Lower Body + Abs KB Shred Workout

Most of the kettlebell workouts I do are full body, which means they work all your muscle groups in one session.

That’s super efficient when you’re trying to lose fat, but it also comes with a downside.

When your body gets used to a type of training, it adapts and stops making progress. You have to keep mixing things up to keep moving forward!

This is why we’re going with an “Upper / Lower KB Shred” theme for our next kettlebell Challenge. The workouts will still be fast-paced, and you’ll still burn a ton of calories, but we’ll also incorporate the classic upper body / lower body split, so that you can change things up and gain even more strength and muscle than last time!

Here’s a quick sample Lower Body + Abs KB Shred Workout to give you a little taste:

Lower Body + Abs KB Shred Workout

PART 1 – Set your timer to go off every 45 seconds. At the top of each interval, perform 15 KB swings, going as heavy as you can with good form. Your rest is from the time you’re finished with your set and the next interval starts. Repeat for four rounds total.

PART 2 – Perform 10 KB goblet squats. Without rest, perform 10 hanging leg raises (or 10 alternating leg drops if you don’t have a pull up bar). Repeat for four sets of each exercise total.

PART 3 – Perform 3 1/4 Turkish get ups per side. Without rest, perform 8 KB suitcase step ups per side (or 8 kettlebell suitcase lunge if you don’t have a step). Repeat for four sets of each exercise total.

PART 4 – Finish with 10 minutes of jogging / biking / rowing / any cardio of your choice at 60%-70% of your MHR.

If you enjoyed this workout, you’ll love my upcoming 28-day Kettlebell Upper-Lower Shred Challenge. This challenge is designed to help you build strength, shred fat, and take your kettlebell fitness to the next level. Stay tuned, registration for the challenge opens tomorrow!

-Forest Vance

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