Kettlebell Boot Camp Workout #17

For fitness professionals and kettlebell enthusiasts looking to take their daily routine to the next level, FVT’s Kettlebell Boot Camp Workouts 2023 is here with a complete playbook of fun, effective workouts! 

Leave boredom and dissatisfaction in the past – this is the one source you need for kettlebell-based boot camp programs. 

The official launch will occur later this week – keep an eye out for it! 

Can’t wait that long? Check out the sample workout below for a taste of things to come:


Kettlebell Boot Camp Workout #17


Do two rounds of 30 seconds of work on each move:

— pull apart with light band
— shoulder taps in push up position
— bodyweight squat
— easy mountain climber


As fast as possible, do:

— 30 step ups – share box with partner and alternate
— 10 burpees, on the minute, every minute, for 3 minutes (30 total)
— 10 goblet squats, on the minute, every minute, for 3 minutes (30 total) 
— See saw press – 2 sets of 15 (30 total)
— Recline rows – 1 set of 30
— Walking lunges – 1 set of 30 (15 per leg)
— Hanging leg raise – 3 sets of 10, alternate with partner, you-go-I-go
— 30 jumping jacks


Perform each movement for – 30 seconds:

— Cat cow stretch
— Opp arm raise high plank
— Bridge
— Dead bug
— Hug knees (low back stretch)
— Superman raises


Kettlebell Boot Camp Workouts – 2023 will be releasing this week and is your chance to finally access our instructional playbook. Get the know-how you need to create and deliver small and large group training sessions for your clients, as well as amazing workouts for yourself. Don’t miss out on your opportunity to benefit from these materials; the new program officially goes on sale later this week!

– Forest Vance
Master of Science, Human Movement
Certified Kettlebell Instructor

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