The Kettlebell Overhead Lunge

One of my favorite ‘same-but-different’ kettlebell exercises is the Kettlebell Overhead Lunge.

Why is it ‘same-but-different’?  The movement is very much like a portion of the Turkish Get Up – so it should be familiar to you – but it’s performed in a different fashion and provides a unique challenge.

Watch the video for detailed description and demonstration of the exercise, then check out the recap section below:

Video Recap

  • To begin the movement, clean the kettlebell up to your shoulder and press it overhead.
  • Keeping the weight completely locked out the entire time, the shoulder ‘packed’, and the bicep directly by the ear, take a giant step back.  Remember, it’s like a Get Up – if the weight is in your right hand, you’ll step back with your left leg.
  • Keep the abs braced hard.  Moving through the hips, bring the back knee down towards the ground, then reverse the motion by driving through the front heel to stand back up.
  • I like to do these in place, reverse lunge – style, all reps on one side consecutively before changing sides.
  • Switch and repeat on the opposite side to complete one full set.

Add the kettlebell overhead lunge into your kettlebell exercise mix today for a new challenge and increased results!

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