“Deck of Pain” jailhouse bodyweight workout

Prisoners all over the world have put together highly effective strength-building routines they can perform in the tiny space of their cell, or with limited equipment in the yard.

And they are known to get and look REAL strong, despite their small space and little or zero available training tools.

This workout – called the “Deck of Pain” – is supposedly a favorite among prisoners, because they typically have a deck of cards handy.

What you do is take a standard deck of 52 cards. You assign one of the exercises below (or a variation) to each of the four suits. So you could have something like:

Clubs – Squats
Spades – Push Ups
Hearts – Pull Ups or Inverted Rows
Diamonds – Hanging or Lying Leg Raises

Then you start drawing cards from the top.

The suit tells you what exercise you’re doing, the number tells you the reps.

Face cards count as 10, aces as 11.

Draw the cards and perform the corresponding movement until you get through the whole deck!

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-Forest Vance

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