Best Male / Female Physique at 60+? (pics inside)

One thing I find really inspiring is following athletes in their 40’s, 50’s and beyond that are still performing at a high level.

The CrossFit games – Master’s Category has no shortage of these folks.

Check out the physiques on these two competitors I found, just doing a quick Google search! (they are both in the 60+ division by the way):

Paul Perna

Susan Clarke

Bottom line, these CrossFit games – Master’s Category are nothing short of amazing.

They sport incredible physiques.

But what is equally impressive is the fact that they are such well balanced athletes. These men and women have world class levels of both conditioning and strength at the same time. Something highly unusual when top performance in a specific sport typically comes at the expense of NOT being good at much anything else.

So how do they get there, how do they do it?

With their special unique style of workouts.

Only problem is, to train the way that these athletes train presents problems for the average Joe and Jane.

For one, some of the typical workouts they do are fairly technical and pose somewhat of an injury risk if you don’t know proper technique. Olympic lifts for high reps at a high fatigue level is asking for trouble for the average person.

Secondly, these athletes train a large amount of time. A lot of them are training for hours, three or four times per day.

And finally, the set up required to do the sort of workouts is not accessible for a lot of people. You need a full barbell set up. You need a lifting platform. You need a full array of weights and conditioning equipment like rowing machines and assault bikes and much more.

But I’ve come up with a solution: We have adapted the great workouts these athletes use, and use many of the same principles, but make it so that you can do them at home with a couple of Kettlebells and your own bodyweight, in 20 or 30 minutes, three or four times per week.

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-Forest and the FVT Team at

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