Black Friday Kettlebell Workout

This Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, marks the unofficial start of the holiday shopping season … and there’ll no doubt be some fantastic deals.  But the best deals are always in limited supply, so being in top shape could mean beating fellow shoppers ‘to the punch’ and grabbing that flat screen T.V. or laptop computer at 80% off …

Don’t worry, I’ve created a special black Friday kettlebell workout to help you prepare.  You’ll practice grabbing an item off the high shelf, reverse jabbing a competing shopper behind you and more. Enjoy!

Black Friday Kettlebell Workout

15 ‘High Shelf Reaches’ (single or double kettlebell thrusters)

5 ‘Get Up & Go’s’ (burpees + 10 yard sprints)

15 ‘Reverse Elbow Jabs’ each arm (kettlebell high pulls)

12 ‘Lunge & Grabs’ each leg (forward touchdown lunges)

  • finish with 5 mins. of static stretching for tight muscle groups

Happy holidays, and don’t shop too hard –


P.S. Speaking of Black Friday, I’ll have a special ‘holiday fat zapper’ package going on sale for you this weekend … it’ll give you a simple, done-for-you blueprint to keep the pounds off during the holidays, workout and ‘holiday friendly’ meal plan included.  Keep an eye on your email inbox for details.

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