I’ve been in years, in time for a Pan American Masters Swim Meet in June. Given the high level f ocompetition I need to be in as good shape as possible. My biggest obstacles are having just gotten a cold, and not getting enough sleep while trying to train swimming and kettlebells. Moving after swimming and doing any dry land exercise on the same day is difficult. I started doing kettlebell exercises after trying to find something to complement my swimming that was a full body workout, not isolated muscle focus, which I find boring very quickly. The variety and whole body involvement of the exercises appealed to me the most.

  10. Damsel

    Kettlebells are gonna kick the next 4 percent body fat off! And id like to increase my press strength too…and squats.
    37 yr old girl beginning fire training…always looking for fantastic programming to keep me at an advantage! Thanks Forest!

  11. Jay Hebert

    # 1 Goal – Keep off excess weight and add some muscle tone.

    What is keeping me from it? Me taking the time and making it a priority.

  12. Nicholas Hazlett

    My biggest hurdle is an addiction crocheting tobacco. I have been off and on with this stuff for 17 years. I have watched how the longer I do it the weaker I get. I quit a few days ago and my goal is to use kettlebells and crossfit to get faster, healthier, quicker, and stronger. Vance, great program. I have watched the updates and training for almost a year.

  13. Renee R

    My fitness goal is to lose weight/fat and to become healthy and toned. I just turned 42 & my body reminds me everyday. I am young at heart and want my body to be also. My biggest obstacles are past injuries….I have creaky knees and a blown rotator cuff from my many years playing sports (I finally had to stop playing softball 3 yrs ago 🙁 ). I am ready to turn back time & believe your program is just the thing to get me started!

  14. I’m 75 and a Tai Chi player. My goal is to maintain and improve strength, posture, and movement into my 90s. Biggest problem to progress is probably staying motivated in spite of unrealistic expectations of myself.

  15. Brian

    Top fitness goal for 2013 is to increase my total body strength significantly so that I can do handstands, pistols, multiple pull-ups, etc. and dazzle my beautiful wife and awesome three daughters at soon to be 45!
    The biggest obstacle I have is a chronic shoulder weakness on one side. I am hopeful and will not stop training and trying.

  16. Marilou

    My fitness goal is to rehab my shoulder after surgery on a full tear of the rotator cuff. Besides getting my full range of motion and my strength back, I want to relearn proper technique and hip extension so that I can do the exercises correctly and not reinjure myself. I am 60 years old and want to be an example to the younger people in my gym!

  17. Bishop Decker

    My biggest obstacle – I travel two or three weeks of every month. I realize that body weight exercises can be a great tool, I just don’t have the discipline to be consistent. It is a huge challenge for me.

  18. Bev Byram

    Have used kettlebells and yoga to come back after breast cancer. It is the winning combination for me and I hope to continue many more years.

  19. Anne Hutchinson

    My fitness goal is to keep fit into old age. I am 53 and been using Kettlebells for about 3 tears. My main problem is finding suitable workouts to do

  20. I’m an advanced KB instructor who has recently had a hip replacement. My goal is to gain a lot more strength and rip myself up!! Unfortunately my limitations are preventing this. I am interested in any regression exercises that can help me progress my goals


    I am seeking to be faster and stronger-
    master multiple muscle ups on the high bar.
    Move with economy of motion – improve
    core strength – I am building some ” stall bars ” –
    and improve my power output on my 1 hour
    power trial on my stationary bike ( monitors Power
    OUTPUT ) – By the way, I am almost 69 years of
    age ! Losing weight is NOT a target , I am about 7%
    bodyfat now !

  22. kevin

    My main goal is to stay fit both mentally and physically to deal with the daily chores of life!!!! A lovely wife four great children, home and work life.I ‘ve found kettlebells give you the flexibility and challenge to keep the thrill of life alive.the easy way a 20min workout and you can be done and as has been said more bang for your buck.

  23. Veronica

    My #1 goal is to get within a normal BMI. I’m in the “obese” range, and I’ve been lucky so far, but I no longer want to live and feel mediocre. I want to feel amazing!
    My biggest hurdle getting in the way of my achieving my weightloss goals is ME! I don’t make the time for myself, I put everyone first and ultimately, suffer the consequences for not making a commitment.
    Here’s to some new challenges in 2013! Good luck everyone!

  24. Kari

    I train with kettlebells now, but I am always looking for ways to perfect
    my form and performance. I love the movement I get from working out.
    It is such a complete full body workout.

  25. Kim

    My goal is to learn all that I can on PROPER technique to pass on to clients. Once technique is achieved the next step is the challenge workouts as ‘general technique’ gets you in such good shape, keeping the body challenged and moving forward is key!

  26. I want to lower my blood pressure so I look great for my wife and not have a stroke or heart attack.
    Woking full time and going to school full time are my biggest obstacles.

  27. david

    I am looking for a way to stay in shape and still have time to live. On my feet all day sometimes my creaking joints make me worry about what my workouts are doing to them,can You help?

  28. Pauline

    I am a 57yr old grandmother and my goal is to look trim,toned and as strong as possible and be an inspiration to my family and my clients. I love my kettlebells and always looking for new exercises.

  29. michael

    i’m fourty one next month. I have always been active, except for a ‘black period’ during my early thirties when I moved from the country to the city. I have since got back into exercise. I have been unemployed for three years, which brought on depression. I have been doing body weight workouts at a local playground for two years, and tyre flipping at a local rugby field. December of 2011, I got my certificate 3 & 4 in fitness, so i am now qualified as a PT. I am doing voluntary work experience at a gym at a Women’s & Children’s Hospital in Adelaide, Australia to gain more experience and confidence. My goal is to increase my athleticism and strength through my fourties and into my fifties, sixties, etc.Currently, the lack of a job is a hinderance to an extent. The book would give me a starting point. It is a goal of mine to be Certified to teach kettlebells.

  30. Tim

    I’m 63, fairly fit, but for the last yr and half I have not been able to get below 170 lbs.
    My %BF is 23%. My waist 36.5 – 37inches
    I have some knee/hip issues and have been keeping to body weight exercises.
    Question: What is the best way to lose the belly fat that seems to be camped out under my ab muscles.

    Bonus question: I have run a few Spartan races, have trouble on the wall, transitioning beween pulling myself up and then pushing myself up so that I can get my leg over. What would be some good exercises to train for that transition? I can do 5 pullups and 45 pushups but cannot put the two together.

  31. Laura

    I will be turning 50 and I want to celebrate by being in excellent shape. I want to enjoy my retirement (still a few years away) by travelling the world: hiking, kayaking, exploring and experiencing many beautiful countries firsthand (and NOT from the window of a bus!)
    I also vow be the kind of Grandmother that can get down on the floor to play with my grandkids. I want to run with them outside, play their games and take them to DisneyWorld and keep up with them. I have no intention of doing this from a motorized chair!
    Like most of us, my biggest obstacle is time. Working very long hours and taking care of my family leave me no personal time.

  32. Would love to win…. I just turned 50 this week and have been working out with kettlebells for 2 years. I have lost about 8 lbs, but I am sure I have gained muscle. My clothes are fitting better and a few people have noticed that I have lost a few pounds. I do still need to lose at least 10-15 more pounds. Biggest roadblock… Probably getting stuck in a rut…. I have recently bought a pair of same weight KBs , so that should help. I would like to do the HKC and at some time the RKC…..

  33. Lisa

    I have worked out my entire adult life. I started using KBs a couple of years ago . I love the surge I get from a great workout. I love to challenge my self and my workout partners to strive to more levels. I am a HKC certified and have recently started helping train at a new gym. I would love to use the workouts to challenge the clients and grow their fitness level as well as their love of the KB way of life.

  34. GaryG

    My goals are to get stronger, lose body fat, and gain muscle. And to continue this for months and years to come. I want to also improve my mobility.

  35. Gregg Willett

    I could state that my goals are to lose weight, get stronger and become more proficient with KB’s but that is what everyone wants. My goals are to become mentally stronger with constant practice and focus on form and technique. I just started doing Get-ups and they are awesome at kicking your butt. The concentration that you need to perfect correct form in very intense and at my young age of 58 the mind says one thing and the body tries to keep up. The fact that I am fighting to maintain correct form without injuring myself is a battle I fight every day. I am newly certified as a trainer and the instruction that I could gain would make me that much better at helping others.

  36. admin

    All –

    The response to this contest has been astounding. Thanks SO much to all who entered, it is going to be so hard to choose a winner! We will announce the winners asap –


  37. Maureen Wong

    My goal is to lose the 10lbs I’ve slowly gained over the last two years. I had gotten into really great physical shape to recover from a Surgery I needed to have but have fallen back into some old bad patterns. My biggest obstacle is not having time to fit in long workouts ago these shorter, whole body KB workouts sound great!

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