“Tactical Muscle” [pic]

Tactical operators are in amazing shape.

They are athletic, lean, strong… and they obviously perform at a very high level!…

…but if you look at their actual training, it’s the OPPOSITE of what most people think.

They do NOT spend a lot of time at the gym, pumping up their muscles like a bodybuilder.

Because if they did, they might end up gaining muscle, but they would also get too bulky. They’d lose overall athleticism. And they wouldn’t be as able to perform at a high level in what they have to do in their daily jobs.

Most people I’ve talked to also prefer this lean, athletic, functional look.

And that’s what this training plan is all about:

=>> Tactical Muscle

You’ll do workouts like this (video breakdowns, exercise explainations, much more in the full program):

Black OPs mass Protocol – Strength Block B – Monday workout – week 1

– A Double leg bounding 3 x 3 X 90 sec

– B “Cluster” KB front squat 5 x 1 (5) 30 x 0 3 min

– C1 Swiss ball leg curl OR lying hip ext w feet on bench 4 x Max reps
– C2 Weighted sit up 4 x 8 – 10 3010 90 sec

Or this!

10 min “Tactical Muscle” Pull Up-Push Up-Sit Up Super Series 

A – Pull up super series:

– Wide Grip / Medium Grip / Narrow Chinups
– 10 seconds rest between each position
– 2x Max Reps
– Rest – 3 mins after complete

B – Push up super series:

– Narrow feet elevated pushup / Narrow feet flat pushup / Wide feet flat pushup
– 10 seconds rest between each position
– 2x Max Reps
– Rest – 3 mins after complete

C – Sit up super series:

– V-Ups / Situps / Front Plank (1 min)
– 10 seconds rest between


See the way the Tactical Muscle program is all set up, and what makes it unique, at the page linked below:

=>> Tactical Muscle

It’s a whole training system, and it includes:

  • the Tactical Muscle System
  • 4 week “Black Ops Arms” specialization program
  • 7 Day Testosterone Solution
  • the Alpha Status Handbook

GET – the Tactical Muscle system

To sum up, if you want to look and perform like a tactical operator, you need to make sure your training is structured properly, and that every workout you do gets you a little closer to your goal. This program will help you do just that.

To your success!

-Forest Vance

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