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The Kettlebell Box Squat is an exercise you can use to teach your clients how to squat quickly and easily.

Set up like you’re going to do a regular kettlebell squat – but you’ll have a box or bench behind you.

A good guideline – and this doesn’t apply to every situation, but it’s a starting point – is to have your feet about the width of the box.

Your toes will be pointed somewhere around 11 and 1 on a clock face.

Then sit your hips down and back, on to the box!

Stay tight at the bottom of the move, then drive through the heels, and stand back up.

Repeat for the desired number of reps.

Use the Kettlebell Box Squat to teach your clients how to squat quickly and easily!

Train hard, talk soon –

– Forest Vance
Master of Science, Human Movement
Creator, the CORE Kettlebell System

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Hybrid Kettlebell Muscle (sample workout)

by admin on June 17, 2017

The CORE Kettlebell System is the complete training program we use to run our medium-to-large group workouts at FVT.

From the way we warm our clients up, to the exact workouts we take them through on a daily basis, to the monthly Challenge system we use to keep them motivated and coming back for more, to the special “finisher” sequences we use to end each workout – EVERYTHING’s included.

And it works like crazy to get our clients amazing fat loss, lean muscle gain, and top conditioning results.

BUT – some clients want more. They want to get jacked and strong, and take their muscle gains to the next level.

Enter “Hybrid Kettlebell Muscle”.

This is the program we offer to our clients who want to gain strength and muscle and take their workouts to the next level.

It’s a full six week hybrid barbell / kettlebell / bodyweight program you could literally offer as an add-on service and profit from IMMEDIATELY.

Our clients happily pay an extra $100-$200 per month for these workouts, on TOP of their $149-$239 monthly group training rates.

And when you order the CORE Kettlebell System NOW – during the 2017 Summer Sale – you get this advance 6 week training course to use with your clients (and yourself!), 100% FREE.

Here’s a sample workout from the program:


Hybrid Kettlebell Muscle – Week 4, Workout B

1 – Deadlift – 3-4 sets of 5 @ 80% of one rep max

– 1 warm up set + 3 work sets total.
– Work up in weight each set.
– Rest 2-3 minutes between sets.
– Ex – your goal DL max for the end of the program is 300 pounds. Your goal is to WORK UP to an all-out set on set #4 of 240 pounds (70% of 300). You might go – 135×5; 185×5; 225×5; 240×5.
– Refer to “Strength Standards” PDF to set lifting goal (included in full program)

2 – KB / complex – Complete all reps on one side without setting the kettlebell down, before moving on to the other side. Push the pace, and get three rounds on each side as fast as possible:

1 arm KB press – 3
front squat – 3
one arm swing – 7
reverse suitcase lunge – 3


That’s just a sample – you’ll want the full program to see how it all fits together, and how to properly progress and build on each workout, over the 6 weeks.

Get Hybrid Kettlebell Muscle FREE when you order the CORE Kettlebell System this weekend

Here’s to getting lean AND jacked this summer!

– Forest Vance
Master of Science, Human Movement
Certified Kettlebell Instructor
Certified Barbell Instructor
Owner, FVT Boot Camp and Personal Training
Owner, FVT Publishing and Consulting

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Most people think of the kettlebell as a cardio / conditioning tool.

But KBs can also be used for building strength and muscle!

Lifting heavy weights, and doing it often, is one of the keys if you want to get stronger. This means that picking exercises where you can move a lot of weight is key. The start and stop swing is a great choice for this goal.

To perform the start and stop swing, start with a great STANDING set up. This means, BEFORE you reach down to grab the KB, make sure your abs are braced, your shoulders are down and back, and that you’re ready to rock and get going in a nice athletic start position.

Then, the KB is passed back, it swings up to approx chest level, it swings back, and then it’s parked on the ground after EVERY REP.

The benefits:

- You can handle a heavy kettlebell – which means ability to use progressive overload, and make strength gains
- It helps us re-enforce a good start and stop position in the exercise
- We get practice using our lats to start the weight going from a dead stop position on every rep
- It helps us practice staying in great, athletic, safe position during the exercise

The start and stop kettlebell swing is a great move. Work it into your kettlebell exercises for strength repertoire today!

Click here to get the CORE Kettlebell System – my complete kettlebell training system for fit pros and hardcore KB fans 

Train hard, talk soon –

– Forest Vance
Master of Science, Human Movement
Creator, the CORE Kettlebell System


15 Minute Single KB Complex Workout

by admin on June 13, 2017

A complex is a series of exercises performed in succession, typically with a single implement.

Challenge Complexes is a full training program, featuring 34 different BB/DB/KB complex workouts, that are great as a replacement for boring cardio, as a conditioning tool for sports, and / or as an “off” day bonus workout.

Here is a sample workout, in the style of the Challenge Complexes:

Single KB Complex SMOKER

Do 4 rounds of the following kettlebell complex PER SIDE. NO rest between movements; go thru the WHOLE SEQUENCE on one side before switching. Rest approx 30 seconds between rounds.

Recommended weights = 8k/26lb to 12k/26lb – women, 16k/35lb to 20k/44lb – men.

– 5 1 arm KB swing
– 5 KB high pull
– 5 KB snatch
– 5 KB front squat
– 5 KB push press
– 5 burpees


Now when you are using complexes in your training, it’s key to know HOW to properly put them together, for the maximum benefit, and the minimum injury risk … how many reps, how many sets to do of each move … which lifts to put first in the sequence, and why … how to structure the workout and exercise “flow” … and how much load to use.

And Challenge Complexes gives you 17 barbell complexes, 10 dumbbell complexes, and 8 kettlebell complexes – all professionally designed, using the guidelines above.

There are video demos of all the workouts so that you’ll know how to perform every exercise with perfect form, and there is also one month of “anti-aging” workouts included as a bonus with your purchase.

=> Learn More and Get Challenge Complexes here

Have a super day! -

- Forest Vance
Master of Science, Human Movement
Certified Personal Trainer


Outdoor Kettlebell Conditioning Workout

by admin on May 13, 2017

The weather here in Northern California is perfect this time of year for outdoor kettlebell workouts.

One of my favorite things to do is to bring a KB with me to the park, and do a high intensity workout like this one:


15 swings

10 burpees

5 pull ups

run approx 200 yards

Do 3-5 rounds as fast as possible!


Of course, it depends on your goals, as to how you would incorporate a work out like this into your overall routine.

What I personally do – and if your goals are to emphasize strength, but also stay lean, and in top condition, I recommend you do the same – is to do a kettlebell workout like this one about once a week.

It’s kind of like a ‘variety/conditioning’ day, and I will change it up every week

Then I have two additional, more strength-based, structured, progressive workouts that I do as well. These do not change every week – rather I’m working on getting stronger and better and more efficient at the movements and the poundages and everything else in those workouts.

And then I’ll do two or three more 30 to 45 minute bike rides or hikes.

Crank this work out this weekend if you want to get some extra conditioning work, and get out for some fun in the sun!

Train hard –

- Forest Vance

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