10 Minute Kettlebell Swing + Snatch Cardio Workout

Last week on a rest/variety day in my personal workout program, I took Dan John’s recommendation from Enter the Kettlebell and ‘invented a workout’ – I sort of just ‘free flowed’ and rotated through different kettlebell moves for 10 minutes, taking as little rest as possible between exercises.

It turned out, somewhat by chance, to be a great cardio session.  I actually ended up using the workout during one of my kettlebell boot camp classes this week, and the group loved it!

So, I shot a quick video of the workout for you – here’s how to perform my ’10 minute kettlebell Swing and Snatch cardio workout’:

To recap:

  • You’ll need three different sized kettlebells to do this one; one for two-hand Swings, one for one hand and hand-to-hand Swings, and one for Snatches.
  • Start by performing 10 two hand Kettlebell Swings with your heaviest weight.
  • Move to the middle weight.  Perform five one hand Kettlebell Swings on each side with this weight followed by 10 total hand-to hand kettlebell Swings with this same weight.
  • Finish the circuit by performing five Snatches on each side with the lightest weight.
  • Rest about 10-15 seconds, then start back with the two hand Swings.
  • Repeat this sequence with as little rest as possible continuously for 10 minutes.

That’s it for this workout – simple, fast and effective.  Kettlebell work can be fantastic for getting your ‘cardio’ in a non-traditional way – and this workout is the perfect example!  Give this one a go, and I’d love to hear what you think in the comment section below –

Train hard and train smart!


P.S. For a complete guide to the Kettlebell Swing – one that’ll teach you all the ins and outs of the movement and take you from a kettlebell ‘Newb’ to Ninja Swing Master with a 12 week Swing program – check out my Kettlebell Basics Swing Manual!  Learn more about it by clicking the image below:

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