[new video] Kettlebell Swing – High Pull – Snatch Finisher

We had a group of personal training clients that I had worked with for about 18 months. Things were going along pretty well with their workouts. I was training them two or three times per week. They were maintaining a reasonable level of fitness, getting a little stronger and fitter each month, and feeling fine and healthy.

But there came a time where they wanted to do MORE. They wanted to shift gears on the training, and really focus on adding some muscle and strength. They wanted to push the envelope a bit more on the intensity. And they all knew they needed to dial in their nutrition.

So we did a six week “beta test.

The results were nothing short of amazing!

One participant improved his kettlebell pressing strength by 133%.

Another gained 5.5 pounds of muscle, while LOSING three pounds of body fat in the process!

I’ve decided to package up the exact training plan my beta testing group used to achieve such amazing result, and make it available to YOU to implement in your OWN training – at a fraction of the original cost. Learn more and get the program at the link below:

=> Kettlebell Gainz – definitive guide to gaining strength and muscle with kettlebells – while staying lean, athletic, and in great condition, at the same time

One of “finishers” we incorporated with this group was the one I show in today’s video. It helped to get that short cardio spike at the end of our strength sessions to help really feel like we left everything on the table for the day, PLUS it helped us practice our kettlebell snatch form in the process:

Kettlebell Swing – High Pull – Snatch Finisher

Do 10 rounds per side of:

– 3 one arm swings

– 2 high pulls

– 1 snatch

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