Hybrid Deadlift Workout, RKC Price Hike + What’s New on FVTBiz …


It’s my birthday today, and we are headed out to lunch shortly, so I’m going to make this message quick πŸ™‚

First, I wanted to hook you up with a sample deadlift workout I posted up on the blog – I mentioned in the deadlift article / video I posted the other day that I would show you HOW to incorporate the deadlift into your workouts – as in, how to mix it, as well as other barbell lifts, with your kettlebell and bodyweight exercise …

So here’s a sample workout from my Barbell / Kettlebell Hybrid Training program (on sale now as part of the Complete FVT Hybrid Barbell Training System) … this looks somewhat simple on paper, but trust me, it’s POWERFUL for helping you get strong … AND lose body fat … all at the same time:


Barbell / Kettlebell Hybrid Training Workout A
from the Complete FVT Hybrid Barbell Training System

1 – Three sets, eight reps, as much rest as needed between sets, of:
– Barbell deadlift
– One arm KB press (8 each side)

2 – Three sets, eight reps, rest about 30 seconds between sets, of:

– Alternating reverse lunges
Try to increase weight each set, as you can keeping perfect form etc.

3 – Three sets each, resting AS LITTLE AS POSSIBLE of:

– 15 two hand KB swings
– 5 burpees


Second, I wanted to remind you that the price for the RKC we are hosting this Sept at FVT is going up tomorrow. This is going to be an AWESOME event, and I am very excited to be hosting the first one EVER in Sacramento at our facility!

You can read more about the event and find a link to register here.

Third, if you are a fit pro, I wanted to give you the heads up about something I’m doing this week over on FVTBiz.com – if you are facing some challenges in getting your business to where you want it to be, this will be SUPER helpful for you – don’t miss it!

=> Let’s Talk …

Okay, that’s it for now. Have a great day, and talk to you soon –

– Forest Vance

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