new Kettlebells For Abs Workout (burns fat too!)

We’ve got a great abs challenge coming up – the Kettlebells for Abs Challenge 3.0! And to give you a taste of what kind of workout you can expect, I wanted to share with you my kettlebells for abs routine that I did this morning.

This one will work your core in all different ways, PLUS you’ll get some conditioning in at the same time, so you’ll burn fat too!


Kettlebells For Abs Workout

Do as many reps as you can of each move in 30 seconds, rest for 15 seconds between moves and 60 seconds between rounds. Do 3 rounds total:

  • 1 arm KB swings (right side)
  • 1/4 Turkish get ups (left side)
  • 1 arm KB swings (left side)
  • 1/4 Turkish get ups (right side)
  • Burpee pull ups (modify as needed; standard burpees if no pull up bar available)


If you liked this workout, don’t miss out on my upcoming awesome KBs for Abs challenge. Registration opens later this week!

-Forest Vance,

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