Kettlebell EMOM (every minute on the minute) + RAT (remaining amount of time)

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Here is a sample workout from the program:

Kettlebell Every Minute On the Minute + Remaining Amount of Time Workout

*EMOM = At the top of each minute you will complete the reps of the first exercise listed. 

*RAT = With whatever time is left in the minute you will perform the second exercise. Complete 3 rounds of each superset. Rest 1 minute before moving to the next superset.

— Superset 1 – KB Goblet Squat – 15 + Bodyweight Alternating 1-leg RDL (Women:12k+, Men: 20k+)

— Superset 2 – 1-Arm KB Row – 10/ea side + Towel KB Biceps Curls (Women:12k+, Men: 20k+)

— Superset 3 – 1-Arm Overhead Carry – 6yds down and back, switch hands at halfway point + Side shuffles (Women:12k+, Men: 20k+)

— Superset 4 –  Full Stop KB Swing – 10 + Plank (Women:16k+, Men: 24k+) 


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– Forest Vance
Master of Science, Human Movement
Certified Kettlebell Instructor
Over-40 Training Specialist

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