20 Min 300 WTF KB Challenge

by admin on July 21, 2018

Check out this WTF (what the Funk) workout from my friend Funk Roberts :)

According to Funk, it was a staple of his workouts back in 2008 when he started to make the change from 210lbs of Male PMS (Puffy Muscle Syndrome) to 185lbs ripped.

It’s a short and intense workout with amazing results.

All you need is one kettlebell, a timer and hard work:



from Funk Roberts Metabolic Madness Bundle

Start your timer and Complete the designated number of reps per exercise as fast as you can…do not move onto the next exercise until you have completed the reps. Use a challenging weight and learn the kettlebell techniques before attempting this workout.

1. 25 V-UPS
4. 50 SWINGS

Funk’s weight = 40 lb KB
Funk’s time = 16:03


MEN who want to get ripped like Funk
WOMEN who want to shed body fat and get in better condition
ALL TRAINERS + COACHES who want more workout ideas to use with their clients

Get Funk’s “Metabolic Madness” bundle at the link below:

Funk Roberts Metabolic Madness Bundle

There are 19 total plans:

- Complex Workouts
- EMOM Workouts
- HIIT Workouts
- Mega Metabolic Madness
- Bodybuilding HIIT 2.0
- Metabolic Exhaustion Workouts
- Lactic Acid Interval Training
- FunkWOD
- Filthy 50’s
- Dirty 30’s
- Metabolic Chaos
- Bodyweight 500
- 1000 Rep Workouts
- Fight Gone Bad Circuits
- German Volume SuperSets
- Metcon Madness
- Bodyweight Metabolic Circuits
- Upper-Lower Body Metabolic Workouts
- Tabata Super 6

All of the plans are created by Funk Roberts. Funk is a former professional athlete turned Master Metabolic Trainer who is the creator of the Metabolic Conditioning Coach Certification through NESTA, and has used this training system to help thousands of people around the world transform their body and fitness.

You can use these plans yourself (obviously) for your main workouts, to add-on to your current routine, as “off-day” cardio sessions, etc.

If you are a trainer or coach, you will also get SO many great ideas that you can use with your clients to keep them happy and excited to be coming back for more and telling all their friends.

Funk Roberts Metabolic Madness Bundle

To your success! -

- Forest Vance
Certified Personal Trainer
Master of Science, Human Movement


The Towel Swing

by admin on July 19, 2018

A common problem people have with the kettlebell swing is using their arms too much.

The Towel Swing is a great drill to fix this issue.

I learned it from Pavel at the first RKC cert I attended in 2009.

By swinging the KB with a towel through the handle, it gives you instant feedback on if you are using your upper body instead of your hips to drive the weight up. It also helps you get the “feel” for how to fix it.

Here’s how to do the drill:

1 – Loop a towel through the handle of the ‘bell as shown in the picture below:

2 – Swing the kettlebell!

3 – The goal is to use your hips to drive the weight up, which will make the the KB to “float” at the top, like so:

If you are using too much upper body, the ‘bell will “droop” down, like the pic below (NOT what you want):

Try this drill, and then immediately afterwards, go back and do some regular swings.

You will be surprised at how this simple drill gives you feedback, helps you use your legs, and improves your form almost instantly.

Discover 12 more common KB training mistakes and how to fix them at the link below:

=> The Top 13 KB Training Mistakes … and How to Fix Them!

To your success! -

- Forest Vance
Master of Science, Human Movement
Certified Kettlebell Instructor


most dangerous KB training mistake? (pic)

by admin on July 18, 2018

You probably already know that training with kettlebells is a great way to increase power and strength while burning fat.

There’s even research behind kettlebell training – swings have been shown to burn up to 20 calories per minute!

HOWEVER – the truth is – with all the benefits KBs provide, comes with a risk. Newbies can seriously injure themselves if they don’t pay proper attention to form and programming.

The pic below is a great example of one of the most dangerous KB training mistakes - swinging the kettlebell too close to the ground (this is actually a screenshot from a workout video done by very well-known personal trainer – scary, right?)

That’s why I’m proud to introduce my program, The Top 13 Kettlebell Training Mistakes … and How to Fix Them!

In this e-manual and 13 video series, you’ll discover over a dozen KB mistakes, and how to fix them - including:

- Why most people mess up the swing and do it wrong – and how to fix it
- How to avoid whacking and bruising your forearms on the KB clean
- How to choose the PERFECT kettlebell weight for you
- A simple way to instantly boost your KB pressing power 10-20%
- The secret technique to ensure you learn each kettlebell exercise correctly

And much more.

Learn more and get The Top 13 Kettlebell Training Mistakes … and How to Fix Them! by clicking here now.

I will be back with more instruction on some of the most common KB training mistakes later this week. Stay tuned.

To your success! -

- Forest Vance
Certified Personal Trainer
Master Kettlebell Instructor


When most people think of training their abs, they think of crunches or sit ups.

But these moves are NOT the best way to train your abs.

Your abs function primarily as a STABILIZER during functional movements … and so if we can use exercises that train them this way, we are going to get better results in terms of carry over into sports performance, and every day life.

Today’s move is called the Renegade Row, and it’s an awesome kettlebell exercise for abs.

Here’s how to do it:

- Grab two kettlebells of the same size.
- (KBs with a small rubber base do not work great for this exercise. You need to be confident in being able to balance all of your weight on a single KB and one hand.)
- Practice shifting your weight back and forth on the ‘bell to get the feel for the movement. (this little drill will help a lot!)
- Add a row to the movement when you are ready.
- (optional) Add a push up on each rep to add difficulty.

Incorporate this kettlebell exercise for abs into your training plan today!

- Forest Vance
Master of Science, Human Movement
Certified Personal Trainer


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This is one of my all-time favorite KB complexes.

Be sure to do your tissue quality / mobility + flexibility warm – up … and maybe practice your KB form before you go into the workout full blast … then simply do:

- 1 clean
- 2 squat to overhead presses
- 3 snatches

5-10 times on each arm (depending on your goals and current fitness level); take as much rest as needed to use good form.

If you liked this workout, you’ll love the 28 Day KB Shred Challenge. Details / link to apply below:

28 Day KB Shred

To your success! -

- Forest Vance
Master of Science, Human Movement
Certified Personal Trainer


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