In 21 to 28 days, display full splits anytime without a warm up

If you follow this program routine to the point, in 21 to 28 days, you will be able to display full flexibility and splits anytime without a warm up, even if:

  • You’re not a top athlete or not in great physical condition
  • You’re over 40, 50, 60 or 70-year young
  • You haven’t done any sport before
  • You are man or woman
  • You don’t have any previous stretching or training experience
  • You feel that your leg muscles are too stiff or shortened
  • You did a lot of heavy lifting, cycling or running in the past
  • You think that your hips are too tight
  • You think you are too old to achieve great flexibility

=> Hyperbolic Stretching (men’s version)

=> Hyperbolic Stretching (women’s verison)

Depending on your current level of strength and flexibility, results may come even faster.

See, I got on an intense, 12-week training plan to prep for the Tactical Strength Challenge in 2017.

I was able to make some serious gains… I snatched the 53# kettlebell 120 times in 5 minutes, as well as hitting a 485 lb deadlift!

But, there was also an unexpected, negative side effect: my flexibility got WORSE.

I was so focused on the hard training, that I wasn’t stretching and doing recovery / mobility work like I should have been… and so as a result, I was strong, and in good shape… but also stiff and achey and overall, felt a little less athletic.

Sound familiar?

If you run, or lift weights, or do other types of hard traininig, and don’t stretch enough, this is a common thing that can happen.

Indeed, highly intense activites (short sprints, low rep weight lifting) slighly damages connective tissue with each bout… which can in turn significantly decrease overall flexibility in just a few months if you don’t do any stretching at all.

So what you need to do, is have a flexibility / mobility routine you’re working on, in addition to whatever other on-going training you are doing.- something like this:

=> Hyperbolic Stretching (men’s version)

=> Hyperbolic Stretching (women’s version)

Also, when you do yoga or any form of static relaxed stretching, bear in mind two important aspects that will help you make faster progress:

First, to gain flexibility faster using relaxed stretching bear in mind it’s a game of millimeters. Learn how to breathe properly and deeply, and with every breath try to gain extra millimeter in the stretch.

Second, several scientists as well as most yoga masters believe that people whose minds are not able to adapt to new situations usually are physically stiff as well. This is an interesting thought, and I think holds some truth as well.

If you want to be able to display the full splits within the next 21 to 28 days, any time, without a warm up, I recommed that you check out:

=> Hyperbolic Stretching (men’s version)

=> Hyperbolic Stretching (women’s version)

And remember: when you are training hard, it is important to also take some time to work on your flexibility and mobility, so that you don’t end up stiff and less athletic.

Make incremental progress with each flexibility session, be adaptable.

To your continued success! –

-Forest Vance

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