Kettlebell Stadium Workout

by admin on June 19, 2019

No Gym?

No Excuse!

Take advantage of the great weather, and get outside.

All you need for this workout is a flight of stairs and a kettlebell.

More than likely, you have a set of stairs close to you that you can utilize for this really great workout.

I do it at at local community college stadium – but any good size flight of stairs that takes around 10-15 seconds to run to the top will work.


Kettlebell Stairs Workout

Do three sets of each exercise (beginner) or five sets (advanced)


– Single Step Stair Run – 3-5x (sprint up / walk down)
– 2 hand KB swings – 3-5x 15 (do at the bottom of the stairs – after each sprint)


– Double Step Stair Run – 3-5x sprint up / walk down
– Push Ups – 3-5x 10 reps (at the bottom of the stairs – after each sprint)


– Single Step Stair Run – 3-5x sprint up / walk down
– V Sit Hold – 3-5x :30 (at the bottom of the stairs – after each sprint)


WARNING #1: this workout may humble you :)

You think your legs are strong and you have a strong cardio foundation, and then you get to the middle of the workout, and you think, “WHAT?!?”

WARNING #2: The following day, you’ll want to leave extra time to get up from your chair, couch, or toilet :)

Hope you love this workout. It’s perfect for getting outside and getting your sweat on this summer.

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And here’s to your continued success!

- Forest Vance
Master of Science, Human Movement
Certified Personal Trainer


Father’s Day 10 Min KB Workout

by admin on June 17, 2019

Happy Father’s Day!

When you become a dad, your priorities tend to shift.

It’s highly unlikely that you still have time for long gym sessions (that you used to take for granted before you had kids!)

But you still want to get – or stay – in top shape.

Becuase you know that health is super, super important – so that you can play with your kids, coach their sports teams, do whatever you want to do – and be AROUND for a long time to come!

That’s why today, I have a short – but highly effective – Father’s Day workout, that’s PERFECT for busy dads.

You can do it any time, any place – no equipment required:

Father’s Day Kettlebell Workout

– 5 goblet squats
– 10 spiderman push ups
– 15 swings
– 20 mountain climbers

Get as many rounds as possible in 10 minutes

Watch the video that shows you how to do this workout here:

Father’s Day Kettlebell Workout


This Father’s Day Kettlebell Workout is simple, but it’s also powerful.

You hit all your major muscle groups in just 10 minutes … plus you get some strength AND cardio AND core AND even flexibility, all at the same time!

All you need is a single ‘bell to get it done :)

Have a great day, and here’s to your continued success! -

- Forest Vance

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3 New KB/BW Tabata Workouts

by admin on June 9, 2019

Got three new KB/BW Tabata Workouts for you to try!

But first, quick reminder on Kettlebell Challenge Workouts 2.0 – dime sale ends at midnight tonight:

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The Tabata protocol is based on one of the pioneer and most frequently cited studies done on HIIT cardio training. (I’ll link it up at the bottom of this article.)

Tabata Intervals look like:

20 seconds of all-out effort, 10 seconds of rest, repeat eight times.

It’s super popular these days, but often done wrong.

If you want to get the results subjects in the original study did, you have to make sure:

– The 20 second “on” / work periods are INTENSE – in the study, they were done at 170% VO2 MAX (!). To describe the intensity levels, the researchers used the word “exhaustive” :)
– You have to pick the right exercises to get the job done. They have to be total-body type moves where you can really work.

Here are three 3 KB / BW Tabata Workouts to try:

1 – One Hand Kettlebell Swings – Swing a kettlebell for 20 seconds on your right side. Rest for 10 seconds. Repeat on the left side. Repeat for a total of 4 rounds on each side, 8 rounds total.

2 – Kettlebell Squat-to-Press – Perform kettlebell squat-to-presses for 20 seconds on your right side. Rest for 10 seconds. Repeat on the left side. Repeat for a total of 4 rounds on each side, 8 rounds total.

3 – Burpees – Do as many burpees as you can in 20 seconds. Rest for 10 seconds. Repeat for 8 rounds total.



Try one – or all three! – of these workouts.

They may seem simple, but trust me, they are brutal.

And maybe even better, help you get maximum results in minimum time!

If you liked these workouts, don’t forget to check out:

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Here’s to your continued success -

- Forest Vance

PS - Check out the original Tabata Protocol study at the link below:


#10 Spartan Kettlebell Workout

by admin on June 6, 2019

I successfully completed my 10th Spartan Race last weekend!

And I can say, without a doubt, that it was my best performance to date when it came to the obstacles.

I was able to successfully complete several that I never have before, including the multi-rig (it’s made up of rings and bars and you kind of swing from one thing to the next, American Ninja Warrior – style).

So I’ve been trying to look back, and think about WHY (so that I can replicate my effort for next time!) …

… and while I’m sure there were several contributing factors …  the consistent kettlebell training I did leading up to the event I think was one of the biggest ones.

Typically, I ramp up the running and scale back on the KBs for a month or two (or more) beforehand. I never stop with the kettlebells completely, but I cut back for sure.

This time, I trained hard with Kettlebell Challenge Workout - style sessions right up ’till the week before.

Sounds weird, but many people talk about the WTH (what the heck) effect from kettlebell training.

Meaning, training with kettlebells consistently will improve other, almost seemingly unrelated areas of fitness … and you’ll run faster or jump higher, and end up saying to yourself – “what the heck!” :)

The sort of awkward shape of the kettlebells I think is a big contributing factor to this athletic carry-over. As well as the thick handles that strengthen your grip. And much more.

Bottom line though, if you are looking to lose fat AND improve performance in a variety of areas of your life, I suggest that you start on the program linked below today:

KB Challenge Workouts

And I look forward to hearing your success story! -

- Forest Vance,


60-15 Drop Set KB Circuit

by admin on June 4, 2019

“Drop sets”, also known as:

- Decending sets
- Strip sets
- Down the rack
- Running the rack

Are basically a technique for continuing an exercise with a lower weight once muscle failure has been achieved at a higher weight.

They are TOUGH – you typically get some serious lactic acid build up, and to honest, PAIN! :) – but they also WORK.

I can say this from personal anecdotal experience – I’ve used drop sets quite a bit over the years personally and with hundreds if not thousands of training clients.

There are also research studies to back up the method (a recent one is linked at the bottom of this article).

==>> next page for KB Challenge Workouts 2.0

Now typically, people do this kind of workout on machines, with barbells, or with dumbbells.

But you can do it with different kinds of equipment too.

I created a kettlebell and bodyweight version of a drop-set based circuit workout.

I think it’s quite challenging, while being fun and new at the same time!

Give it a try:


60-15 Drop Set KB Circuit

Alternate between 60 seconds of work and 15 seconds of rest for each exercise in the circuit below.

At the half-way mark (30 seconds); “drop” from the first (more intense) exercise to the second (less intense) exercise listed.

Rest approx 60 seconds on circuit completion; repeat for a total of 4 rounds:

Exercise 1/2 – KB swings ==>> squat jumps

Exercise 3/4 – 1 arm KB press (15 seconds per side) ==>> push ups

Exercise 5/6 – KB goblet walking lunges ==>> bodyweight walking lunges

Exercise 7/8 – 1 arm KB rows (15 seconds per side) ==>> inverted rows


If you want more fun, new, challenging, and most importantly EFFECTIVE workouts like this one, be sure to check out KB Challenge Workouts 2.0 – it’s on a dime sale this week:

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Here’s to your continued success!

- Forest Vance
Certified Kettlebell Instructor
Master of Science, Human Movement

PS - Here’s the link to the research study on drop sets:

2018 Drop Set Study – Research Gate (PDF)


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