12-Minute Bodyweight Ninja Cardioflow: My Super Quick, Go-To

Wow – can you believe it’s already 6 days into 2023?

It’s starting to feel like the New Year is really getting underway. I hope yours is off to a great start!

I know mine is already pretty hectic. We’re opening a new studio space here in KC, plus I’m still running my business in Sacramento, CA, and all the online stuff we do… But thankfully, the weekend is almost here!

When I’m short on time, I sometimes have to do a shorter workout at home. But that’s okay – I know I can still get a good workout in even if I’m not at the gym.

Kettlebells are an obvious option, but I also like to incorporate bodyweight work into my routine!

This is a bodyweight ninja cardioflow workout in the style of the new Forbidden Fitness – Secrets of a Modern Day Ninja Warrior program.

It blends together high-intensity interval training (HIIT) with calisthenics for a challenging and fun workout that can be done anywhere, with no equipment needed.

The best part is that you can tailor the workout to your own fitness level, making it perfect for beginners or experienced athletes alike.

Give this Cardioflow a try today – your body will thank you:

-> 28 Day “Ninja Cardioflow” bodyweight workout plan


Bodyweight Ninja Cardioflow Workout

12 Minute “Ninja Cardio” Flow Workout

Bucket Drops (30 seconds)
Spinal Rocks (30 seconds)
Mountain Climbers (30 seconds)
Spinal Rocks (30 seconds)
Front Lunge (30 seconds)
Spinal Rocks (30 seconds)

Rest approx 60 seconds; repeat for 3 rounds total.

Check out the full program here for the video that shows you how to do the workout


This article provides a full bodyweight workout that you can do anywhere, called Ninja Cardioflow. The workout is designed to give you a great cardio workout and to help improve your balance and coordination. To get the full Ninja Cardioflow workout program, visit the link below:

-> 28 Day “Ninja Cardioflow” bodyweight workout plan

You’ll get:

– the 28 Day Ninja Cardioflow program (check out a sample workout here) – when these neurologically challenging movements are performed circuit-style — as in Ninja Cardio — they’ll give you a hell of a workout and burn a boatload of calories in a very short time
– Fighting Flexibility – video training on how to get your body moving like a Ninja
– Stick Mobility – if you want more flexible wrists, if too much computer time has you seizing up, get yourself a broomstick and try these drills
– Beyond Push Ups – follow the progression as outlined in the video to explore a wide variety of pushup variations
– Beyond Sit Ups – follow the progression as outlined in the video to explore a wide variety of situp variations
– Ankle Strength – 26 minute video tutorial, sets out to restore the full, healthy range of motion of the ankles

I have reviewed the program, it gets my stamp of approval.

Learn more and order now at the link below:

-> 28 Day “Ninja Cardioflow” bodyweight workout plan

To your success! –

– Forest Vance

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