Tabata Kettlebell Boot Camp – Sample Workout

ATTN fit pros, coaches, and serious kettlebell enthusiasts:

Variety is good to keep workouts interesting for your clients, but you don’t have to give up solid programming principles to do it.

Today’s KB Tabata Boot Camp is a great example of how to mix up workouts while still using the tried-and-true basics. It’ll be fun and exciting for your clients, because we change up the work:rest ratio (and as a result, rep range and intensity) of the main work sets during the workout… but we still use staples like lunges, rows, and presses so that your clients can build strength and burn fat in a proven way.

Let’s get going – this workout will burn fat and build strength in no time:


Tabata Kettlebell Boot Camp – Sample Workout

5 rounds, 20 sec on, 10 sec rest, 1 min between rounds

Tier 1

–Alternating reverse lunge
–Burpee step back/in – no jump
–Renegade row – bodyweight only
–1 arm Kettlebell press (20 seconds per side)

Tier 2

–Alternating swing lunge (Done with partner if possible) (20 sec per side)
–Renegade Rows – single Dumbbell or Kettlebell (20 sec per side)
–1 arm Kettlebell press (20 seconds per side)


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-Forest Vance
Master of Human Movement
RKC – Certified Kettlebell Instructor
Owner, FVT Personal Training – Sacramento
Owner, FVT Personal Training – Kansas City
Owner, – Online KB Fat Loss Coaching for People Over 40

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