Kettlebell “Dirty 30” 2.0

Check out this sample workout from our upcoming 28-day Kettlebell “Dirty 30’s” Challenge:

Kettlebell “Dirty 30” 2.0

For time:

— 30 KB Snatch (15 per side) (16k women / 24k men)
— 30 Push-Ups
— 30 Walking Lunge (15 per leg)
— 30 Ring Rows
— 30 Burpees
— 30 one arm KB Swings (15 per side) (16k women / 24k men)
— 30 Mountain Climbers
— 30 KB Rack Squats (15 per side) (16k women / 24k men)
— 30 Lying V-Ups
— 30 Lateral Hops (15 per side)


If you are ready to finally start getting serious results from your home KB workouts, sign up for our upcoming our 28 Day “Dirty 30’s” Kettlebell Challenge at the link below:

You’ll get a full 28-day training plan, a free copy of both my Kettlebells for Abs – Advanced Results course and Extreme KB Cardio Conditioning, plus coaching and motivation from me, my team, and the rest of your fellow 28-day Challengers.

But we kick off in just a few short days, so sign up and start getting ready now.

– Forest and the FVT Team

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