KB/BW “Hybrid Strength” – Free 6-Week Training Plan

Most people I find just want to be ready to rock and in good shape, all the time.

They want to be able to lift some decent weight, or play a pick up game of basketball, or go for a run and feel good… and not kill themselves in the process.

I’m guessing this might be along the lines of goals you have for yourself as well?

A big challenge folks seem to have though with this, is with the STRENGTH part. Particularly if they are working out at home, with minimal equipment etc.

They would like to do some traditional barbell-based training for example, but it’s just not feasible. They don’t have the time to drive to the gym and use the set up there, or the space or extra funds to set something up at home.

(Or maybe your gym is even closed due to current restrictions around the pandemic.)

So I’ve come up with this 6-week program designed to help you get STRONG – using nothing but a single KB and your own body weight!

It’s called KB/BW Hybrid Strength.

And you can get it right now 100% FREE, when you pick up up a copy of Fire Breather at the link below:

=> KB/BW “Hybrid Strength” – Free 6-Week Training Plan

You’ll end up with a killer cardio-focused plan you can use to improve your conditioning and burn twice the calories…

…PLUS you’ll have a new 6-week KB/BW training plan that pairs with it perfectly to get STRONG, any time, any place, with just a couple of KBs and your own bodyweight.

Get your free copy now at the link below:

=> KB/BW “Hybrid Strength” – Free 6-Week Training Plan

And here’s to getting in top shape during the lockdown!

-Forest Vance

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