Planks = Ab Exercise to Avoid?

You go to your personal trainer, and tell them you want better abs.

What’s the first exercise they probably have you do?


Because crunches and sit-ups are bad for your back, right?

Well… kind of.

But here’s the thing. Your abs are muscles. They grow when they are exposed to resistance exercise. If you can develop the muscles of the abs, you can see them easier. This is something not many people talk about, but it’s VERY true.

And so though planks should be PART of your ab training, they shouldn’t be ALL of it. Because planks are what is known as an ISOMETRIC movement – and they aren’t going to cause much actual hypertrophy (muscle growth). They are great for activation and strength and core endurance and other stuff. But you also need to do a variety of OTHER types of ab moves too for complete development.

Now kettlebells are one of the BEST ways to train your abs, because you can do moves where you add heavy resistance for relatively low reps, and you can cause the muscle growth and development you are looking for.

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And here’s to your ab training success!

-Forest Vance

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