How To Do A Kettlebell Turkish Get Up: 7 Steps For Beginners

The first three steps of the Turkish get up ^^

I am starting prep to re-certify for my SFG certification later this year. There are multiple physical requirements one needs to meet to pass, but to start one needs to demonstrate safe and effective form on all the basic kettlebell moves, including the Turkish get up.

The Turkish get up is one of the most beneficial kettlebell exercises around, but it’s also one I find people tend to shy away from. Thing is, it’s amazing for building shoulder stability, strengthening the core, and improving posture… the technique can just be a bit tricky to master. But it’s well worth the time and effort!

What I do is have my online kettlebell clients shoot videos of a couple / few reps of them doing the move, then I give them feedback and have them shoot again for next time etc, until it’s perfected.

What I really helped me when I first learned the exercise was to break it down into these 7 basic steps:


How To Do A Kettlebell Turkish Get Up: 7 Steps For Beginners

1 – Extend the arm
2 – Bend the knee
3 – Sit up!
4 – Extend the hips (optional)
5 – Sweep the foot
6 – Come to half keeling
7 – Stand up


This article outlined the steps for doing a kettlebell Turkish Get Up. This is a great exercise for beginners, as it is a total-body workout that helps to improve strength, stability, and mobility. If you want to learn how to do this exercise correctly, apply for personalized one-to-one coaching at the link below:

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-Forest Vance

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