5-min KB Mobility/Flexibility Routine

I learned this 5-min KB Mobility/Flexibility Routine at the first RKC certification I attended in 2009 from Pavel, and I’ve used it as as staple of my kettlebell training since.

You can do this any time to help you loosen up, or you can do it before your next kettlebell workout to help get yourself ready to go!

It’s just three moves:

1 – “Prying” Squats

Get your KB into goblet position. Take a big breath. Sit into a full squat. When you’re at the bottom of the squat, “anchor” your elbows inside your knees, and “pry” back and forth. Do this for about 30 seconds.

2 – “Pumps”

Start kneeling on the ground in your “table” position with your hands underneath your shoulders and your knees below your hips. Pop your hips up into a downward dog – type position. “Walk the dog” by alternating dropping your right and left heels to the floor. Then, drop your hips to the floor and get into an upward dog – type position. You can rotate your upper body back and forth a bit from here if you’d like. Do two or three of these.

3 – Kettlebell Halos

Start by grabbing the horns of the KB, and hold it underneath your chin with the bottom facing up towards your face. Circle the KB around your head, alternating directions each rep. Do about 5 of these each way.

Do the exercises “circuit-style”, one after the other, and repeat the sequence for a total of two to three rounds.

Watch the breakdown video here -> https://youtu.be/L30Mm8laOxo

Try this 5-min KB Mobility/Flexibility Routine first thing in the morning, before your next kettlebell workout, or any time of day to see and feel the difference!

If you liked it, stay tuned – I have lots more mobilty, flexibility, movement-improving content and tips coming your way all week long.

-Forest Vance
Kettlebell Expert
Over 40 Training Specialist

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