Kettlebell Ruck Workout – Best Low-Impact Cardio for 40-and-Ups?

I just got back from an RKC – Kettlebell Certification weekend with Dan John in Hoboken, NJ.

These events always feel like I’m drinking from a firehose, because there is just SO much information thrown your way in a short period of time!!

My body is tired – I’ve done two days of intense kettlebell workouts, which lasted around 8-10 hours each! So this week I’m taking it easy to let my muscles recover, then next week I’ll get back into the swing of things (no pun intended lol).

Kettlebells of course are always a staple of my training, but I do them SO THAT I can stay strong, lean, functional, pain free, and continue to enjoy doing the things I love.

One of those things I love is Obstacle Course Races! I have a short 5k one coming up in about six weeks to kick off the season.

These OCR events typically involve a mix of running, hiking (depending on the location), carries, throws, climbs, and more.

Having a great cardio base, and ideally doing a good bit of running, is how you get in shape to do your best. But as I get a little older, I can’t quite take the same running mileage I used to. So one thing I’ll add in the mix – that’s great cardio, and that also helps so much with getting that base cardio foundation build, is rucking.

The backpack I am using for my rucking right now you can get free at this link, you just pay shipping –>>

In basic terms, rucking is just where you throw some weight in your backpack and go for a walk.

Here are a few additional tips:

– Walk fast and with a purpose. You want to get your heart rate up to around 50-70% of max.
– Not required, but try to see if you can find some uneven / hilly terrain to ruck.
– Start with 20 pounds or so, work up to 50+.
– Start with 30 mins, work up to 60+.

A kettlebell is actually a really great weight to use for this workout. Plus, you can take it out at some point during the workout, do some KB moves, do some bodyweight exercises, and then finish off by rucking back to where you started.

The backpack I am using for my rucking right now you can get free at this link, you just pay shipping:

I use mine all the time, for KB rucking workouts like the one I break down today, and much more!

To sum up, if you’re looking for an effective and challenging way to crank up your cardio routine, try kettlebell rucking.

And remember to pick goals that keep you energized and pushing forward each and every day towards your fitness goals!

–Forest and the FVT Team at

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