Kettlebell Workout With The Gymboss Interval Timer

One of the great things about kettlebell training is its minimalist appeal:  A couple of kettlebells are really all you need for a full-body resistance, cardio, and core workout.

However, there are a select few training tools that, although certainly aren’t a requirement for good kettlebell workouts, will make your life easier and your training sessions more efficient. Enter the Gymboss Interval Timer.

The best way to demonstrate the power of the Gymboss is to show you exactly how it can be used during a workout – so here’s a video that:

a) Takes you through a cool KB workout
b) Shows you how useful the GymBoss actually is during a timed interval workout like this one (keeping track of and making the best use of your rest intervals is, by the way, something you should definitely be doing to get the most out of your training time):


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10 Minute Kettlebell Swing + Snatch Cardio Workout

Last week on a rest/variety day in my personal workout program, I took Dan John’s recommendation from Enter the Kettlebell and ‘invented a workout’ – I sort of just ‘free flowed’ and rotated through different kettlebell moves for 10 minutes, taking as little rest as possible between exercises.

It turned out, somewhat by chance, to be a great cardio session.  I actually ended up using the workout during one of my kettlebell boot camp classes this week, and the group loved it!

So, I shot a quick video of the workout for you – here’s how to perform my ’10 minute kettlebell Swing and Snatch cardio workout’:

To recap:

  • You’ll need three different sized kettlebells to do this one; one for two-hand Swings, one for one hand and hand-to-hand Swings, and one for Snatches.
  • Start by performing 10 two hand Kettlebell Swings with your heaviest weight.
  • Move to the middle weight.  Perform five one hand Kettlebell Swings on each side with this weight followed by 10 total hand-to hand kettlebell Swings with this same weight.
  • Finish the circuit by performing five Snatches on each side with the lightest weight.
  • Rest about 10-15 seconds, then start back with the two hand Swings.
  • Repeat this sequence with as little rest as possible continuously for 10 minutes.

That’s it for this workout – simple, fast and effective.  Kettlebell work can be fantastic for getting your ‘cardio’ in a non-traditional way – and this workout is the perfect example!  Give this one a go, and I’d love to hear what you think in the comment section below –

Train hard and train smart!


P.S. For a complete guide to the Kettlebell Swing – one that’ll teach you all the ins and outs of the movement and take you from a kettlebell ‘Newb’ to Ninja Swing Master with a 12 week Swing program – check out my Kettlebell Basics Swing Manual!  Learn more about it by clicking the image below:

Top 10 Posts Of 2010

Hope your 2011 is off to great start!

First, I’d like to say thanks for making 2010 a great year!  This blog has grown by leaps and bounds – and it’s because of you that I’m continually motivated to post weekly workouts, videos, and training tips.

This post is simply a list of the 10 most popular posts of 2010 … if you’ve read them already, they’re worth revisiting … if you haven’t, set aside an hour or two and check ’em out!  I’d be shocked if, in your review, you couldn’t take at away at least one new thing to improve your training from this list.

So, without further ado, here are the top 10 posts of 2010:

10. Kettlebells – The Perfect Extreme Cardio Tool

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9. Kettlebell Basics Combo #1

First post in a series of ‘kettlebell combo’ workout videos … this one combines the One Arm Swing, One Arm Squat to Overhead Press and One Arm Snatch

8. Kettlebell Videos

Compilation of all the video posts on this blog to date (post was recently updated since original posting)

7. How To Do A Turkish Get Up

Post detailing how to do the Turkish Get Up kettlebell exericse (includes video)

6. Kettlebell and Bodyweight 300 Workout

How to do my kettlebell and bodyweight 300 workout (also includes video)

5. A ‘Big Five’ Kettlebell Circuit Workout

Kettlebell circuit workout that incorporates the ‘big five’ kettlebell moves

4. Kettlebell Exercises

A list of all posts that explain how to do kettlebell exercises

3. A Beginner Kettlebell Workout

A great kettlebell workout for beginners

2. Quick Start Guide

Shameless plug?  Maybe … but hey, it was the #2 most viewed page on the blog 🙂

Note:  I also have a more recently released, so far very popular workout program in the Kettlebell Basics Swing Manual … check it out if you’re looking for a specific, directed 12 week program to get you started the right way with kettlebell training

1. Kettlebell Routines

Here, you can find all the kettlebell routines I’ve posted on the blog since I started it (almost 100 posts!) listed in once place (this one’s been recently updated as well)

Enjoy … and I hope you get a ton of value from this post!  I’d love to hear your thoughts, questions, comments, etc. in the comment section below – ’till next time


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How To Get Maximum (Kettlebell) Results In Minimum Time

Are you getting all you can out of your kettlebell training time?
Are you getting all you can out of your kettlebell training time?

Here’s a sad fact I’ve discovered over the years I’ve spent working with hundreds (if not thousands) of personal training clients:

Most folks have no long term plan for their kettlebell training. They have no specific plan, no concrete goals … and so end up not getting the results they should!!

I recently signed up for the RKC II this coming July … and this fact really struck me as I sat down and mapped out a plan for the next six months to get ready …

Having specific goals you’re working towards with your training program is so important. And having a specific plan to reach those goals is the difference between getting so-so, mediocre, average results – and getting results you never thought possible!!

So I’m going to make this super easy for you:  Here’s a kettlebell goal setting ‘action plan’ to get you started – now – on working towards some specific goals with your kettlebell workouts:

1.  Start by writing down your fitness goals. Why are you training with kettlebells? To lose fat? To gain muscle? To get in better shape? To improve sports performance?

2.  Now, figure out exactly what you’re going to do to get to those goals. (Hint: Don’t just hop on the internet and find a workout for the day – because I know that’s what you’re more than likely doing now 🙂 )

Have a planned workout system to help you reach your goals.  There are some free workout plans right here on this blog – just click on the ‘Kettlebell Routines’ link in the sidebar for a bunch of ’em.  You could also opt for a more structured routine – like the 10 week program in the 10×10 Kettlebell Solution.

Whichever route you take to formulate your plan, the main idea is that you’re working towards a specific goal, and all the workouts you’re doing are progressively getting you closer to it.

One more thing:  You’ll want to record your workouts and progress. What I do for all my kettlebell training clients is keep a folder with their info in it; I take their weight, body fat, and important circumference measurements every month; and I write down every workout we do so we can strive to get better every time.  Whatever system you use is fine; just make sure you’re keeping track so you can know where you’re at and get better.

In conclusion, he who fails to plan, plans to fail!  Having a goal you’re working towards with your kettlebell training and a specific plan to get there will dramatically improve your results.  Keep training hard and train smart!!


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