the “NFL Retirement Diet” (how I lost 64 pounds in 7 months)

Not being able to lose weight is common, and extremely frustrating.

It’s exactly how I felt when I “retired” from my football career (I played through high school, college, and about two years bouncing around in the NFL).

But after loads studying to figure out what the best approach was going to be fore me – and also getting help from a coach I was working with at the the time at a gym – I was able to lose 64 pounds in 7 months… and keep it off for the last 15 years!

I’ve codified everything into this plan:

=> the “NFL Retirement Diet” (how I lost 64 pounds in 7 months)

The program is both adaptive to you and your specific goals and needs… but we also give you LOTS of sample meals so that you can just plug-and-play, tweak slightly if needed, and rock it out.

There are also three keys the program is built on:

1 – PLAN – Start with planning out your meals. Use the block chart we give you in the 14 Day Metabolic Reset Challenge to figure out how much you need to be eating each day. I also walk through that chart and how to adjust it for your needs and goals in the video training.

Then you can either:

— Build your own meals using the block chart


— Pick meals that you like from the sample meals provided that fit in with your daily targets

2 – SHOP – You have to go the store and get the food you’re going to need.

Seems simple but it’s a new habit many people have to develop. A lot of people are used to not doing much, if any planning when it comes to nutrition… and if you’re trying to lose weight, and build better habits for the long term, this won’t work.

You can’t just fly by the seat of your pants and grab meals out and eat when you feel like it. You have to get, and always have, the food you need on hand, to be able to follow your plan.

3 – PREP – This is where you prepare the food that you are going to eat.

This is another key, because let’s say you’re out working for 10 hours per day. You’re probably going to need to pack at least a couple of meals and one or two snacks.

It doesn’t have to be complex – you can have maybe some veggies and lunch meat and nuts for one meal, a protein bar for another, a piece of fruit for another. Whatever fits into your plan and your blocks.

And develop techniques that make your life easier – hard boil eggs for a few breakfasts all at once, or cook 2x or 3x portions for dinner, and eat leftovers for the next couple of days.

But prepping your food is another key to success.”

Again, I get that not being able to lose weight is common, and extremely frustrating.

If you are frustrated too, give this a try:

=> the “NFL Retirement Diet” (how I lost 64 pounds in 7 months)

And we look forward to working with you!

-Forest and the FVT Team

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