Pre-workout tip for Aching Shoulders

by admin on February 19, 2019

Here’s an incredible tip I got from Injury Specialist Rick Kaselj, MS that is going to help your banged up shoulders feel better in just minutes.

It is called vertical hanging. If it sounds self-explanatory it’s because it is.

Here’s how to do it: Lift your arms straight overhead and take note of how your shoulders feel. Next hang on something like you’re a kid hanging from the monkey bars.

For example: If you are in the gym, go over to the pull up bar, grab the handles, and let yourself hang from them. If you are not able to bring your arms very high, bring them to a point as high as you can and then hang with partial weight.

It might feel a little weird and be a little uncomfortable, but hang for 15 seconds with all of your body weight off the ground or partial weight off the ground ..

Now step away from the bar and lift your arms overhead.

Do you have more movement?

Do your shoulders feel a little loser?

For most people it will be Yes-Yes.

Here’s why: Over time gravity pulls on our arm. With our arms weighing about 10 lbs, the slow pulling starts to reshape the shoulder into a painful joint by shortening the ligaments in the shoulder.

With the vertical hanging, we are stretching the ligaments in the shoulder in order to reshape the shoulder back into a pain-free shoulder.

This is just one of the tips you’ll learn in Rick’s Fix My Shoulder Pain system that utilizes his trademarked SR3-Method. It’s on sale right now for a big discount:

Fix My Shoulder Pain << Heavily Discounted

Replace the outdated stuff you are doing to prime your shoulders for a workout and start using more tips like this so you can give 100% every workout without getting held back.

To your success -

- Forest Vance, MS
Certified Corrective Exercise Specialist

PS - According to Rick, Fix My Shoulder Pain helps with:

- Shoulder and rotator cuff tendinitis and tendinosis
- Rotator cuff tear, strain or pain
- AC injury, AC joint sprain, and AC strain
- Adhesive capsulitis
- Frozen shoulder
- Shoulder subluxation or dislocation
- Acromioclavicular injury and
- Shoulder impingement

Fix My Shoulder Pain << Go check it out.


Today I have a “Hybrid Kettlebell Strength” workout to share.

If you are looking to add size and strength .. but didn’t think you could do it with just a couple of kettlebells .. think again! This workout is for you.

(This is in the style of the Double KB Workout for Size and Strength bonus you get free right now with the new 28 Day KB Body Revival plan. Speaking of which, today is the last day to get it at launch pricing. Details on the program and bonuses and order at this link: 28 Day KB Body Revival)


Hybrid KB Strength Workout

First, do:

Turkish get ups – 5 each side, switching sides each rep

Do one or two TGU’s on each side with no added weight first – ‘naked’, as they say – and increase the weight progressively each set, until you’re really challenging yourself on reps 4 and 5.

Then, on to:

(Pair 1)

Double KB squat to press – 6 to 8
Band pull apart – 12 to 15

Repeat for a total of three sets each.

Go for it on the kb squat to press. Use as much weight as you can handle with perfect form. Try increasing the weight on the second and/or third set.

For the band pulls, hold a resistance band in front of you, with your arms straight and the band at about eye level. Pull the band apart, keeping your arms straight.

(Pair 2)

Kettlebell crush curl – 10 to 12
Feet elevated close grip push up – 8 to 10

Repeat for a total of three sets each.

Grab a heavy kb and ‘crush’ the ball part of the weight, while you do bicep curls with it. Superset this with a foot elevated close grip push up.

Finish with:

High Intensity Interval Cardio (optional)

30 second sprint
30 second recovery
Repeat 10 times

Run or bike are the preferred modalities for the high intensity cardio. The ‘sprint’ portion should be HARD – like 9 out of 10 intensity. The ‘recovery’ portion should be EASY – like 3 out of 10 intensity.


Do workouts like this regularly, and you’ll be a stronger and more muscular version of yourself in no time!

Learn more about 28 Day Kettlebell Body Revival and order today at special sale pricing at the link below:

28 Day KB Body Revival

To your continued success! -

- Forest Vance, MS
Certified Kettlebell Instructor

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28 Day KB Body Revival


‘St. Valentine’s Day Massacre’ KB Workout

by admin on February 15, 2019

Yesterday’s kettlebell boot camp workouts at FVT were TOUGH

In fact, during one session, someone said – “it’s a Valentine’s Day Massacre!”

Clever :)

Here’s the workout, you can try it yourself:


Complete as fast as possible:

- 10 double kettlebell squat cleans
- 10 plank-to-push up (5 per side)
- 20 walking prisoner lunge (10 per side)
- 20 recline rows
- 100 high knees (50 per side

- 8 double kettlebell squat cleans
- 8 plank-to-push up (4 per side)
- 16 walking prisoner lunge (8 per side)
- 16 recline rows
- 80 high knees (40 per side)

- 6 double kettlebell squat cleans
- 6 plank-to-push up (3 per side)
- 12 walking prisoner lunge (6 per side)
- 12 recline rows
- 60 high knees (30 per side)

- 4 double kettlebell squat cleans
- 4 plank-to-push up (2 per side)
- 8 walking prisoner lunge (4 per side)
- 8 recline rows
- 40 high knees (20 per side)

- 2 double kettlebell squat cleans
- 2 plank-to-push up (1 per side)
- 4 walking prisoner lunge (2 per side)
- 4 recline rows
- 20 high knees (10 per side)


30 seconds work per exercise, 10 seconds rest between moves, 3 rounds total:

- burpee
- split squat (30 seconds per side)
- push up
- jump squats
- side-to-side / “skater” hops


Time to massacre the fat!

- Forest


ATTN kettlebell fans

I just released a new 28 day KB program, wanted to make sure you knew about it:

In testing at our kettlebell studios, participants lost up to 16 pounds of fat and gained up to 7 pounds of lean muscle on the program, in 28 days (!)

You’ll also increase energy, reduce aches and pains, and jump start your fitness … all with just 2 kettlebells, and in about 20 minutes per day.

Get the program at the link below:



20 Min Kettlebell “Strength Circuit”

by admin on February 15, 2019

Kettlebells are the ultimate tool for getting a lot done in a short amount of time.

You can get as good (or even better) a workout in about 20 minutes, that’s equally (or more) effective, as what used to take you 2 hours.

You work all your muscles in your body every time … PLUS get strength … PLUS get cardio … PLUS a lot more!!

That’s what the KB Body Revival program is all about. Try the sample workout below to get a feel for what I mean. All you need to get it done is one or two kettlebells, and about 20 minutes!


Sample Workout – 28 Day KB Body Revival

PART 1 –

This workout starts with kettlebell presses. You’ll do six reps on the right, and six reps on the left … rest as needed, and continue on to do five sets of six total on each side

PART 2 –

Do four rounds of the following circuit as fast as possible:

- walking lunge with kettlebell at side (complete all reps on one side before switching to other side) – 12 per leg
- push ups – 12

PART 3 -

(beginner) one hand kettlebell swing OR (advanced) kettlebell snatch

Do 80 reps as fast as possible, using any combination of reps on either side. Time yourself, and see if you can get slightly faster every workout.


Now in the full program, you get video demos for each move, so that you know how to perform it safely and effectively … you get recommended weights too, so that you’re never left in the dark as to what size kettlebell to use …

… and instead of just a “one-off” workout, you get a complete, continuous program where each workout builds on the last and everything flows together and progresses week to week …

… but this sample should give you an idea.

Get the full 28 Day KB Body Revival program by clicking here.

To your success!

- Forest Vance, MS
Certified Kettlebell Instructor


Kettlebells are the ultimate “handheld gym”.

With just a single KB, you can go in your garage, or your back yard, or your living room for that matter … and get a total-body workout in around 20 minutes.

Take today’s FSK Kettlebell Workout from my friend Mike Zhang for example:


FSK Kettlebell Workout (upper body + core)

1 – Clean and Press + Burpee

7 Reps/Side (clean and press) + 10 Reps (burpee)
3 Sets

2 – Double Arm Swing

12 Reps
3 Sets

4 – Renegade Row

8 Reps/Side
3 Sets

5 – Plank

30 Secs
4 Sets


Jam through that workout in about 20 minutes – you’ll see, it’s no joke!

Want the full 6 week program?

Well, for the next couple of days, you can actually get FSK 12 Kettlebell free.

You see, my friend Mike Zhang has his new “4 minute kickboxer abs” program up on sale this week.

And when you get it through my link:

He has given me the green light to include his “FSK 12 Kettlebell” – 6 week program FREE.

All you have to do is order through the link above (we will send out the bonus this coming Monday to all who order through my link).


KBs are the best portable “gym” around. Try today’s sample workout and you’ll see what I mean!

To your continued success -

- Forest Vance, Certified Kettlebell Instructor,


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