15-min Cardio / Fat Shred Double KB AMRAP

I had a great workout this morning!

First, I did two rounds of this bodyweight circuit at about 50% speed to warm up:

— jumping jacks
— prisoner squats
— push ups
— bent over DB rows

Then, I did 5 sets of 5 reps on the trap bar deadlift for total body strength, doing some dynamic stretching moves in between each set focusing on the muscles I was using during the lift, increasing weight on each set and working up to a final set of 5 reps at 315 pounds.

To finish strong, I did as many rounds as I could of this Cardio / Fat Shred Double Kettlebell circuit in 15 minutes:

— 5 double KB squats
— 10 double KB swings
— 15 push ups

(My goal was to get at least 10 rounds for a total of 300 reps!)

Finally, I did the stretches / yoga poses below to cool down my body and mind and get ready for the day ahead:

— kneeling hip flexor stretch
— child’s pose
— lying spinal twist

I wanted to share this workout with you because it’s similar to the workouts in our “300” KB Challenge that’s starting today (minus the trap bar deadlifts). This workout includes a warm-up, main part, and stretch/cool-down so you can work on your mobility and flexibility, core, cardio, and strength all in one short and effective workout!

If you want to join the challenge, we still have a few spots left, but you’ll need to sign up now as today is the official start date. Click the link below to sign up:

–>> “300” KB Challenge 3.0

Thanks for reading and talk soon.

Forest Vance @ KettlebellBasics.net


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