[new vid] KB Dynamic Warm Up

Today I’m going to take you through a five minute dynamic warm up that you can do before your kettlebell workouts!

If you want to optimize your workouts… and stay strong, vibrant and injury-free… PARTICULARLY in your 40’s, 50’s, 60’s and beyond… you need to be focusing on flexibility and mobility in your training.

Try this simple 5-minute sequence (and watch the video to see how to do the moves):

Do each exercise for 30 seconds. Repeat the circuit two times total:

– seal jacks

– bodyweight / KB squat

– arm cross

– plank hold

– hinge / KB deadlift


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“Doing it Way Big” 2.0 (KB challenge workout)

“Doing it Way Big” is a popular kettlebell challenge workout I wrote a while back…

…today, I want to share a “2.0” version for you to try.

Remember – if you’re looking to slow down aging, and stay younger and vibrant through your 40s, 50s, 60s and well beyond, science shows again and again that strength training is VITAL.

As well, specific considerations such as:

  1. Proper exercise selection, recovery times, etc to stay injury-free
  2. Incorporating variety to avoid overuse
  3. Warming up, mobilizing, and stretching to maintain good posture and exercise techique
  4. Using conditioning to maintain cardio health

Need to be addressed that are specific to training for those age groups.

I believe that kettlebells are the PERFECT tool for the job.

We do this in today’s workout, as well as in our HERE.

PART 2 – main workout – on the minute, every minute, for 12 minutes (4 rounds total), do:

-(minute 1) – 10 eccentric KB squats (3 seconds down each rep)
-(minute 2) – 10 eccentric push ups (3 seconds down each rep)
-(minute 3) – 10 one arm KB rows per side

PART 3 – “finisher” – KB complex, do prescribed reps of each move before moving on to the next; complete all reps on one side before moving to the next one; do three sets on each side total, resting as little as possible:

-5 KB press
-5 one arm KB swing
-5 reverse suitcase KB lunge
(after completing 5 reps on BOTH sides) – 5 burpees

*Need video demos of the moves? We walk you through and explain how to do everything in HERE.


Based on both research, and the results we get with hundreds of our clients!, it’s clear that strength training is critical for fitness, mobility, strength, and more – particularly as you age.

Kettlebells are the perfect tool for the job, because they naturally incorporate things like variety, mobility, conditioning, and more – additional considerations for the 40+ age group.

And, with just a couple of KBs and your own bodyweight, you can get ALL of this done in just 3-4 20-30 minute sessions per week.

Skeptical? I don’t blame you. But I also challenge you to give this 4-week KB program for men and women over 40 a try:

=> 28-day KB Challenge for men and women over 40

…because after just a few weeks training this way, I think you’ll be hooked, and will never go back!! 🙂

-Forest Vance, Master of Science in Human Movement, Kettlebell Expert, Over 40 Training Specialist

28 Day “1000” Kettlebell Challenge 2.0

NEW: 28-day “1000” Kettlebell Challenge 2.0

These are quick-hitting workouts designed specifically for men and women over 40!

If you are looking for a challenging, intense training program, that is also designed with the specific goals and considerations of the 40+ age group in mind…

If you find yourself moving away from barbell/gym training, and moving towards kettlebell/bodyweight – type training modes…

If you looking for a program that will help you maintain / gain strength, while improving “functional fitness” and avoiding injury…

I want to invite you to join our upcoming 28-day “1000” Kettlebell Challenge 2.0 for men and women over 40:

28-day “1000” Kettlebell Challenge 2.0

But hurry! We start this coming Monday, October 26th.

-Forest Vance, Kettlebell Expert, Over-40 training specialist, KettlebellBasics.net

1000-rep Kettlebell Challenge

Every so often, at the end of football practice, our coach would run us through some sort of physical challenge.

It could have been 10 or 20 wind sprints, or bear crawls down the length of the field and back.

It would test you both physically – you’d see REAL quick what kind of physical shape you were in!…

…and it would also test you mentally, and help you get stronger to be able to push through discomfort… so that in a game-time situation, you’d have that mental toughness and drive to win when you needed it.

I guess that’s where part of the idea of my kettlebell Challenge workouts came from.

Do workouts like this, you’ll test not only your physical shape, but your mental toughness.

And as a result, you’ll win in strength, health, and all the other areas of your life:


1000-rep Kettlebell challenge workout

Do 50 reps of each exercise. You can rest as needed, but you can’t move on to the next exercise until you’ve completed all the reps. Do 2 rounds total:

50 two hand KB swings
50 spider climbs
50 walking lunges (25 per leg)
50 1 arm KB rows (25 per arm)
50 jumping jacks
50 one arm KB swings (25 per side)
50 cross body mountain climbers
50 alternating reverse lunges
50 inverted / recline rows OR 25 1 arm rows per side
50 high knees in place (per side)


If you liked this workout, and the idea of kettlebell Challenge workouts in general, perfect timing.

We have our “1000” kettlebell challenge opening for registration tomorrow.

You can get workouts like this, made into a full 28-day program.

Look, feel, and train like an athlete… with just three to four, twenty to thirty minute workouts per week… using just a couple of kettlebells and your own bodyweight.

Stay tuned, keep an eye on your email inbox for registration details!

Have a great day, talk soon

-Forest Vance

7-min Kettlebell Flexibility Session (includes video)

Here is a super simple kettlebell flexibility / mobility session for you to try.

I first learned it back at an RKC certification in 2009.

I use it all the time as prep for kettlebell workouts (I actually just used it before the workout I completed about an hour ago!)

Check it out below…. and if you want a complete 7-minute flexibility program to compliment your kettlebell training, click here: 7-minute flexibility program to compliment your kettlebell training


7-min Kettlebell Flexibilty Session

Do 3-5 reps of each exercise. Rest minimally / flow from one move to the next; repeat two times total:

1 – KB goblet squat with pause and “pry” at bottom of move
2 – ‘pumps’
3 – KB halo

Check out this video to watch me demo:

And if you want a complete 7-minute flexibility program to compliment your kettlebell training, click here: 7-minute flexibility program to compliment your kettlebell training

-Forest Vance
Kettlebell Expert

“Royal Flush” KB/BW Tabata Circuit

Tabata training works in 20 second intervals of high intensity exercise, followed by 10 seconds of rest, repeated eight times for a total of four minutes.

Because it’s so effective for improving performance AND burning max calories in minimum time (see research linked below), we use it frequently in our programming at FVT.

In fact, check out the workout we have planned for our online bodyweight / kettlebell boot camp scheduled for a a little later tonight.

We call it “Royal Flush” because, well – when it comes to jacking up your fat burning furnace, it’s tough to beat! 🙂


“Royal Flush” KB/BW Tabata Circuit

Perform as many reps of each exercise as you can in 20 seconds. Rest for 10 seconds between moves. Repeat the circuit two times through for a total of eight intervals of 20 seconds on / 10 seconds off. Rest for a minute or two and repeat up to two more times:

1 – KB Tactical Lunge (alternate legs each round)
2 – One arm KB swing (beginner) OR KB snatch (advanced)
3 – Bodyweight renegade (beginner) rows OR KB renegade row (advanced)
4 – One arm press (alternate arms each round)


I’m going to test something, and wanted to see if you’re interested:

I’m going to invite a group of men and women around the US – and world! – to try the live, real-time online workouts we’re offering at FVT, for 14 days.

We’ve been running these with our local, Sacramento, CA – based clients for the last 6 months or so, since the pandemic hit and we’ve had to expand our offerings!… but they’ve been SO helpful… ESPECIALLY for men and women over 40 who are training from home, and who want intense and effective workouts, personalized feedback, and increased accountability…

That I want to see if we can help even more people.

So we’re going to test it out.

You’d be able to test the program out for a short time (14 days) at a discounted rate ($49).

No additional charges, no long-term commitments.

Would you be interested in joining us?

Fill out the form below and we’ll send you all the details: https://bit.ly/fvttestdrive

-Forest and the FVT Team

7 Minute Flexibility (stretching sequence inside)

I just finished off a short flexibility session this morning to start my day.

This is something that I do almost every morning. I started the routine seven or eight years ago, and it has made a TREMENDOUS difference in improving recovery, mobility, conditioning, and overall athleticsim.

If you are looking for similar benefits, and you aren’t currently doing a routine like this, I suggest you work something like this into your training as well!

Here is the short series from today, if you want to give it a try… I held each of these poses for about 45 seconds each:

  • Low lunge
  • Wide leg stretch / straddle
  • Lying spinal twist
  • Couch stretch
  • Standing legs-apart stretch
  • Seated spinal twist

I also highly recommend a new, more comprehensive program from my fried Logan Christopher, called “7 Minute Flexibility“.

A few words from Logan on his new program:

“Like most of fitness, there are a bunch of myths and inefficient ideas surrounding that of stretching and flexibility.

In short:

Static stretching is over-rated.


Other forms of flexibility training are under-rated.

Stretching your muscles might make them feel good, but is it really the goal you’re after?

If you want to actually get more flexible it’s important to understand the benefits and drawbacks of all the following:

Static Stretching
Isometric Stretching
Dynamic Stretching

Learn more here.

You’ll also find out how you can become much more flexible in just seven minutes!”


To sum up, there are some tremendous benefits to be had from incorporating a regular stretching routine into your training, if you’re not already.

You can use the short sequence I shared with you today, or for a more comprehensive solution, check out 7 minute Flexibility from my friend Logan Christopher:

=>> 7 Minute Flexibility

To your continued success

-Forest Vance
Corrective Exercise Specialist

Test Boost “Challenge” for Men 40+

For most men, test levels start to decline around age 40, averaging just over 1% per year.

This drop is imperceptible at first, but by age 70, the average man’s testosterone production is 30% below its peak.

This can lead to things like:

  • fatigue
  • loss of muscle mass
  • low energy
  • low sex drive
  • increased body fat
  • decreased bone mass
  • mood changes

And more.

So what can you do about it?

Personally, one of the things I’ve started up is a regular dose of the herb Pine Pollen.

I have tried other “natural test boosters”, none of them really compare.

This one, you can feel the difference right away. I have more energy, feel more alert, am more motivated, and feel stronger in the gym.

And Lost Empire Herbs (the brand I take and the one I recommend) has a pretty unique “Challenge”, lol:

“For men, take a three tablespoon dose of pine pollen (a megadose) mixed in 8 oz. of water before going to bed. If you don’t wake up with “morning wood”, you can send back the unused portion of your pine pollen for a full refund.”

So, take the Test Boost “Challenge” for Men 40+ at the link below:

=>> Lost Empire Herbs Test Boost “Challenge” for Men 40+

And here’s to more energy, more muscle, less fat, and an improved you!

-Forest Vance
Kettlebell Expert to men and women over 40

Week 1, Day 2 “Kettlebell Body Revival” Workout

This is a sample workout from my “Kettlebell Body Revival” program.

(It’s a full 28-day training plan that is included free when you pick up Lifetime Kettlebell Fitness.)

This program is designed specifically with the 40’s, 50’s and beyond crowd in mind… but it’s also NOT just an “easier” version of our regular kettlebell workout plans.

We just look more closely at the big picture in terms of programming, take into account things like volume, intensity, and frequency, and more.

Here’s the workout:

Week 1, Day 2 “Kettlebell Body Revival” Workout


This workout starts with kettlebell presses. You’ll do five reps on the right, and five reps on the left … rest as needed, and continue on to do four sets of five total on each side.

*video exercise demos linked in full program
*recommended KB weights included in full program


Do three rounds of the following circuit, moving quickly but resting as needed:

— walking lunge with kettlebell at side (complete all reps on one side before switching to other side) – 10 per leg
— hanging leg raises – 10
— 12 push ups


(beginner) One hand kettlebell swing


(advanced) kettlebell snatch

Do 50 reps as fast as possible, using any combination of reps on either side. Prioritze perfect form! Time yourself, and see if you can get slightly faster every workout.


Remember – my 28-day Kettlebell Body Revival course is a program you get FREE when you pick up a copy of Lifetime Kettlebell Fitness.

And the cool thing is, you get the amount of strength you need, AND total-body conditioning… so that you can do workouts like this three or four times per week, and get a complete fitness solution.

So, if you’re looking to:

— Improve the ability to do what you love
— Eliminate the pain of getting older
— Feel up to 20 years younger
— Gain strength
— Prevent injury
— Build functional fitness at ANY age

Check out my Lifetime Kettlebell Fitness program today at the link below:

=> Lifetime Kettlebell Fitness

And here’s to your continued success!

-Forest Vance

18-min “Lifetime KB Fitness” Swing / TGU Workout

If you are age 50+…

If you want to eliminate the pain of getting older…

If you want to improve your ability to do what you love…

And if you want to feel up to 20 years younger…

My Lifetime Kettlebell Fitness training plan is built SPECIFICIALLY for you.

Here is a sample from the program:


18-min Swing / TGU Workout
sample from – Lifetime KB Fitness for Men and Women Over 50 (week 5)

*Video demos, detailed progressions, exercise breakdowns and more in the full course

Warm Up

– Box Squat – 10-15 repetitions
– Hamstring/Hip Flexor Stretch Combo

Perform these two exercises back-to-back without rest; repeat the pair of warm-up movements twice without rest


– swing progression (sumo deadlift – 1/2 swing – full swing) – 15-20
– ‘Active Rest’- :30
– ½ OR foot sweep Turkish get up – 3 reps ea side
– ‘Active Rest’- :30

Continue this sequence non-stop for 18 minutes

Cool Down

5 minutes of static stretching – tight muscle groups only


With Lifetime Kettlebell Fitness, you get:

  • Lifetime Kettlebell Fitness Training Manual – 6 week plan to help you gain strength, prevent injury, and build functional fitness at any age
  • Lifetime Kettlebell Fitness Video Series – Learn how to do every exercise in the Lifetime Kettlebell Fitness program using perfect form with video demo
  • 28 Day KB Body Revival – An additional, full 28 day kettlebell program. Once you’ve completed Lifetime Kettlebell Fitness, move on to the 28 Day KB Body Revival program to keep your training going and take things to the next level!
  • 14 Day Rapid Shred Protocol – I launched this as a pilot program with local clients at our gym facilities who wanted to participate. Follow the protocol to a “T”, and you can expect to lose 2-3% of your bodyweight in 14 days.

Full 6 week training plan at the link below:

=>> https://bit.ly/lifetimekettlebellfit

And here’s to improving your ability to do what you love, eliminating the pain of getting older, and feeling up to 20 years younger!

– Forest Vance
Master of Science, Human Movement
Kettlebell Expert
Certified Corrective Exercise Specialist