The missing puzzle piece from your home KB workouts 🧩

Since the end of 2006, when I started working full time in the fitness industry, I have had conversations clients most every working day who are looking to lose fat.

I can’t tell you how many times people are pretty dialed in with their kettlebell workouts, but they are just not getting the fat loss results, and they can’t figure out why.

Nine times out of ten, it comes down to nutrition. This is the missing puzzle piece from most people’s kettlebell fitness program.

And here’s the thing – the short-term diets DO work to get you quick results.

But you always have to remember – however you GET to your goals, that’s how you have to MAINTAIN them.

That’s why it’s so important to find an approach that is going to be manageable with your lifestyle, and do-able for you for the long term.

Learning how to make a few healthy, tasty recipes that are going to work for you and your family goes a LOT way towards that.

That’s why I love Anabolic Cooking.

It’s a nutrition program that’s based around meals that you’re going to actually like to eat.

No, you’re probably not gonna like every single one of them, but there’s over 200 recipes that you can pick from!…

So what I would do is go through the whole program and find a dozen or two dozen of these recipes that are your go to use.

Like for me:

— Vanilla Cream Oatmeal

— High Protein Pancakes

— Classic Denver Omelette

— Grilled Turkey Club

— Grilled Tex Mex Chicken

— Beef Teriyaki

— 15 Quick n Easy Tuna Recipes

Are some of my go-to choices.

Then what I do is, I have these as my go to meals that I rotate through. I’ll occasionally add other ones to the mix. This way, I’m able to lose fat and also maintain my fitness goals, in a way that is sustainable for my lifestyle.

Check out the program and pick up a copy here -> “Anabolic Cooking”

Especially if you’ve tried all different diets, and nothings really worked, give it a go, I highly recommend it!


– Forest and the FVT Team at

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