NEW VIDEO – Kettlebell Clean and Press Technique, Part 1

Kettlebell Clean and Press Technique – Part 1

This is part one in a new video series where I am going to break down kettlebell clean and press technique.

Today, we cover the first thing you must master – the grip!

Hope it helps.

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[video] 3-min Fat Burning Stretch Routine

Check out this sample routine from Metabolic Stretching!

These are simple stretching exercises – combined into a powerful movement sequence that you will actually enjoy doing! – that burns fat in the process:

3-min Fat Burning Stretch Routine

Do each movement for 15-seconds; no rest between moves; modify for your fitness level, but try to move at a brisk pace:

– Arm Swings

– Arm Circles

– “Low/High” Swings

– Body Rotations

– “Cherry Pickers”

– Reverse Windmills

– “Field Goal Kicks”

– Butt Kickers

– 3-Way Lunge


If you’re looking for a routine to do at home…

…and you want something low-impact, easy on your body, that you can start right away…

…that would both improve your flexibility, AND burn fat, AND build strength, all at the same time…

Check this out:

=> Metabolic Stretching

…and enjoy today’s 3-min Fat Burning Stretch Routine!

-Forest and the Team at

Kettlebell GAINZ – Week 1, Workout A

Since the we put KETTLEBELL GAINZ on sale a couple of days ago, I have gotten several emails asking for a sample workout from the program.

So, by popular demand, I will share one with you today.

KEEP IN MIND – the workout below is taken out of the full 6 week program, so it’s not going to be nearly as effective, done on its own, as a one-off training session.

I’ve also left out:

– The daily mobility / movement flow routine
– The off – day HIIT workouts
– The dynamic warm up, done before the main workout
– The proper way to progress your workouts over the 6 week program
– Coaching videos explaining how to do each exercise
– Weight recommendations for each exercise, for both men and women

… and a few other things as well. I am doing this in fairness to all who make the commitment to the full 6 week program …

BUT – this sample workout should give you a great idea of what you’re getting yourself into! 


Kettlebell GAINZ – Week 1, Workout A

1 – Goblet Squat / Pull Up Superset

Start by doing 8 goblet squats. (M suggested weight = 44 to 70 pounds; W
suggested weight 26 to 44 pounds)
Follow the KB squats with 1 pull up.
Do 10 goblet squats.
Do 2 pull ups.
Do 12 goblet squats.
Do 3 pull ups.
*If pull ups too EASY – do 2 / 4 / 6 reps instead
*If pull ups too HARD – do 8 / 10 / 12 reps instead on the inverted row
After completing the ladder, rest about :60 and repeat.

2 – Renegade Rows (M suggested weight 35 to 54 pounds; W suggested
weight 26 to 35 pounds)

Perform 4 sets of 10 reps (5 per side); resting about 45-60 seconds
between sets.
*If only 1 KB – perform in push up position w off hand on the ground, and
“shuffle” back and forth and switch reps every time

3 – Snatches (M suggested weight 44 to 53 pounds; women suggested
weight 26 to 35 pounds)

Do 50 total, switching hands every 5-10 reps. Time yourself and do all 50
reps as fast as you can. EMPASIZE GREAT FORM AND SAFETY. As your
conditioning level / proficiency with the movement improves, strive to
improve your time


Ready to get started?

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Have an awesome day, train hard, talk soon! –

– Forest Vance
Master of Science, Human Movement
Certifed Kettlebell Instructor

[new video] Kettlebell Swing – High Pull – Snatch Finisher

We had a group of personal training clients that I had worked with for about 18 months. Things were going along pretty well with their workouts. I was training them two or three times per week. They were maintaining a reasonable level of fitness, getting a little stronger and fitter each month, and feeling fine and healthy.

But there came a time where they wanted to do MORE. They wanted to shift gears on the training, and really focus on adding some muscle and strength. They wanted to push the envelope a bit more on the intensity. And they all knew they needed to dial in their nutrition.

So we did a six week “beta test.

The results were nothing short of amazing!

One participant improved his kettlebell pressing strength by 133%.

Another gained 5.5 pounds of muscle, while LOSING three pounds of body fat in the process!

I’ve decided to package up the exact training plan my beta testing group used to achieve such amazing result, and make it available to YOU to implement in your OWN training – at a fraction of the original cost. Learn more and get the program at the link below:

=> Kettlebell Gainz – definitive guide to gaining strength and muscle with kettlebells – while staying lean, athletic, and in great condition, at the same time

One of “finishers” we incorporated with this group was the one I show in today’s video. It helped to get that short cardio spike at the end of our strength sessions to help really feel like we left everything on the table for the day, PLUS it helped us practice our kettlebell snatch form in the process:

Kettlebell Swing – High Pull – Snatch Finisher

Do 10 rounds per side of:

– 3 one arm swings

– 2 high pulls

– 1 snatch

6-Week Kettlebell Program for Strength + Muscle

Kettlebell GAINZ is the definitive guide to gaining strength and muscle with kettlebells – while staying lean, athletic, and in great condition, at the same time!

-> Kettlebell GAINZ – 6-Week Kettlebell Program for Strength + Muscle

People got some amazing results in our “beta” group, gaining up to 133% on their strength and adding up to 5.5 pounds of muscle in six weeks! Click here to learn more.

Here’s how it works:

— First thing to complete on signing up is the Kettlebell GAINZ baseline fitness testing. This is a series of simple kettlebell and bodyweight – based fitness “tests” you’ll take both at the beginning and end of the 6 week program. It’s a SPECIFIC and QUANTIFIABLE way to measure your progress!

— The Kettlebell GAINZ training plan is broken into weekly “lessons”. Each week builds on the previous, so you’ll consistently challenge yourself, and make measurable progress, throughout the program.

— This is one of – if not THE – most detailed training plan I’ve ever put together. In working with tens of thousands of customers and clients online over the last six years, I’ve learned what works – and what doesn’t! – when it comes to the most effective way to program and coach kettlebell workouts on the internet.

— For every kettlebell move in the program, I link to a video breaking how to do the exercise – so that you’ll know how to complete every move, with perfect form.

— This is a COMPLETE training plan – so in addition to the three-times-per-week kettlebell workouts, you also get a daily mobility routine, dynamic warm ups, HIIT routines to perform 2-3x per week to get even faster results, and MUCH more.

You’ll also get the “Athletic GAINZ” diet plan – the eating approach I personally have adopted – as well as my top clients have adopted as well – to achieve next-level fitness results … AND a copy of my “Kettlebell Training Basics” package – 18 ADDITIONAL weeks of kettlebell workouts – so that you will have workouts to use moving forward after the initial six week training is over.

So if you are looking to get strong, fast … while staying in top shape at the SAME TIME … Kettlebell GAINZ is for you:

=> Kettlebell Gainz – definitive guide to gaining strength and muscle with kettlebells – while staying lean, athletic, and in great condition, at the same time


-Forest Vance
Master of Science, Human Movement
Certified Kettlebell Instructor
Owner, FVT Personal Training

[new vid] Kettlebell Snatch – Burpee – Squat Finisher

Kettlebell Snatch – Burpee – Squat Finisher

Check out this free sample workout, and grab a full week of this new program for free (for a limited time) at the link here!​

*Prescribed weights = 24k men / 16k women


20 snatch / side

5 burpees

10 bodyweight squats

15 snatch / side

5 burpees

10 bodyweight squats

10 snatch / side

5 burpees

10 bodyweight squats

5 snatch / side

5 burpees

10 bodyweight squats


15 snatch / side

5 burpees

10 bodyweight squats

10 snatch / side

5 burpees

10 bodyweight squats

5 snatch / side

5 burpees

10 bodyweight squats


Get a full week my “300” KB Challenge program for free (for a limited time) at the link here!


– Forest Vance

“Anabolic Sprints” Workout

I am heading out shortly for one of my “anabolic sprint” workouts, thought I would share.

It IS true that too much cardio can “kill your gains”, and research supports this. I can tell you first-hand that ramping up the weekly running milage and doing something like preparing for a 50k Spartan Ultra event DOES make it hard to hold on to muscle and strength. The human body adapts in totally different ways to these two types of exercise.

HOWEVER, research also shows that a MODERATE amount of cardio – two or three days per week, 20-30 minutes each for example – SUPPORTS muscle gain. It just has to be the right kind. “Anabolic sprints” are a great option if you are trying to gain strength while keeping your cardio fitness at the same time:


“Anabolic Sprints” Workout

1 – Warm up with 5-10 minutes of low intensity jogging and/or run a couple sprints at 40-50% effort.

2 – Sprint 50 yards.

3 – Walk back to the start and rest a few momements.

4 – Repeat five to ten times.


You want to work up to the point where you are doing these sprints at an all-out effort. HOWEVER, if you are just getting back into something like this, GO EASY to start! Trying sprints after not running for months or years is a great way to get injured. Do this workout once or twice per week, and gradually build up the intensity each session.

Also, speaking of sprints:

My friend Logan Christopher just put one of his courses, “The Ultimate Guide to Bodyweight Conditioning”, up on quarantine sale. Learn more and get it here.

This is a great program to pick up specifically if you want to improve your conditioning. The thing with conditioning is that most people do it wrong (like just running long distances). This program starts off by dispelling the myths of “Cardio” exercise, and how there are much better options!

You’ll discover methods like:

  • Explosive Sprint Sets
  • Short Intense Sets
  • Long Sets
  • Intervals
  • Loose Intervals
  • Circuits
  • “Non-Stop”

Logan will show you how to use these methods in variety of ways – with squats, jumps, jump rope, burpees, hill sprints, other running, circuit training, and more. Each is also taught with progressions in mind, so you can make the most from your training. Learn more and get it here.


To sum up, doing cardio the RIGHT way can actually support muscle growth, not hinder it. You just have to do it the right way. This anabolic sprints workout fits the bill perfectly.

-Forest and the FVT Team at

[new video] Kettlebell Snatch Technique – Part 3

Welcome to our final video in the kettlebell snatch technique series.

In part one, we broke down a progression to get you started on the snatch, including one arm swings and high pulls.

In part two, we worked up to doing a snatch.

In part three, we are going to refine your technique, do some troubleshooting, and make sure you understand the basics of performing and safe and effective kettlebell snatch!

– Forest Vance Master of Science, Human Movement Certified Kettlebell Expert

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Why You’re Still Not Losing Fat at 1500 Calories Per Day

One of our specialties here at FVT is helping people blast past a fat loss plateau. If you feel like you’re putting in a solid effort, but you still look the same now as you did 90 days ago, here are a few reasons why it might be happening:

1 – You’re not eating enough.

This seems like a weird thing to say, but a lot of people think about weight loss, and the first thing they do is cut their intake down as low as possible. I recently talked to a reasonably active guy who was in reasonably good shape. He had a base of muscle and fitness and strength, but had around around 15-20 pounds to lose at a current weight of 210. And he was trying to diet at 1500 calories per day.

First off, this kind of deficit is tough and painful to maintain, so you either can’t stick to it, or you have extra snacks / binge in the evenings / go crazy on the weekends. Second, you end up losing muscle, which sucks. Third, even if you can stick to it, your metabolism slows down, the results stop after a few weeks, and you have no where to go.

2 – Your portions are off.

Sometimes in converstations with people stuck at a fat loss plateau, I realize they have no idea what 3 oz of chicken looks like, or 1 cup of rice, or 1/4 cup of nuts. This might seem insignificant, but it really adds up.

A week or two of measuring everything you eat and drink is INVALUABLE for long-term education and results.

3 – You are drinking your calories.

#1 culprit here is alcohol. Trust me, I love drinking as much (or most likely, more) than you. But recently I’ve come to realize that it’s REALLY hard to lose fat if you’re drinking more than occasionally. Not drinking at all is ideal if you’re serious about fat loss. But a couple / few per week is probably the realistic upper limit for most if you’re going to reach your fat loss goals.

I hope the tips in this article helps you with breaking your fat loss plateau. Not eating enough, portions being off, and drinking too many calories are simple things, but they can make ALL the difference.

-Forest Vance and the FVT Team at

PS – If you are looking for more help in this area:

1 – Join our 28-day Challenge starting today, it includes a copy of my FEED THE BEAST meal plan that goes into what I am talking about here in more detail, and gives you sample meal plans to follow as well -> 28-day KB Challenge + FEED THE BEAST diet plan

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‘St. Valentine’s Day Massacre’ KB Workout + Last Call for KB EMOM Challenge 3.0

It’s Valentine’s Day!

Time to massacre the fat 🙂

Check out this ‘St. Valentine’s Day Massacre’ KB Workout from the FVT archives.

But first, be sure to reserve your spot in the 28-day EMOM KB Challenge 3.0. We start tomorrow!

-> 28-day EMOM KB Challenge 3.0 (starts tomorrow, Feb 15th)


‘St. Valentine’s Day Massacre’ KB Workout

Complete as fast as possible:

– 10 double kettlebell squat cleans
– 10 plank-to-push up (5 per side)
– 20 walking prisoner lunge (10 per side)
– 20 recline rows
– 100 high knees (50 per side

– 8 double kettlebell squat cleans
– 8 plank-to-push up (4 per side)
– 16 walking prisoner lunge (8 per side)
– 16 recline rows
– 80 high knees (40 per side)

– 6 double kettlebell squat cleans
– 6 plank-to-push up (3 per side)
– 12 walking prisoner lunge (6 per side)
– 12 recline rows
– 60 high knees (30 per side)

– 4 double kettlebell squat cleans
– 4 plank-to-push up (2 per side)
– 8 walking prisoner lunge (4 per side)
– 8 recline rows
– 40 high knees (20 per side)

– 2 double kettlebell squat cleans
– 2 plank-to-push up (1 per side)
– 4 walking prisoner lunge (2 per side)
– 4 recline rows
– 20 high knees (10 per side)


30 seconds work per exercise, 10 seconds rest between moves, 3 rounds total:

– burpee
– split squat (30 seconds per side)
– push up
– jump squats
– side-to-side / “skater” hops


Enjoy your ‘St. Valentine’s Day Massacre’ KB Workout on this special day.

Also be sure to reserve your spot in the 28-day EMOM KB Challenge 3.0, because we start tomorrow:

-> 28-day EMOM KB Challenge 3.0 (starts tomorrow, Feb 15th)

-Forest and the FVT Team