8-minute “Pre-Kettlebell” daily flexibility routine

One thing I’ve been pretty consistent with for the last 9 or 10 years is a daily flexibility routine.

It works WONDERS for:

  • Improving movement
  • Improving energy
  • Improving workout performance

…and SO much more.

Let me tell you, I feel it BIG TIME if I miss. I feel stiffer, more sore, maybe even more injury-prone during my workouts.

Here’s an example of what my daily flexibility series might look like… (this one is actually from the Hyperbolic Stretching 28-day Challenge where you’ll build up to doing the splits):

  • standing straddle w/ alternating toe reach – 3x:10 per side
  • lying piriformis stretch – 3x:10 per side
  • standing forward fold “head to toe” stretch – 3x:20
  • toe flex – 3x:10 per side
  • “drop stance” hip flexor stretch – 3x:15 per side
  • seated straddle split stretch – 3x:15 per side
  • standing quad stretch – 3x:20 per side
  • lying abdominal stretch – 3x:15

*See exercise breakdowns / demos in the full Hyperbolic Stretching 28-day Challenge course HERE


Gaining flexibility WILL help your kettlebell training, as well as many other areas of life. Incorporate some kind of daily stretching routine to help. I highly recommend the Hyperbolic Stretching 28-day Challenge to help you see the most measureable progress in the shortest amount of time.

To your continued success! –

-Forest Vance, Master of Science – Human Movement, Certified Corrective Exercise Specialist, Kettlebell Expert, Over 40 Training Specialist

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