“Iron Edge” Kettlebell MRT Circuit

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=> new 4-week “MRT” (metabolic resistance training) kettlebell workout plan

Metabolic Resistance Training, also known as “MRT”, involves stacking multiple heavier, compound exercises together to create an oxygen debt.

With this style of training, you end up burning a ton of calories – during the session, AND for the rest of the day – plus you’re able to build lean muscle, all at the same time.

This is NOT HIIT (similar, but HIIT typically does NOT have you using heavier, compound movements).

And this is NOT traditional strength training (DOES typically use heavier lifts, but also typically very little cardio or conditioning involved).

It’s the best of both worlds!

Check out a sample workout:


“Iron Edge” Kettlebell MRT Circuit

KB Turkish get up – 1 rep per side
1 arm KB swing – 7 reps per side
alternating KB goblet lunge – 7 per side
1-5 pull ups OR 12 recline rows OR 12 1 arm KB rows per side
5-10 burpees (do lower or higher reps, and modify as needed according to fitness level)



The whole idea with MRT is that you pick a weight / exercise variation that is challenging. So take your time ramping up if you’re just getting back into things, BUT we need to work to find a weight that is hard eventually (that’s all relative to you of course), to get the desired results from this style of training.

What happens sometimes is that we get more beginner folks that blow through something like this with a 10 or 15 pound kettlebell, and they go – “this is easy!”

If you pick a weight that is really challenging for the work sets, the overall work load goes up, and it’s a totally different experience.

Fit men, we’d have you doing 2o or 24k / 44 or 53 pounds plus on the get ups and lunges, 28 or 32k / 63 or 70 pounds plus on the 1 arm swings, and regular pull ups.

Fit women, we’d have you doing 12 or 16k / 26 or 35 pounds plus on the get ups and lunges, 16 or 20k / 35 or 44 pounds plus on the 1 arm swings, and regular pull ups.

If you are starting lighter or don’t have access to the right weights right now or whatever else – THAT’S OKAY! You can still get great results. I just want to give some context on how this workout style is set up and how you need to do it, to get the most out of it.


Start on the full 4-week plan at the link below:

=> new 4-week “MRT” (metabolic resistance training) kettlebell workout plan

And here’s to your continued your success!

-Forest Vance, KettlebellBasics.net

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