7 Minute Flexibility (stretching sequence inside)

I just finished off a short flexibility session this morning to start my day.

This is something that I do almost every morning. I started the routine seven or eight years ago, and it has made a TREMENDOUS difference in improving recovery, mobility, conditioning, and overall athleticsim.

If you are looking for similar benefits, and you aren’t currently doing a routine like this, I suggest you work something like this into your training as well!

Here is the short series from today, if you want to give it a try… I held each of these poses for about 45 seconds each:

  • Low lunge
  • Wide leg stretch / straddle
  • Lying spinal twist
  • Couch stretch
  • Standing legs-apart stretch
  • Seated spinal twist

I also highly recommend a new, more comprehensive program from my fried Logan Christopher, called “7 Minute Flexibility“.

A few words from Logan on his new program:

“Like most of fitness, there are a bunch of myths and inefficient ideas surrounding that of stretching and flexibility.

In short:

Static stretching is over-rated.


Other forms of flexibility training are under-rated.

Stretching your muscles might make them feel good, but is it really the goal you’re after?

If you want to actually get more flexible it’s important to understand the benefits and drawbacks of all the following:

Static Stretching
Isometric Stretching
Dynamic Stretching

Learn more here.

You’ll also find out how you can become much more flexible in just seven minutes!”


To sum up, there are some tremendous benefits to be had from incorporating a regular stretching routine into your training, if you’re not already.

You can use the short sequence I shared with you today, or for a more comprehensive solution, check out 7 minute Flexibility from my friend Logan Christopher:

=>> 7 Minute Flexibility

To your continued success

-Forest Vance
Corrective Exercise Specialist

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