New Video: the Kettlebell One Arm Row

If you are looking to develop a strong back and core, you should be doing one arm kettlebell rows! Here’s how:

1 – Place your left leg forward and rest your right leg on the ball of your right foot (similar to a lunge stance).

2 – Keep your back straight.

3 – Rest your left forearm on your left knee for stability.

Pull the kettlebell up to your stomach, retracting your shoulder blade and flexing your elbow. Keep your back straight. Lower the kettlebell and repeat.

If you like today’s video, be sure to grab the full CORE Kettlebell Beginner’s Guide (FREE for a limited time) at this link:

…and stay tuned for more kettlebell exercise videos like this one!

– Forest Vance

Master Trainer

Kettlebell Expert

NEW: 28-Day “500” Kettlebell Challenge for Men and Women Over 40

There are seemingly endless at-home workout routines floating around right now.

But what most of these tricks and routines LACK is:

– They are NOT designed with the 40+ crowd., and their unique considerations in mind

– They are more “one-off” – type workouts to try, instead of being actual structured routines

– There is nothing to keep you motivated and accountable to actually DO it

That’s why we came up with the 28-day “500” Kettlebell Challenge.

In this unique new program, I am going to take you by the hand, and help you keep and gain strength, lose weight, and stay fit.

You’re going to do it with special 500-rep kettlebell workouts that will test you physically and mentally, but also go easy on your body and joints, and help you with specifics like:

– Strengthening your bones

– Gain strength

– Gain cardiovascular strength

– Improve skin elasticity

– Improve core strength

– Reduce back pain

…and MUCH more…

And all you need is a couple of kettlebells, and about 20 minutes per day.

Here’s how it works:

1 – On signing up, you’ll be officially “in” for the Challenge. We send you a detailed workout plan each week to follow, so you’ll know exactly what to do every day, no guessing. These are also NEW workouts each day, so that you won’t ever get bored. And each workout builds on the last, so that you can feel and see your progress throughout.

2 – NEW – we’re going to do live walk-thru videos of each workout. This way, you can see us demonstrating all the exercises, breaking down the form, and more.

3 – We will keep you MOTIVATED and ACCOUNTABLE in our private group we have set up. You will post here every time you complete a workout and we’ll cheer you on as well as answer any questions. This is something most programs do NOT address.

4 – NEW – I am going to include my “rapid shred” diet plan – this breaks down exactly what you need to eat to get the results, no matter what is happening out there in the crazy world

5 – NEW – I am going to include my “REGENERATE” program FREE when you purchase, so that you know exactly what to do on off days to recover faster and prevent injury

6 – BONUS – we are going to include bonus interval workouts that you can do on your “off” days, to burn extra fat and get even better results. These can be done running or with any other mode of cardio (we’ll break it down and give you options)

This is the COMPLETE program you need to get results during the quarantine. 

Details and sign up now at the link below – and hurry, we start very soon!


-Forest Vance, former pro football player, master personal trainer, kettlebell expert

Dorian Yates 500-Rep KB-BW Quarantine Workout

I just saw an article on a popular strength website showing a quarantine workout from Dorian Yates (English former professional bodybuilder; won the Mr. Olympia title six consecutive times from 1992 to 1997; widely considered to be one of the top bodybuilders in modern history).

And guess what?

There he was on his balcony, swinging a kettlebell.

To quote part of his Instagram post:

“…working with what I have to keep moving and blasting away the cobwebs that start to creep in mentally and physically… I have a kettlebell and a yoga mat to keep my movement…”

Preach brotha.

That’s really all you need to stay strong, lean, and feeling great.

Here’s a 500-rep kettlebell / bodyweight “challenge” workout I came up with, inspired by Dorian:


Dorian Yates 500-rep KB-BW Quarantine Workout

10 1-arm KB swings per side
10 push ups (elevate hands to scale down; elevate feet to add challenge)
10 alternating reverse KB lunges (add KB in goblet position for added challenge)
10 1-arm KB rows per side
30 run-in-place steps OR jumping jacks OR jump rope skips

5 rounds for time


Now again, to be clear – this is the workout I IMAGINE Dorian would do, given his background, and still staying strong and lean and fit at the age of 57.

It’s not his exact training plan.

But for men and women aged 40+, who want to gain strength, lose weight, and stay fit… who want to be able to do it with just a kettlebell or two and in a short amount of time, any where, any place… this type of training is just what the doctor ordered.

And STAY TUNED, because we have our “500” 28-Day Kettlebell Challenge opening for regisration tomorrow. You’ll get a full, structured 28-day training plan to follow, with detailed explainations and videos breaking everything down. You’ll get daily motivation and accountability from yours truly to keep you on track. You’ll even get bonus nutrition coaching, and flexiblity / mobility work to do on your “off days”.

Have a great day, talk soon –

-Forest Vance

In 21 to 28 days, display full splits anytime without a warm up

If you follow this program routine to the point, in 21 to 28 days, you will be able to display full flexibility and splits anytime without a warm up, even if:

  • You’re not a top athlete or not in great physical condition
  • You’re over 40, 50, 60 or 70-year young
  • You haven’t done any sport before
  • You are man or woman
  • You don’t have any previous stretching or training experience
  • You feel that your leg muscles are too stiff or shortened
  • You did a lot of heavy lifting, cycling or running in the past
  • You think that your hips are too tight
  • You think you are too old to achieve great flexibility

=> Hyperbolic Stretching (men’s version)

=> Hyperbolic Stretching (women’s verison)

Depending on your current level of strength and flexibility, results may come even faster.

See, I got on an intense, 12-week training plan to prep for the Tactical Strength Challenge in 2017.

I was able to make some serious gains… I snatched the 53# kettlebell 120 times in 5 minutes, as well as hitting a 485 lb deadlift!

But, there was also an unexpected, negative side effect: my flexibility got WORSE.

I was so focused on the hard training, that I wasn’t stretching and doing recovery / mobility work like I should have been… and so as a result, I was strong, and in good shape… but also stiff and achey and overall, felt a little less athletic.

Sound familiar?

If you run, or lift weights, or do other types of hard traininig, and don’t stretch enough, this is a common thing that can happen.

Indeed, highly intense activites (short sprints, low rep weight lifting) slighly damages connective tissue with each bout… which can in turn significantly decrease overall flexibility in just a few months if you don’t do any stretching at all.

So what you need to do, is have a flexibility / mobility routine you’re working on, in addition to whatever other on-going training you are doing.- something like this:

=> Hyperbolic Stretching (men’s version)

=> Hyperbolic Stretching (women’s version)

Also, when you do yoga or any form of static relaxed stretching, bear in mind two important aspects that will help you make faster progress:

First, to gain flexibility faster using relaxed stretching bear in mind it’s a game of millimeters. Learn how to breathe properly and deeply, and with every breath try to gain extra millimeter in the stretch.

Second, several scientists as well as most yoga masters believe that people whose minds are not able to adapt to new situations usually are physically stiff as well. This is an interesting thought, and I think holds some truth as well.

If you want to be able to display the full splits within the next 21 to 28 days, any time, without a warm up, I recommed that you check out:

=> Hyperbolic Stretching (men’s version)

=> Hyperbolic Stretching (women’s version)

And remember: when you are training hard, it is important to also take some time to work on your flexibility and mobility, so that you don’t end up stiff and less athletic.

Make incremental progress with each flexibility session, be adaptable.

To your continued success! –

-Forest Vance

(new video) the Kettlebell Clean and Press

the Kettlebell Clean and Press

The mighty kettlebell clean and press!

It’s a complete workout in itself; working nearly every muscle in the body.

Here’s how it’s done:

1 – Swing the kettlebell back between the legs

2 – In one clean motion (hence the name), bring the kettlebell to your shoulder, having it end up between your forearm and biceps (rack position)

3 – From the rack position, press the kettlebell straight up to lockout

4 – Drop the weight smoothly into a swing without jerking your arm

If you like today’s video, be sure to grab the full CORE Kettlebell Beginner’s Guide (FREE for a limited time) at this link:

…and stay tuned for more kettlebell exercise videos like this one!

– Forest Vance
Master Trainer
Kettlebell Expert

No Gym? No Excuse! – sample workout

Here is a sample workout from my new, updated and expanded version of No Gym? No Excuse!

No Gym? No Excuse! is a 6 week, bodyweight – based, “kettlebells-optional” workout plan. It will help you gain muscle, shred fat, and build superhuman conditioning any time, any place – NO GYM REQUIRED.

*We have video demos, recommended weights, and more included in the full plan… this sample workout is just to give you an idea


Main Circuit – Supersets – Complete both exercise in each superset for the number of rounds listed before moving on to the next superset. Take minimal rest between exercises. Rest approx 30 seconds between rounds.

Superset #1

1 – Around The World Lunge – 5 each leg (forward, side, back = 1 rep). Add an optional kettlebell in goblet position for more intensity.

2 – Renegade Row to Mountain jumper – 10 OR KB Single arm renegade rows – 10 each side OR bodyweight renegade rows – 10 per side Then: Mountain Jumpers – 10

Complete 3 rounds

Superset #2

3 – KB Swing – 20 OR total body extension – 20

4 – Pullups – 6 OR Recline Rows – 12 OR 1 arm rows – 10/side OR if zero equipment – :30 v sit hold

Complete 3 rounds

Finisher – 40 seconds of work, 20 seconds of rest. 3 rounds:

1 – Skater Hops
2 – KB Dead Clean to press OR Frog Jumps
3 – Crab Kicks OR Cross Body Mountain Climbers


If you’d like to learn how to build strength, shed fat, and get a REAL workout – using nothing but your own bodyweight and (optionally) a couple of kettlebells…

Check out the NEW and UPDATED version of No Gym? No Excuse! here =>

But hurry – this home study course is on a dime sale, so the price goes up with each person that buys!

Thanks –

– Forest Vance, Master Trainer, Bodyweight Training Specialist,

(video) 45 Minute At-Home Bodyweight / Kettlebell Workout

Got something really cool to share with you today. This is recording of a full 45 minute bodyweight / kettlebell workout you can with me, in real time.

We are doing these daily, in follow-along format, with all of our training clients right now, so that we can keep their workouts going while we’ve had to shut our physical gym locations.

Check it out:

(video) 45 Minute At-Home Bodyweight / Kettlebell Workout

If you’d like to learn how to build strength, shed fat, and get a REAL workout – using nothing but your own bodyweight and (optionally) a couple of kettlebells, I recommend this:

Check out the NEW and UPDATED version of No Gym? No Excuse! here =>

You can do it in your living room, garage, or back yard.

The whole program is designed so that you can do it 100% equipment free.

(We also provide some optional progressions if you have kettlebells or other weights available – just like in the video.)

The vast majority of clients that were working out at our physical gym locations, are now doing a program very much like this as we’ve had to temporarily close due to COVID-19 restrictions. I think a lot of them thought their workouts wouldn’t be as good. But the feedback overwhelmingly is that they are still getting awesome training sessions in, right at home!

And, since 2009, I have specialized in putting together minimal equipment, minimal time, maximum results training plans. With this new program, you get all of that experience and knowledge put together. Click the link below to learn more:

=> new six week bodyweight strength plan 

If you have a little bit of extra time right now, using some of it to focus on getting stronger and more fit is a great idea. And this plan can help you do it, no gym required.

Thanks! –

– Forest Vance
Certified Personal Trainer
Master of Science, Human Movement
Bodyweight Training Specialist

No Gym? No Excuse! (NEW 6 week training plan)

Okay – the UPDATED and EXPANDED version of No Gym? No Excuse! is LIVE =>

If your gym is suddenly CLOSED due to the COVID-19 crisis…

If your newsfeed and email inbox is all at once flooded with so many “home workout” ideas that you don’t even know where to start…

If you’d like to learn how to build strength, shed fat, and get a REAL workout – using nothing but your own bodyweight and (optionally) a couple of kettlebells…

Check out the NEW and UPDATED version of No Gym? No Excuse! here =>

But hurry – this home study course is on a dime sale, so the price goes up with each person that buys!

Thanks –

– Forest Vance, Master Trainer, Bodyweight Training Specialist,

15 min “No Gym” KB/BW Ladder Challenge

If you want to get strong anywhere, I can help you do it with just:

– A couple / few kettlebells
– Your own bodyweight

…in just 3-4 times per week, with 20-30 minutes of work per day.

Stay tuned for my new 6-week “No Gym” training plan, coming out next week.

And check out this 15 min “No Gym” KB/BW workout from the program:

1 burpee
2 goblet squat
2 KB swing

2 burpee
4 goblet squat
6 KB swing

3 burpee
6 goblet squat
9 KB swing

…continue up the “ladder”… increasing the burpees by 1 rep, goblet squats by 2 reps, and KB swings by 3 reps… until you get to:

10 burpees
20 goblet squats
30 KB swings


I’d recommend using a 12k or 16k for the women for this one, and a 20k or 24k for the men.

This one is TOUGH… let me know how you do!…

…and stay tuned for my new “No Gym” KB/BW training plan, coming out next week!

– Forest Vance
Master of Science, Human Movement
Kettlebell Expert

[guest article] 2 Tricks to Spice Up Your Home KB Routine

Today, I have a guest article to share with you from my kettlebell expert friend, Chandler Marchman.

I will say – these are some pretty cool tricks, I have not tried most of them myself yet, but I look forward to doing so.

I know that SO many of you are working out from home right now… so it’s perfect timing.

Also, if you like the article, be sure to check out Chandler’s full training program here => MetCon6: Hardcore 

Enjoy! –

– Forest


When it comes to the development of a solid and sturdy structure, you must have the right tools of the trade, the knowledge of how to use them, and a blueprint that yields your desired result.

This isn’t just true when it comes to the construction of a building, but your body too!

And regarding building a lean, powerful, and bulletproof body, one of the best and most versatile tools you can own is the kettlebell.

As for the knowledge of how BEST to use them to quickly and efficiently get your desired outcome, here are 5 methods that can INSTANTLY increase both the speed and degree of the results you’re looking for while using them…

(1) Combine Isometric Holds With Any Multi-Joint Movement

This is done while securing one kettlebell in either the farmers, rack, or overhead position on one side, and simultaneously performing a multi-joint movement on the other (i.e. performing an Isometric Rack Clean & Press where one arm holds a kettlebell securely in the rack position while the other side performs a clean & press).
(2) Add bands for accommodate resistance work

If you understand the strength curve as well as the principle of how levers work within your body, you know that any movement you do with a kettlebell (or any weight for that matter) has a more mechanically disadvantaged and advantageous part of its range of motion during any lift.

Adding accommodated resistance in the form of band tension can give you MORE resistance at the more mechanically advantageous parts of these lifts though, and thus place a greater amount of stress over a higher number of muscle fibers.

An example of this is doing a banded goblet squat, a banded deadlift,


If you’re looking for a fun, challenging, and effective way to tie all of these together to help speed up your results in both the fat-loss AND strength/explosiveness department, then you gotta check out my good friend Chandler Marchman’s revolutionary new kettlebell program MetCon-6: HARDCORE:

=> MetCon-6: HARDCORE

Start implementing all of these intensity techniques the way it’s all laid out for you inside MetCon-6: HARDCORE, and you’re going to experience some amazing results!

– Chandler Marchman, creator, MetCon-6: HARDCORE