[video] 3-min Fat Burning Stretch Routine

Check out this sample routine from Metabolic Stretching!

These are simple stretching exercises – combined into a powerful movement sequence that you will actually enjoy doing! – that burns fat in the process:

3-min Fat Burning Stretch Routine

Do each movement for 15-seconds; no rest between moves; modify for your fitness level, but try to move at a brisk pace:

– Arm Swings

– Arm Circles

– “Low/High” Swings

– Body Rotations

– “Cherry Pickers”

– Reverse Windmills

– “Field Goal Kicks”

– Butt Kickers

– 3-Way Lunge


If you’re looking for a routine to do at home…

…and you want something low-impact, easy on your body, that you can start right away…

…that would both improve your flexibility, AND burn fat, AND build strength, all at the same time…

Check this out:

=> Metabolic Stretching

…and enjoy today’s 3-min Fat Burning Stretch Routine!

-Forest and the Team at KettlebellBasics.net

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