[video] How to Properly Rack a Kettlebell

The kettlebell rack position is the starting point for presses, rack squats, and a variety of other moves.

But most people get it wrong.

So in today’s article and video, I am going to show you how to fix it!

Here are three simple tips to help you properly rack a kettlebell:

1 – The hand should be below chin level. A common mistake is that the top of the hand ends up being racked too high.

2 – Not only should the hand be below chin level, it should also be close to the body. A simple trick is to stick your thumb out. It should end up touching the collar bone.

3 – The forearm should be vertical when the KB is racked. Not sideways, which is the common mistake, but staight up and down.

Watch the video that breaks down and shows you how to do all of these tips here:

=>  How to Properly Rack a Kettlebell

Study, practice, and you’ll be a KB rack master in no time!

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I go through common mistakes and fixes like I did in today’s video, on all the main KB moves (swings, cleans, snatches, Turkish get ups, and more).

There are dozens and dozens of instructional videos and several training manuals included. It’s one of the most comprehensive courses I have available.

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Here’s to your continued success! –

– Forest Vance
Master of Science, Human Movement
Certified Kettlebell Instructor

NFL Kettlebell-Bodyweight Leg Circuit

I spent a couple of years trying to make it in the NFL. I had workouts with several teams, and actually signed and played for a short time in both Green Bay and Kansas City.

The physical training we did was awesome. I incorporate my experiences and knowledge gained into the workouts we do daily at our kettlebell gym, as well as the programs and home-study courses I put out, like the CORE Kettlebell Challenge.

Check out this Kettlebell-Bodyweight Leg Circuit. To protect privacy, I won’t say specifically where I got it, but it was from a strength coach that worked with one of the NFL teams I played on. It’s also tweaked *slightly* with the addition of the kettlebells, but the overall integrity and purpose stays the same. Bottom line, it will help you target fat, and at the same time, build some serious muscle in your legs and glutes!


NFL Kettlebell-Bodyweight Leg Circuit 

— 15 KB goblet squats
— 10 step ups (per leg) – bodyweight only
— 10 walking lunges with KB in suitcase position
— 10 box jumps OR 20 squat jumps

Repeat four rounds as fast as possible.


That kettlebell-bodyweight leg circuit is a real leg blaster. You’ll build lean muscle, torch fat, and work your cardiovascular system too.

This sort of training is a tiny taste of what you will experience with the CORE Kettlebell Challenge system. Details and snag your copy here (special re-launch pricing this week):

=> The CORE Kettlebell Challenge system

And here’s to your continued success!

– Forest Vance
Master of Science, Human Movement
Certified Kettlebell Instructor

“Dude, where’s my gut?” Bodyweight-KB Swing Complex

Got a bodyweight-kettlebell swing complex for you to try today.

Three to four workouts like this over the next 28 days will have you saying, “dude, where’s my gut!?!” by the end.

This is from my new 28-day kettlebell complex Challenge program.

Check it out:

“Dude, where’s my gut?” Bodyweight-KB Swing Complex

– two hand KB swing – 12
– alternating reverse lunges – 6 per leg
– one hand KB swing – 6 per side
– push ups – 12
– hand-to-hand KB swing – 6 per side
– bodyweight squat – 12
– KB swing – 12

rest 60 seconds
repeat for 3 rounds total

Cool thing about this one is that you can do it any time, any place, with just a kettlebell or two, in about 20 minutes.

It works your whole body, and with three or four workouts like this per week, you get all the strength AND all the cardiovascular training you need for great strength and health (I’ve linked the “Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans” study below).

And this is the exact approach we take in the new 28-day kettlebell complex Challenge.

Here’s how it works:

1 – You sign up for the Challenge. Right away, you get my KB Basics Quick Start Guide and the rest of the free bonuses, so that you can start reviewing the materials, working on your kettlebell form, getting everything you need ready to go, and be ready to start the program next week.

=> Sign up for the 28-day kettlebell complex Challenge

2 – On Sunday mornings, we send out the workouts for the coming week. It spelled out in detail exactly what you need to do. We have the workouts in both written form, as well as links to videos showing you how to do all of the exercises.

3 – We have a special private group set up for Challengers only. Every time you complete a workout, you post in the group. This helps you stay on track, and it also helps us to be able to help you stay on track. This accountability is something that at-home, do-it-yourself programs typically lack.

4 – You get killer results and reach all of your health, strength, and fitness goals!

If you have questions of any kind, just reply back to this email and let me know. Then you can sign up for the Challenge at the link below:

=> Sign up for the 28-day kettlebell complex Challenge

To your success –

– Forest Vance
Master of Science, Human Movement
Certified Kettlebell Instructor

PS – Here is the article on “Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans” – proof that you can get everything you need from three to four, 20 to 30 minute KB workouts per week:


PPS – I highly recommend that if you want to do this, that you sign up ASAP. You want to get everything ready to go – your kettlebells, your schedule for when you are going to work out, etc – so that you can hit the ground running on Monday morning. Sign up for the 28-day kettlebell complex Challenge here.

[video] Kettlebell Basics Combo #1

Check out this throwback video. I originally put it up in 2010.

The house we lived in at that time was pretty small, and the backyard was tiny… but I still had room for this awesome kettlebell workout!

Wanted to share, because I get so many people telling me time, space, and equipment are obstacles to getting their workouts in.

With this one, you work all your major muscle groups, get some strength work, AND train your cardiovascular system, all in about 15-20 minutes.

All you need is one kettlebell and a positive attitude!

And stay tuned, I have a new 28-day KB combo/complexes program dropping tomorrow:

Kettlebell Basics Combo #1

3 single arm swings
3 clean, squat and presses
3 snatches

Repeat 10x right, 10x left for time.


Next time you want to get a great full body workout in 15-20 minutes, using just a single kettlebell, give this one a go.

And stay tuned, I have a full 28-day KB combo/complexes program dropping tomorrow.

To your continued success! –

– Forest Vance