12 week KB Swing Mastery program

by admin on September 17, 2019

Not too long ago, I was just like you.

I thought I could grab a kettlebell and start swinging it around after reading a few articles and watching a couple of YouTube videos.

Boy, was I wrong.

Let’s face it, kettlebells are an awesome training tool, but if you don’t know what you’re doing, you at best won’t get the benefits from training with them that you should … and at worst, you’ll badly injure yourself.

What you need is this:

==>> 12 week KB Swing Mastery program

See, after trying to teach myself kettlebells, and failing … I realized I needed some quality instruction to learn how to use kettlebells properly.

I started with books and DVD’s from Pavel Tsatsouline (the man responsible for bringing the current kettlebell craze to America and the master of modern HardStyle kettlebell training).

Next, I spent thousands on personal training sessions from a local kettlebell instructor.

I’ve since travelled across the country and paid thousands more (and untold blood, sweat, and tears) for seven separate kettlebell certification events.

And through it all, I’ve uncovered the secrets to simply and effectively teaching the HardStyle kettlebell swing:

==>> 12 week KB Swing Mastery program

In the Kettlebell Basics Swing Manual, you’ll be taken by the hand as I walk you through the ins and outs and technical details of how to perform the kettlebell swing – and how to use it to lose fat and get into phenomenal condition in record time.

Discover inside:

– How to master the fundamentals of the HardStyle swing, and all of its variations – you’ll be able to get a fast, efficient swing workout any time you want.

– A 12 week “swing mastery” plan – a complete workout program to take you from KB newb to HardStyle ninja.

– You’ll learn if you’re making some of the most common kettlebell swing mistakes – and how to fix them. The most common KB training problems, solved!

– FVT – approved KB YouTube videos – there’s a lot of info out there on the internet about kettlebell training – some good, but unfortunately, mostly bad. Here’s a list of my personally-approved videos to learn from.

– Turkish Get Up basics – you’ll also learn the basics of how to do the Turkish Get Up – the next logical kettlebell exercise in your education.

And much more.

But, we’re re-organizing our online store, and this course is coming off the market.

So if you want to grab it while you can at 50% off, details and order now at the link below:

==>> 12 week KB Swing Mastery program

Here’s to your HardStyle kettlebell swing mastery -

- Forest Vance
Master of Science, Human Movement
Certified Kettlebell Instructor


Monster KB/BW Interval Circuit

by admin on September 7, 2019

I am gearing up for a charity event we are putting on at one of our PT studios this morning.

We are going to combine a boot camp workout with an adoption event for the Sacramento SPCA.

So people come and do a kettlebell boot camp, and then the SPCA is coming out and bringing some of their dogs and cats to our studio for people to interact and play with after the workout.

It should be a lot of fun and we are anticipating a big turn out, really looking forward to it.

One of the things we want to do at these type of events is make sure to have a fun but also effective workout, so people can really feel the fat-burning and lean-muscle-building power, and not only adopt an animal, but also maybe come back for another workout!

So I was looking through my favorite library of workouts this morning to come up with some ideas.

And I came across this one from my friend Mike Whitfield’s Workout Finishers program:

Monster KB/BW Interval Circuit

Do the following circuit ONE time, resting as shown:

- Stability Ball Jackknife Pushups (50 secs), rest 10 secs
- KB Goblet Squat (50 secs), rest 10 secs
- Ab Wheel or Stability Ball Rollout (50 secs), rest 10 secs
- Bulgarian Split Squat (Left Side) (50 secs), rest 10 secs
- Bulgarian Split Squat (Right Side) (50 secs), rest 10 secs
- Close-Grip 3/4th Rep Pushups (50 secs), rest 10 secs
- Jumping Jacks (50 secs), rest 10 secs)
- X-Body Mountain Climber (50 secs, rest 10 secs)
- Bench Vault (50 secs), rest 10 secs
- Pushup Plank (50 secs), rest 10 secs
- Split Shuffle (50 secs), rest 10 secs
- KB Swings (50 secs), rest 10 secs


If you can’t make it to our Charity Boot Camp this morning, you can still get some fat-burning and lean-muscle-building this weekend, from anywhere.


And one more thing … while we’re talking about Mike’s programs, he has a brand new out I wanted to send a link your way to check out.

One of the big ideas is, with workouts like the one above, is dieting REALLY necessary to lose weight?

Pretty interesting.

Here’s a new article that sheds some light on the subject and will hopefully clear up some of the confusion surrounding this often controversial topic.

’till next time -

- Forest Vance

PS - You’ve gotta see the results from this 20-year long study. It explains A LOT.


20-Minute Labor Day KB Workout

by admin on September 2, 2019

It’s Labor Day in the US.

According to DOL.gov:

“Labor Day, the first Monday in September, is a creation of the labor movement and is dedicated to the social and economic achievements of American workers. It constitutes a yearly national tribute to the contributions workers have made to the strength, prosperity, and well-being of our country.”

If you have the day off, that means you probably have a little extra time to get in a workout.

The workout below is what we’re doing this morning at FVT …

20-Minute Labor Day KB Workout

Do as many reps as possible of each exercise in 40 seconds. Rest for 20 seconds between moves. Do 4 rounds total:

- KB squat-to-press (switch hands each round)
- hanging knees raises (beginner) or toes-to-bar (advanced)
- KB swings
- burpees
- recline rows (beginner) or pull ups (advanced)


4 “Old School” Strength gifts (free)

I decided to get together a few of my fitness expert colleagues, and do a special event around Strength and Health.

We’ve all contributed programs and workout routines in the old school theme, and you can get them for a limited time, totally free.

But this is the last day of the event. Details and get the free gifts at the link below:

==>> 4 “Old School” Strength gifts (free)


Kettlebell Workout for Men and Women 50+

When I ask men and women over 50 what their goals are, most of the time it really boils down to this: You want to improve and prolong the ability to do what you love.

Whatever those things are, you need strength, mobility, and a body that works for you, to make it happen.

And as it turns out, kettlebells are the perfect tool for the job.

The only drawback is, there are not a lot of kettlebell programs out there designed SPECIFICALLY for the 50+ crowd and their goals in mind.

That is, until now.

Check out my new Lifetime Kettlebell Fitness workout – it’s designed specifically for men and women 50+:

==>> Lifetime Kettlebell Fitness


How to Fix KB Lower Back Pain

by admin on September 1, 2019

Another thing we focus on in Lifetime Kettlebell Fitness is making sure you AVOID many of the common mistakes made when training with kettlebells.

For example – a common thing I hear is that people end up getting lower back pain.

Now. If you have specific conditions you’re working with – a back injury, for example – that’s a different story, and is something you should get checked out before starting. Giving recommendations on that sort of thing is beyond my scope of practice and area of expertise.

However – if you are otherwise healthy, lower back pain is NOT something you should be experiencing.

Here are three common KB training mistakes that could be a cause, and how to fix them:

1 – Swinging the KB too close to the ground

Many people swing the Kettlebell too low to the ground as it comes down.

This makes the move much harder and less efficient … and it is also potentially dangerous.

Instead, make sure that the handle of the KB stays above your your knee level as it comes down. This will give you the best leverage and keep the pressure off of your back.

==>> More common KB training mistakes and fixes detailed in Lifetime Kettlebell Fitness

2 – Using sloppy form to pick up the Kettlebell

As people get set to swing the ‘bell, a SUPER common mistake is that they simply use sloppy form.

People will round their back and give zero thought to engaging the core muscles.

This is a BIG no-no, and very dangerous.

It puts your back in a poor starting position, and it also sets you up for bad technique during the exercise.

Make sure that your back is flat and your abs are engaged when you pick up the KB and get it set for your first rep of a set.

3 – Overextending at the top of the movement

It can be easy to let your hips go too far at the top of a KB swing.

This is hard on the back, and also you lose power when you do it.

Instead, think about finishing the exercise in a “standing plank” position.

At the finish of the exercise, your knees, hips, shoulders and head should all form a perfectly straight line.


To sum up, Kettlebells swings are a fantastic exercise for rapid fat loss and sending your conditioning levels through the roof.

But make any of the mistakes outlined in today’s article when you do them, and you put yourself at risk for lower back pain.

Stick to the recommendations to improve your form, and you will be on your way to SAFE rapid fat loss with Kettlebell swings!

– Forest Vance
Certified Kettlebell Instructor
Master of Science, Human Movement
creator, Lifetime Kettlebell Fitness

PS - Have you checked out these kettlebell workouts for men and women over 50?

We focus on training techniques like we talked about in today’s article that are specifically for making sure you’re using kettlebells safely and effectively to reach your goals.

And, it’s on a dime sale this week – so check it out now for the best deal:

==>> Lifetime Kettlebell Fitness – KB program for men and women over 50


(video) Kettlebell Half Turkish Get Up

by admin on August 31, 2019

In Lifetime Kettlebell Fitness, my kettlebell program designed specifically for men and women 50+, we focus on teaching you the basics of safe and effective kettlebell training.

This is so that you can increase strength, improve mobility, and enjoy all the other benefits.

One of the basics that people struggle with sometimes though when it comes to technique is the Turkish Get Up.

But don’t worry, I got you covered.

The drill to start with on this move is called the “half” Turkish Get Up.

You’ll get a lot of the benefits of shoulder strengthening and mobility, core strengthening, and more.

In fact, you can use it as a stand-alone exercise.

But it also helps you learn the movement pattern so that you can eventually progress to the full version of the move.

Check out how to do it in the video below.

And check out the full Lifetime Kettlebell Fitness course. It’s on “dime sale” this week:

==>> Lifetime Kettlebell Fitness

To your continued success -

- Forest Vance
Master of Science, Human Movement
Level 2 Certified Kettlebell Instructor
Certified Corrective Exercise Specialist


18 Min Swing + Get Up Workout

August 29, 2019

We have my Lifetime Kettlebell Fitness program on sale this week. This course is designed to help you improve your ability to do what you love, eliminate the pain of getting older, and feel up to 20 years younger. Details the link below: ==>> Lifetime Kettlebell Fitness Check out a sample workout from the program: [...]

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1 tip for better kettlebell form

August 19, 2019

This morning while leading my kettlebell workout group, I noticed a mistake that several people were making when doing their swings. I gave them a simple cue, and it improved their form in seconds. I got this cue at the first RKC I attended in 2009, and have used it since with great success. It’s [...]

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German Volume KB Training, Upper Body Day, Week 1 (sample workout)

August 17, 2019

The more training volume you do, the more muscle you can grow – assuming you don’t exceed your ability to recover. So, if your primary focus is building muscle, your training should be structured to gradually perform more volume each workout week, month, etc. This way, you can keep progressively overloading your body, cause adaption [...]

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New Video – Kettlebell Rack Position

August 16, 2019

One of the most overlooked techniques of training with KBs is how to properly rack a kettlebell. The rack is where the KB ends up after a clean. It’s the start of overhead pressing, various kettlebell squatting variations, and more. Check out the three simple tips I cover in today’s video to get it right! [...]

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German Volume Kettlebell Training

August 12, 2019

German Volume Training is a method that has been around for quite a while. It’s one of the most famous and most brutal protocols for gaining muscle. I remember doing it in my early 20′s. It was quite painful, but it worked big time for adding mass. It was 17 or 18 years ago and [...]

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