Summer is RIGHT around the corner …

But there are still a few precious weeks to shed some fat and get into top shape … IF you’re dedicated, and ready to rock.

So we are going to do something special.  Something we’ve NEVER done before.

That is, a VIRTUAL 21 Day Kettlebells For Fat Loss Challenge.

And I am excited to announce that we are now officially accepting applications!

This challenge is going to be all about losing fat, get in shape and make a serious body transformation over the next 21 days, using kettlebells as their training tool of choice.

The BEST part is … you’ll be finishing right around Memorial Day Weekend … which, at least here is the US, is pretty much the official start of the summer … which ROCKS! ;)

FVT 21 Day Kettlebells for Fat Loss Challenge Details

1 – This program is geared towards folks who want to lose fat, gain lean muscle, and make a serious body transformation in 21 days using kettlebells as their training tool of choice (with some body weight exercise mixed in as well).

We are looking for folks who have some training experience, but are looking to take it to the next level. Ideally have a basic idea of how to do basic body weight movements and / or kettlebell exercises. No serious, major injuries or limitations with your workouts. Must have a positive attitude, commit to working HARD, and no whining :)

2 – You’ll get a complete kettlebell and body weight – based training plan to help you lose as much fat as humanly possible in 21 days.

3 – You’ll also get a meal plan designed to help you rapidly lose fat over the 21 day period.

4 – We’ll be running the program though my full-blown online coaching platform … so you’ll be able to see your workout for each day on your phone or on your computer in both written and video format, you can log your workouts and progress easily, we can communicate within the app if you have questions at any time, etc

5 – If you have questions about your form / technique on any of the exercises in the program, you can also send me a video of you doing the movement to critique

Couple more things before we get to the application link:

The cost for the 21 day program is $97.

No, it’s not cheap – but it’s a great VALUE for what you get – and it’s significantly less than my Elite Coaching program.

I will be coaching you PERSONALLY over the next 21 days to help you reach your fat loss goals, and showing you how to use kettlebells and your own bodyweight to do it.

So requirement #1 is, obviously, that you have to be able to afford the cost.

You need to fill out an application – taking some time, thought, and energy to do it – to be considered.

I want to work with people who are SERIOUS, and REALLY WANT to be in this program.

One or two word answers in each application question show me that you are not serious, and really don’t care about getting participating.

Also, given the online, “virtual” coaching format, I am are looking for folks who have some training experience, but are looking to take it to the next level. Ideally you have a basic idea of how to do basic body weight movements and / or kettlebell exercises. And you have no serious, major injuries or limitations with your workouts.


If you feel like you fit the requirements above and you think you’re a good fit, fill out the application form below, and we’ll see if we can get you in:

=> Apply for the 21 Day Kettlebell Transformation Program here

Please note – I will be personally reviewing each application … BUT, given that we typically get 100+ apps for these KB Challenges … I am only able to respond to those applicants who are approved.  Sorry – thanks for understanding! ;)

Also, we have a new software system that I believe has significantly improved client experience … HOWEVER, we can still only work with up to 15 folks for this program.   So, the first 15 folks to apply, get approved, and make payment will secure their spots.  Thanks for understanding about this as well.

Rock on!  Thanks for reading – and look forward to (potentially) working with you!

Forest Vance
Owner, FVT Boot Camp and Personal Training
Master of Science, Human Movement
Level 2 Certified Russian Kettlebell
Certified Progressive Calisthenics Instructor
Certified Fitness Nutrition Coach


Got one more sample workout for you in the style of the Basement Badass program.

This one is similar to the workouts we use in the ‘Super Minimalist’ edition -

Check it out:


10 Minute Kettlebell / Bodyweight Workout

Set your timer for 10 minutes. Get as many rounds as you can of the following sequence:

– 5 burpees
– 10 single leg deadlifts (right leg)
– 10 push ups
– 10 single leg deadlifts (left leg)
– 20 jumping jacks

Watch the video that shows you how to do this workout here:


See, while the big barbell lifts are at the heart of Basement Badass, I also know that there are some folks who want to do the program, but don’t have a full barbell set up quite yet -

And so that’s why I put together a ‘Super Minimalist’ version – that’s included for FREE – so that you don’t have to sweat it, and so that you can still get all the muscle building, fat blasting benefits that Basement Badass offers – using short, effective kettlebell and bodyweight – based workouts like this one.

So go grab your copy of Basement Badass at the “Birthday Sale” price at the link below:

=> Basement Badass Birthday sale (last day)

And have a great one!

- Forest Vance
Master of Science, Human Movement
Certified Personal Trainer


I am excited and honored to be leading a Kettlebells for Fat Loss Workshop on Saturday, April 30th at the LEAN Performance Academy in Slidell, Louisiana (just outside of New Orleans).

My good friend Fred Zoller is opening an AMAZING new 8000 square foot facility … and I will be out for the day to lead a workshop at the new digs, as well as to help Fred with incorporating kettlebells as a bigger part of his on-going regular workout programming with his 400+ training clients!

If you are in the New Orleans area, would be great to have you out to the event.

Details and reserve your spot now at the link below (space limited to 20 participants):

=> New Orleans Kettlebells for Fat Loss Workshop

Have an awesome day -

- Forest Vance
Certified Level 2 Russian Kettlebell Instructor

PS - Check out this sneak peak video from my new Kettlebell Hacks course on the Towel Swing – it’s footage from a recent workshop we did at the studio to give you an idea of what to expect at one of my live events:

Kettlebell Hacks – the Towel Swing

PPS - Interested in the possibility of having me out for a Kettlebell Basics One Day Workshop at YOUR facility?  Reply to this email and let me know!


Win a Free Zombie Kettlebell

by admin on April 13, 2016

Last month we ran a contest where we gave away a free kettlebell.

We had so much fun with that one, we’ve decided to do it again!

This time, we’re giving away a FREE 36lbs (1 pood) Staple Head Zombie ‘Bell (a $84.95 value) – and YOU can enter to win for a limited time.

We are doing this give-away contest simply as a way to say THANK YOU to our loyal subscribers and customers … and as a way to help spread the word about our business.

This contest is 100% free to enter, and there are no strings attached. Simply click the link below and enter the requested info to enter to win.

*Please note – due to shipping costs and other technicalities, this contest is limited to North America only*

=> Win a Free Zombie ‘Bell

Thanks – and good luck! :)

- Forest Vance
Master of Science, Human Movement
Certified Personal Trainer


It’s the first day of April!

And the weather here in Sacramento is GREAT – perfect for an outdoor workout:

Okay – it’s time for another FVT QnA session.

** Quick reminder that the price on the Forward Head Posture Fix course we’ve been talking about all this week is jumping tonight at midnight – details and snag your copy here => Forward Head Posture Fix **

Let’s hop right in:


Q - “I get lower back pain when doing KB swings. Any suggestions?”

A – There are a lot of reasons why this could be happening.

If you have no pre-existing conditions though to your knowledge, the first place to look is your form.

Here is a video that should help:


Q – “I have (X/Y/Z) injury – how do I work around it?”

A – The key is to keep training.

With the majority of injuries, you CAN keep working, and do SOMETHING.

I am SUCH a big believer in this.

I was back in the gym two days after both my knee surgeries, and my hand surgery as well.

I wasn’t working the body parts that I just had an operation on, obviously – but I was able to work the non-affected areas, and do what I could.

I was able to maintain my fitness, and get back in it a lot faster than if I had just stopped training all together.

Keep it goin’ and do what you can!


Q – “I am looking to start teaching others kettlebells. Would you suggest me to start a online class, or a more private live studio?”

A – I think the easiest and fastest way to start in the fitness business is to train people in person.

You get invaluable experience working with people hands-on.

I think you NEED to work with some clients in person before you start putting programs out on the internet.

Getting your work online and out in the world is GREAT … but it is also HARD! And there are a lot of specific skills you have to learn to make it happen.

The best way to start is to get a few training clients – the first few, train them for free, or for a very low rate – get experience, and get them some GREAT results – and they’ll be telling their friends, and your little business will be growing in no time.

** If you are just getting started in the fitness business, here is a program that I think you’ll find invaluable => The Expert Program Design Platform **


That’s it for this QnA – off to train a couple of sessions, then hit my own workout!

Have an awesome weekend, and talk soon -

- Forest Vance
Certified Personal Trainer
Master of Science Human Movement


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