the 10,000 Kettlebell Swing Workout

Have you heard of the “10,000 Kettlebell Swing Workout”?

From my understanding, strength coach Dan John came up with the idea around 2013.

The original idea is to do 500 swings a day, for 20 days.

Between the kettlebell swings, you do a low-volume strength movement such as chin-ups, goblet squats, dips, or overhead presses.

There are more details you need to know if you’re going to try this… but honestly, I think it’s a simple and awesome home training program.

BUT… and there is a BIG but! 🍑

I think where SO many people get this wrong, is they go into something like this, without first knowing how to properly swing a kettlebell.

They rush into it, and don’t get as much out of it as they could be. And maybe even end up injuring themselves.

However, getting proper instruction can be tricky. You don’t know who to trust. We’re in the middle of a pandemic, and a lot of gyms are temporarily, or even permanently, closed.

I have a solution!

I am doing an ONLINE kettlebell swing workshop on Saturday, November 14th:

=>> Online KB Swing Workshop with Forest Vance

You can attend live, or sign up and get the recording to watch any time you want.

I also include my “KB Swing Crash Course” video series AND a copy of my KB Basics Swing Manual – so that you can get started learning right away.

And so if you’re going to try something like the 10,000 Kettlebell Swing Workout – or any other program with a lot (or even a little) of swings… you can be confident that you are doing the move safely and effectively.

To your continued success –

-Forest Vance
Kettlebell Expert

PS – We have limited spots for this event. Get details and reserve your spot here now.

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