28 Day KB HIIT Challenge

Kettlebell and HIIT– style routines both offer a great way to get a quick, intense workout that burns a ton of calories in a short amount of time.

And we’re going to combine the two, so that you can get the best of both worlds!

We are looking for 38 ambitious kettlebell fans worldwide who are willing to undergo a 28 day journey to get into the best shape of their lives.

Over the next 28 Days, we will be taking you through every aspect of strength, cardio, and nutrition that’s needed to make this your fittest fall season yet.

Here are the requirements:

1 – You must be wiling and able to follow a completely done-for-you, kettlebell-based plan that has been tested and proven to deliver great results.

2 – You must be able to dedicate three to four times per week for 20-30 minutes for your kettlebell workouts.

3 – You must have access to a kettlebell or two and a small space to do your workouts – at home, in your garage, or in your back yard.

4 – You must be willing to focus on your nutrition, and /or (optionally) follow our done-for-your healthy eating plan that tells you how to eat and when to eat it.

5 – You must be willing to put in the work to get the results.

And here’s how the program works:

First, you sign up below. You’ll instantly get an overview of how the program works, along with a sample week of workouts you can start on right away.

Then, at the beginning of each week, we send you a unique training plan to follow.

This is new and different each week, so that you never have to guess as to how to structure your training, or know if you’re doing the right thing to reach your goals.

The theme for this Challenge is “Kettlebell Tabata” – so it will be HIIT – style Tabata workouts that use a kettlebell that you can do in three to four times per week in 20-30 minutes.

The workout plan is written in detail, and also has videos of each exercise so that you know how to do all the moves with perfect form.

Second, we send you an easy-to-follow meal plan to help you lose fat, gain lean muscle, take all the guesswork out and get the fastest results. This is the same plan hundreds and thousands of FVT clients have followed over the last 10 years to get amazing, life-changing results.

Third, we have you check in every day after you work out in our private group. That’s right. Accountability. It’s what you’re probably missing right now from your workouts if you’re not getting the results you want. And we have perfected this piece of the equation … it’s almost like you’re at FVT training with us at our of our physcial studios, but you can do it from anywhere in the world.

Sound cool?

Awesome. Confirm pricing details and register now at the link below:

==>> 28 Day Kettlebell HIIT Challenge

Look forward to working with you!

– Forest and the FVT Team, ForestVance.com

12 week KB Swing Mastery program

Not too long ago, I was just like you.

I thought I could grab a kettlebell and start swinging it around after reading a few articles and watching a couple of YouTube videos.

Boy, was I wrong.

Let’s face it, kettlebells are an awesome training tool, but if you don’t know what you’re doing, you at best won’t get the benefits from training with them that you should … and at worst, you’ll badly injure yourself.

What you need is this:

==>> 12 week KB Swing Mastery program

See, after trying to teach myself kettlebells, and failing … I realized I needed some quality instruction to learn how to use kettlebells properly.

I started with books and DVD’s from Pavel Tsatsouline (the man responsible for bringing the current kettlebell craze to America and the master of modern HardStyle kettlebell training).

Next, I spent thousands on personal training sessions from a local kettlebell instructor.

I’ve since travelled across the country and paid thousands more (and untold blood, sweat, and tears) for seven separate kettlebell certification events.

And through it all, I’ve uncovered the secrets to simply and effectively teaching the HardStyle kettlebell swing:

==>> 12 week KB Swing Mastery program

In the Kettlebell Basics Swing Manual, you’ll be taken by the hand as I walk you through the ins and outs and technical details of how to perform the kettlebell swing – and how to use it to lose fat and get into phenomenal condition in record time.

Discover inside:

— How to master the fundamentals of the HardStyle swing, and all of its variations – you’ll be able to get a fast, efficient swing workout any time you want.

— A 12 week “swing mastery” plan – a complete workout program to take you from KB newb to HardStyle ninja.

— You’ll learn if you’re making some of the most common kettlebell swing mistakes – and how to fix them. The most common KB training problems, solved!

— FVT – approved KB YouTube videos – there’s a lot of info out there on the internet about kettlebell training – some good, but unfortunately, mostly bad. Here’s a list of my personally-approved videos to learn from.

— Turkish Get Up basics – you’ll also learn the basics of how to do the Turkish Get Up – the next logical kettlebell exercise in your education.

And much more.

But, we’re re-organizing our online store, and this course is coming off the market.

So if you want to grab it while you can at 50% off, details and order now at the link below:

==>> 12 week KB Swing Mastery program

Here’s to your HardStyle kettlebell swing mastery –

– Forest Vance
Master of Science, Human Movement
Certified Kettlebell Instructor

How to Fix KB Lower Back Pain

Another thing we focus on in Lifetime Kettlebell Fitness is making sure you AVOID many of the common mistakes made when training with kettlebells.

For example – a common thing I hear is that people end up getting lower back pain.

Now. If you have specific conditions you’re working with – a back injury, for example – that’s a different story, and is something you should get checked out before starting. Giving recommendations on that sort of thing is beyond my scope of practice and area of expertise.

However – if you are otherwise healthy, lower back pain is NOT something you should be experiencing.

Here are three common KB training mistakes that could be a cause, and how to fix them:

1 – Swinging the KB too close to the ground

Many people swing the Kettlebell too low to the ground as it comes down.

This makes the move much harder and less efficient … and it is also potentially dangerous.

Instead, make sure that the handle of the KB stays above your your knee level as it comes down. This will give you the best leverage and keep the pressure off of your back.

==>> More common KB training mistakes and fixes detailed in Lifetime Kettlebell Fitness

2 – Using sloppy form to pick up the Kettlebell

As people get set to swing the ‘bell, a SUPER common mistake is that they simply use sloppy form.

People will round their back and give zero thought to engaging the core muscles.

This is a BIG no-no, and very dangerous.

It puts your back in a poor starting position, and it also sets you up for bad technique during the exercise.

Make sure that your back is flat and your abs are engaged when you pick up the KB and get it set for your first rep of a set.

3 – Overextending at the top of the movement

It can be easy to let your hips go too far at the top of a KB swing.

This is hard on the back, and also you lose power when you do it.

Instead, think about finishing the exercise in a “standing plank” position.

At the finish of the exercise, your knees, hips, shoulders and head should all form a perfectly straight line.


To sum up, Kettlebells swings are a fantastic exercise for rapid fat loss and sending your conditioning levels through the roof.

But make any of the mistakes outlined in today’s article when you do them, and you put yourself at risk for lower back pain.

Stick to the recommendations to improve your form, and you will be on your way to SAFE rapid fat loss with Kettlebell swings!

– Forest Vance
Certified Kettlebell Instructor
Master of Science, Human Movement
creator, Lifetime Kettlebell Fitness

PS – Have you checked out these kettlebell workouts for men and women over 50?

We focus on training techniques like we talked about in today’s article that are specifically for making sure you’re using kettlebells safely and effectively to reach your goals.

And, it’s on a dime sale this week – so check it out now for the best deal:

==>> Lifetime Kettlebell Fitness – KB program for men and women over 50

Kettlebell “CPO” Method

This week, a lot of people have been asking:

“HOW are your clients getting such great results in 6 weeks with Kettlebell GAINZ?”

It’s with what I call, the “Kettlebell CPO Method(CPO stands for Creative Progressive Overload).

You’ve probably heard the term, “Progressive Overload”.

The Progressive Overload principle basically states that, in order for a muscle to grow, strength to be gained, performance to increase, or for any similar improvement to occur, the human body must be forced to adapt to a stimulus that is above and beyond what it has previously experienced.

Here’s a basic example:

— You bench press 100 pounds for three sets of five on Monday.

— The following Monday, you bench press 105 pounds for three sets of five.

You continue to increase the weight on the bar each workout, and your body adapts accordingly, and gets stronger and stronger over the next few weeks and months.

And this principle is a KEY if you want to make continued progress.

But most people don’t really do it – at least in an intentional, specific, focused way.

And that’s why they stall out in their gains.

So now you know you need to use Progressive Overload in your programming.

But here’s where it gets tricky.

When you are working with kettlebells, often you only have a few – or maybe even just one! – weight(s) to pick from.

So pressing a heavier kettlebell next week might not be possible.

Plus, even if you do have access to a variety of ‘bells, the jumps are typically pretty big – for example, you go from a 12k (26 pounds) straight to a 16k (35 pounds) with most kettlebell brands.

SO – what’s the solution?

Well, what I use in Kettlebell GAINZ is something I call “creative progressive overload”.

You increase stimulus each week, but you just have to get a little more creative.

So, instead of adding weight to your press, you have to look at other variables.

You can still progress, but you have to know what you are doing.

You might go from pressing a 26 pound KB for three sets of five one week, to one set of six, and two sets of five the next week.

These incremental increases add up over time … and pretty soon you CAN go up in weight.

Or, you might go from doing a single arm swing with a certain weight, to doing hand-to-hand swings with that same ‘bell – no added weight, but added complexity / stimulus to the body, therefore still incorporating the principle.

We get a lot more detailed and specific on how to do this in the GAINZ – 6 week program.

But moral of the story is – if you want to get stronger, increase performance, or see improvements in your workouts in general over time, you need to use progressive overload principle in your workouts.

And specifically if you are training with kettlebells, the “CPO” concept works like a charm.

Details on Kettlebell GAINZ at the link below (Anniversary Sale ends soon):

=> Kettlebell GAINZ

And here’s to your continued success!

– Forest Vance
Certified Kettlebell Instructor
Master of Science, Human Movement

“Break the Chains” 15 Min Bodyweight (and KB) AMRAP Workout

Bodyweight Training Fans Worldwide:

Our famous 42 day Challenge is BACK!

And we’re doing this one different than EVER before.

See, it’s the time of year where you want to “Break the Chains” from the gym.

You’re on the road, you’re getting outside, you’re on the go for the summer.

But you still have goals!

And you still want to keep the workouts going.

So we are putting together a bodyweight-based 42 day Challenge … so that you can do your workouts any time, any place, ZERO equipment required!

(We will also have the option to add kettlebells for those who have them and/or want to take their training intensity to the next level)


We’re looking for men and women who are SERIOUS about getting in shape this summer … who want to CHALLENGE themselves … and make RAPID progress towards their fitness goals!

If you can commit to working out at least three times per week for the next 42 days …

If you can follow our meal plan that shows you how and what to eat …

And if you are SERIOUS about making this happen …

Fill out the interest form below, and we’ll get back to you ASAP with details:

=> 42 Day – “Freedom from the Gym” Challenge


When you sign up for the “Freedom from the Gym” – 42 Day Challenge, you’ll be doing workouts like this:

“Break the Chains” 15 Min Bodyweight (and KB) AMRAP Workout

AMRAP in 15 minutes

20 BW Squats OR 10 KB Goblet Squat
10 Push-ups (hands elevated on bench or box if beginner – standard push ups if advanced)
20 Total Body Extension OR 15 KB Swing (video demos and full explainations in Challenge program)
8 Reverse lunge per leg (non-alternating) (add kettlebell in suitcase position if you have one and / or as needed for intensity)
8 Plank Tap/sit Through (per side) (video demos and full explainations in Challenge program)


Here’s how the program works:

1 – It’s a 42 day distance coaching program, and it starts Mon, July 8th, 2019.

2 – New workouts are delivered to you every week – tell you exactly what to do and how to do it, very detailed, with video demos etc.

3 – The only thing required for this Challenge is your own bodyweight. You’ll be able to use the body you have to get the body you want 🙂 A couple of KBs will be OPTIONAL (ideally a 8k or 12k and a 16k or 20k for women, and a 12k or 16k and a 20k or 24k for men_ – we’ll show you how to add them in if you have them for extra Challenge and to take your training up a notch – but they are NOT required to do the program.

4 – I give you a copy of my “Feed the Beast” diet plan – includes a full 18 meal plans, with ‘general balanced’, paleo, and vegetarian versions to pick from – so that there are options for almost ANYone, and so that you know exactly what to eat and when to eat it to get the results.

5 – We have a private FB group for all folks in the Challenge – you check in after every workout, get feedback, accountability and support.

The total cost is $99.

If you are interested, the next step would be to fill out the interest form at the link below:

=> 42 Day – “Freedom from the Gym” Challenge

We’ll chat more in depth about your goals, give you more info on our program, and make sure it’s a great fit for both of us.

Click the link above to reach out.

Look forward to connecting!

– Forest Vance

“Garage Gym” KB/DB Complex Workout

Since we have been talking a lot about the upcoming Garage Gym Summit this week, I thought I would hook you up with a free sample workout!

Now – during the summit, you are going to get dozens of free workouts that you can do in your garage (or back yard, or living room, or wherever) with minimal equipment, and in minimal time ..

.. but check out this free sample first, then click to get dozens more like it free at the link below:

“Garage Gym” KB/DB Complex Workout

You can use kettlebells OR dumbbells for this one. Do as many reps as you can of each exercise in 30 seconds. No rest between moves, 60 seconds rest between rounds, 3 rounds total:

— Overhead Press (two KBs or DBs)
— Front Squat (two KBs or DBs in rack position)
— Bent Row (two KBs or DBs)
— Walking Lunge (hold two KBs or DBs at sides; do 30 seconds for each leg)
— Renegade Row (two KBs or DBs)


This “Garage Gym” KB/DB Complex Workout looks simple on paper, but it’s tough!

Get dozens more routines like it – 100% free – by signing up for the upcoming Garage Gym Summit at the link below:

==>> Garage Gym Summit

To your continued success –

– Forest Vance

WOD vs Progressive Overload [print this out]

Here is a critical mistake a lot of people make in their training.

They have what I’d call a “WOD” (Workout of the Day) Mentality.

(This is not any sort of specific reference to Crossfit, by the way – I’m sure some Crossfit programs do a great job of programming their workouts over time.)

You either make up, or do a Google search, or even check out the FVT Newsletter, and decide on your workout for the day.

It’s cool. It’s fun. It’s hard.

You feel like you are getting a great workout.

And you actually may be!

This type of approach will work fine for a short period of time.

If you’re not working out consistently, and you go to doing this three or four times per week, you are going to get some results in the beginning.

But it’s NOT the best way to set things up for continued success.

Because eventually, you will plateau.

You won’t be able to do more push ups than you could last month. Or swing a heavier KB. Or press a bigger KB. Or do more pull ups.

And as a result, your fat loss and muscle gain results will plateau too.

You see, you need to have a planned out program – that focuses on the concept of progressive overload – if you want to make continued strength and performance gains.

So maybe I have a 6 week training plan – like we give you in our upcoming “300” – 42 Day Kettlebell Challenge.

Week one, I do some kind of “benchmark workout”, where I can get an idea of where I am at with specific performance indicators.

(Check out the “300” – 42 Day Kettlebell Challenge BENCHMARK WORKOUT for an example of this HERE.)

Then, over the next 6 weeks, I work on improving specific movements.

Maybe I’m doing KB presses every week, and I’m trying to add a couple of reps to my total, so that I can progressively overload my body and get incrementally better.

Maybe I’m doing pull ups, and I’m adding an extra rep to my total each week, so that I can progressively overload my body and get incrementally better.

It’s all planned out and fits into an overall, progressive scheme.

Then I repeat my benchmark workout at the end to “test out” – and I can actually see and measure my improvement!

I pat myself on the back!

Take a few days off to recover.

And start another planned out training program for my new goals!

To sum up – if you want to keep progressing in the long term, you CANNOT take this “workout of the day” mentality.

You need to follow a plan that is well thought out and specific to your goals.

Join us for the upcoming “300” – 42 Day Kettlebell Challenge to start on one today:

“300″ – 42 Day KB Challenge (spots limited to 25)

And here’s to your continued success!

– Forest and the FVT Team

Hybrid Kettlebell Muscle – Sample Workout

Today I want to hook you up with a sample workout from my new Hybrid Kettlebell Muscle program.

Although dozens of folks have already started on the program since we announced its release yesterday … it makes sense to get a feel for what the workouts you’ll be doing look like, before committing to doing it:


Hybrid Kettlebell Muscle – Sample Workout


Perform five reps of the “modified sumo” deadlift. (You could alternatively do a double KB sumo deadlift if you do not have access to a barbell).

BEGINNER LIFTERS – work on your form first and formost, don’t worry too much about weight just yet. GENERAL guideline – we typically load two bars when we do this movement w folks just starting out in our group classes @ FVT with 95 pounds (women) and 135 pounds (men). If you have a decent fitness base but little lifting experience, this is a good place to start.

INTERMEDIATE / ADVANCED LIFTERS – work up your weight for each of the first two sets; last two sets should be performed at ~75-77% 1RM.

*Rest ~ 30 seconds, then:

Perform five reps of the double KB Press

(If you only have one kettlebell, do 5 reps per side)

*Rest ~60-90 seconds; repeat rotation three more times for a total of four rounds.

FINISHER – Perform three rounds of the circuit below, moving quickly from one exercise to the next and resting as little as possible:

– Split squat with single KB in goblet position – 10 reps per leg
– Hamstring fall out – 5
– Spiderman climb w push up – 10 reps PER SIDE –


Now in the full program, we give you recommended weights for each exercise, so that you have an idea where you should be, and where to start.

We also give you video demos, so that you know how to perform all of the exercises with safe and effective form.

But this sample should give you a great idea.


Hybrid Kettlebell Muscle is NOT complex – but that’s what makes it powerful.

Each exercise in every workout is chosen for a very specific reason – to move you towards your goal of getting stronger and more muscular, six weeks from now.

And it follows a specific progression … so each week builds on the last, and you are hitting very specific weights every time you work out, based on a percentage of your training goals for the end of the six weeks.

Learn more and get the full program at the link below:

=> Hybrid Kettlebell Muscle

Here’s to your training success!

– Forest Vance, MS
Master Kettlebell Trainer
Certified Barbell Instructor

(video) KB / BW 5 Minute Challenge Workout

Here is a quick, fun challenge to try.

You can do this at the end of today’s session, or even as a quick stand-alone full-body blaster if you’re pressed for time:

KB / BW 5 Minute Challenge Workout

— Set your timer for 5 minutes
— Start by performing 1 KB clean and press on the left side, and KB one clean and press on the right side
— Follow this immediately with one double burpee (double burpee = burpee with TWO push ups)
— Without resting, go immediately into TWO clean and presses on each side, and two double burpees … followed by three clean and presses on each side, and three double burpees, etc …
— “Climb the ladder” and get as high as you can in 5 minutes!

Check out the video here:


We’re kicking off “Foundations week” for our upcoming 42 Day KB Shred Challenge TODAY.

This is a program specifically for folks who:

— Like the idea of high – intensity training, but haven’t worked out for a while, and want to start slow.
— Want some extra time to focus in and learn proper technique.
— Are coming back from an injury, and want to make sure they start things on the right track.

I would be working with you closely, coaching you through a special one week training plan, helping you get ready for our upcoming 42 Day KB Shred Challenge, starting the next week.

We’d be working on the foundational KB moves, help you to refine your form, and build your base of fitness.

You can still get in, but you’ll need to submit an app ASAP:


Hope to hear from ya 🙂

And to your success! –

– Forest Vance, MS
Certified Kettlebell Instructor

Kettlebell Boot Camp Workout + “Fit Pros Week” @ FVT

We are just a couple of weeks away from the start of what is the busiest time of the year in fitness.

The Holiday season will be over, and everyone will be ready to get back on track, and into their regular routine.

So for the next few days, we are going to focus on content and training materials for fitness professionals.

(Don’t worry – we’ll have useful content for non-fit pro, hardcore kettlebell fans too!)

I’ll be hooking you up with sample kettlebell boot camp workouts, like the one today, from my CORE Kettlebell 2.0 System …

… as well as professional development resources for trainers and coaches, like my Strength Coach Business course …

… and possibly even info on how to package up your fitness knowledge, and take it online (like my 30 Day Product Creation Challenge).

Let’s start with today’s Kettlebell Boot Camp Workout:


Kettlebell Boot Camp Workout
CORE Kettlebell System 2.0

(warm up)

Do the following circuits twice, no rest between circuits. Each exercise
should be done for 30 seconds:

– Easy shuttle run
– Slow bear crawl
– Ring rows
– Jump squats

(main workout)

Complete 3 rounds of all moves, work 1 minute at each station. Allow 20 seconds to transition between stations, rest 1 minute between rounds:

– KB Goblet squat
– KB swing
– Burpee Broad Jump
– KB 1 arm press (30 secs per side)
– High knees


Do the following circuit as many times as possible in 4 minutes, resting only when needed:

– 5 inchworms
– 12 1 arm KB rows per side
– 5 spiderman climbers per side


Trainers and coaches – plug this workout in, and use it with your clients for better results and more referrals.

Hardcore kettlebell fans – do it yourself, it’s a real challenge!

Get the complete CORE Kettlebell System 2.0 here

And stay tuned for more great content to come during “Fit Pros Week” at FVT!

– Forest Vance
Master of Science, Human Movement
Owner and President, FVT Boot Camp and Personal Training
Owner and President, FVT Worldwide