Sample Kettlebell Boot Camp Workout

Here is a sample workout from the Kettlebell Boot Camp Workouts course, on sale now:


Sample Kettlebell Boot Camp Workout

Warm Up

Start your boot camp with a kettlebell dynamic warm up like this one:

8 KB halos (each way)
8 KB slingshots (each way)
8 KB figure eights (each way)

Part 1: Kettlebell/body weight strength circuit

15x two hand KB swings
7x burpees

Get as many rounds of this circuit as you can in five minutes.

Part 2: Kettlebell cardio conditioning circuit

10 KB squat cleans
5 KB renegade rows (each arm)
10 walking overhead KB lunge

​​​​​​​Get as many rounds as you can of this circuit in ten minutes.

Part 3: Kettlebell abs circuit

1/4 Turkish get ups
plank hold

Do as many reps as you can of each exercise in 30 seconds (per side on the get ups). Rest for 15 seconds between 
moves. Do 3 rounds total.


Finish with about 5 minutes of corrective work (planks, hip bridges, etc.) and another 5 minutes of static stretching.


Quick, efficient, and HIGHLY effective.

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Train hard, talk soon! –

– Forest Vance
Master of Science, Human Movement
Certified Kettlebell Instructor

“Steel Core” KB Complex

If you’re looking for a way to build muscle without having to lift heavier weights, kettlebell complex workouts could be the perfect solution.

Despite using less weight than traditional exercises, the extended time under tension still provides a powerful stimulus for muscle growth.

The unique design of kettlebells makes them the ideal tool for complexes, which is why we incorporate them into our Kettlebell/Bodyweight Hybrid Training program.

Take a look at the sample workout below and consider trying out the full program HERE:


“Steel Core” KB Complex

– Perform 5 kettlebell clean + press on your right side
– Follow this with 5 kettlebell rack lunges on your right side
– Then, do 10 one-arm kettlebell swings on your right side
– Repeat these steps on your left side (clean + press, rack lunges, one-arm swings)
– Finish off with 5 burpees
– Rest for about 60 seconds, then repeat three more times for a total of four rounds


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Looking forward to working with you!

— Forest Vance — Kettlebell Expert — Over 40 Specialist — –

Hybrid KB/BB Workout – “Monster Mash” ? (Phase 3 – Workout B)

Two of the most popular pieces of equipment in the gym are the kettlebell and the barbell.

They both have their own unique benefits and can be used to achieve different fitness goals.

But what if you could “Monster Mash” the two together to create the ultimate workout?

Enter Hybrid Kettlebell Muscle.

This workout combines the best of both worlds to help you build strength, lose fat, and get in the best shape of your life.

Try the Hybrid KB/BB Workout – “Monster Mash” as written below, then pick up your copy of Hybrid KB Muscle at the link below (the complete program is a free bonus when you pick up a copy of KB/BW Hybrid Training on flash sale!):

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Hybrid KB/BB Workout – “Monster Mash” ? (Phase 3 – Workout B)

PART 1 – Deadlift – 4 sets of 5 reps – rest 2-3 mins between sets

*Full weight recommendations / periodization breakdown in full program HERE

  • Between sets; do 1) weighted dead bugs 2) kneeling flexor mobilization

PART 2 – Military Press – 4 sets of 5 reps – rest 2-3 mins between sets

*Full weight recommendations / periodization breakdown in full program HERE

  • Between sets; do H2H KB swings – 8 reps per side

PART 3 (8 mins) – Do as many reps as you can of each exercise in 45 seconds. Rest for 15 seconds between exercises. Rest for one minute between rounds. Do three rounds total:

  • 1 arm KB press (switch sides half way)
  • Walking KB tactical lunges
  • 3-way push ups (15 secs narrow / 15 secs wide / 15 secs regular)
  • Seal jacks

Attempt this Kettlebell / Barbell “Monster Mash” Workout, then grab your free copy of Hybrid Kettlebell Muscle – but hurry, this monster deal is ending!

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– Forest Vance Master of Science, Human Movement — Certified Kettlebell Instructor — Certified Barbell Instructor — Owner, FVT Personal Training — —

KBHT (Kb-Bw Hybrid Training) vs Bodybuilding

In 2018, I traveled to Italy to re-certify as a StrongFirst Lifter (SFL).

It was an AMAZING trip!

I frequently think about the incredible time I had, even now 🙂

However, it was interesting; you could clearly see the difference in the way people had trained leading up to the event.

There were those who were likely incorporating a mix of kettlebells, barbells, and bodyweight exercises (such as in Kb-Bw Hybrid Training!)… and they managed to perform the required exercises (Zercher, front, and back squats, good mornings, deadlifts, bench press, Military press) with mostly solid form, thus meeting the technique requirements.

Next, there were individuals who had likely adopted more of a “bodybuilding” approach, focusing on isolation exercises and splitting their workouts by body parts, etc… Many of them encountered difficulties.

They were certainly jacked up (meaning big and strong)!

However, when it came to pressing a barbell into a good position overhead or squatting to depth while maintaining a neutral spine, many of them simply couldn’t do it. They lacked the mobility and/or strength in the right places to make it happen, resulting in them not passing the certification technique tests.

Now, if you’re only concerned about appearance and not performance, a more traditional bodybuilding-style program may suffice. You will indeed build larger muscles with this approach.

However, if your goal is to simultaneously build strength and muscle while staying lean, athletic, and mobile, I highly recommend Kb-Bw Hybrid Training.

In this innovative program, you’ll learn how to effectively combine traditional strength work with kettlebells for the perfect balance.

I believe it’s one of the best programs available for this specific type of training and these goals. In fact, I’m not aware of anything else out there quite like it.

Check out the program at the link below – it’s on a flash sale for St. Patrick’s Day:

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Here’s to achieving strength and muscle gains while maintaining leanness, athleticism, and mobility all at once!- Forest Vance, MS
Kettlebell Expert
Over 40 Specialist

“Tabata Super 6” – KB Complex

It’s a real bummer when you realize that a lot of the fitness stuff online or in magazines, and heck – sometimes even personal trainers are just out for some quick cash.

And it’s not entirely your fault, because these guys and gals have some serious sales chops, and it can be easy to get sucked into instant hacks, flashy supplements and these whacky “get ripped in seven days” promises (spoiler alert: not gonna happen!).

However, I firmly believe that it’s high time to let go of all this false hype, and shift your focus to what is scientifically backed as actually working.

Will you have to work hard? Yes!

Will it be an overnight thing? Probably not.

But will it totally be worth every sweat drop? A million times over.

The “Tabata Super 6” – KB Complex below is a single day sample from just one of 19 total four-week training plans you’ll get at the link below:

–>> “Tabata Super 6” – KB Complex + 19 New HIIT and Metcon Workout Plans

This is called the “Metabolic Madness” bundle, and it’s for people who want to improve their body composition, increase metabolic efficiency, and aren’t afraid of a challenge!

All of the plans are created by Funk Roberts. Funk is a former professional athlete turned Master Metabolic Trainer who is the creator of the Metabolic Conditioning Coach Certification through NESTA, and has used this training system to help thousands of people around the world transform their body and fitness.

You can use these plans for your main workouts, to add-on to your current routine, or even as “off-day” cardio sessions.

Try the “Tabata Super 6” – KB Complex sample workout below:

Perform each exercise below in order for 20 seconds, resting 10 seconds between each exercise.

Once you complete all 8 exercises, rest 1 minute and complete 6 full sets:

1 Kettlebell Swings
2 Bent Over KB Rows L
3 Kettlebell Cleans L
4 Kettlebell Racked Lunges L
5 Kettlebell Swings R
6 Bent Over KB Rows R
7 Kettlebell Cleans R
8 Kettlebell Racked Lunges R

Then get the full Metabolic Madness Workout bundle here, because this offer is only up for a limited time:

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– Forest Vance, MS
Certified Personal Trainer
Kettlebell Expert
Over 40 Specialist

12-minute Double KB Complex Finisher

I did this double KB complex at the end of a recent workout and was CRUSHED. One of the toughest finishers I have done in a long time!

Be sure to use a weight that you can handle with perfect form:

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12-minute Double KB Complex Finisher

Get as many rounds as possible in 12 minutes of:

– 2 double KB snatches
– 4 double KB push press
– 6 double KB front squats
– 8 double KB swings

Watch the video for this workout here ->

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-Forest and the FVT Team —

KB EMOM Challenge Workout (“Domin8 the ‘Bell”)

Tomorrow, I am leading the early morning kettlebell boot camp at our studio here in Kansas City.

I don’t lead this workout all the time, but when I am in town / my kiddos are in-between sports seasons / etc, I get the chance to do so, and I really enjoy it!

It’s typically a fast-paced, “extreme kettlebell cardio conditioning” – style session like the one below.

If you’re not in the Lee’s Summit, MO area and can’t join us in person, I also have great news – you can join our upcoming 28-day Xtreme Kettlebell Cardio Conditioning Challenge, which is like the next best thing:

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You’ll get the workouts, the nutrition plan, and the (newly upgraded) community / coaching / accountability from me and my team to Beat Boring Cardio and Lose Up to One Full Clothes Size in 28 Days – Without Wear and Tear on Your Body, and at Any Age


“Domin8 the ‘Bell” – EMOM Challenge

Complete the following exercises as quickly as possible:

  • 20 two-hand kettlebell swings
  • 12 push-ups
  • 16 bodyweight forward lunges (8 per leg)
  • 6 burpees
  • 10 one-arm kettlebell swings per side
  • 12 hand release push-ups
  • 16 kettlebell alternating reverse lunges (8 per leg)
  • 6 spider burpees
  • 5 kettlebell high pulls per side
  • 12 jumping jack push-ups (8 per side)
  • 16 kettlebell side-to-side lunges (8 per leg)
  • 6 x-body mountain climber burpees
  • 5 kettlebell snatches per side (lowering to shoulder after each rep)
  • 12 triple-stop push-ups
  • 16 walking tactical lunges with a kettlebell (8 per leg)
  • 6 rotating burpees
  • 5 KB snatch per side
  • 12 rotating push ups
  • 16 KB alternating reverse goblet lunges (8 per leg)
  • 6 alternating leg raise burpees


Join the Extreme KB Cardio Challenge, sign up now at:

–Forest and the Team

Cardio with kettlebells?

Some people avoid cardio at all costs.

Others head to the treadmill or eliptical machine and mindlessly get their work done.

I propose a superior alternative:


The kettlebell can improve cardiovascular fitness in a relatively short amount of time… plus, it’s a lot more fun!

This this quick and efficient kettlebell cardio workout you can complete in just 10-15 minutes with a single kettlebell:

5 one arm swing (right)
5 one arm clean, squat and press (right)
5 one arm swing (left)
5 one arm clean, squat and press (left)

Rest 10-15 seconds, repeat for 5-10 total rounds

If you liked this kettlebell cardio workout, you’ll LOVE the 28-day Xtreme KB Cardio Conditioning Challenge. Learn more at the link below:

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…and here’s to your continued success!

-Forest Vance – Master of Science, Human Movement – Kettlebell Expert – Over 40 Specialist –

Me: I think I’ll squat again tomorrow. My knees:


In seriousness – I was just reading an article a guy wrote that did squats EVERY DAY for six weeks (!).

To sum it up:

  • The guy got way stronger in record time, and was finally able to squat 600 pounds
  • In the process, his hips got WAY tighter, his upper back was more sore than ever, his knees were sore to the touch, and he couldn’t sleep

For a tiny percentage of people chasing high performance goals, sometimes excelling at certain qualities – like gaining squat strength, fast – can come at the fully known expense of other problems.

For 99% of people like you and me who want to look and perform well, but also feel great and pain free at the same time, we need to listen closely to our bodies, pay attention to recovery, and ideally follow a program that is specifically designed for our goals.

Stay tuned, registration for our 28-day KB/BW Hybrid Strength Challenge (geared towards helping you get strong, lean, AND stay pain-free, all at the same time) opens later this week!

-Forest Vance @

Kettlebell Dynamic Stretching Routine

I remember reading somewhere early in my personal training career that if you could only do ONE type of exercise, that it should be dynamic stretching.

Thought I’m not sure I totally agree, it’s an interesting point!

With a dynamic stretching routine like the one below, you get mobility, flexibility, some strength work, raise your heart rate a bit, and more.

Give it a try and see what I mean:


Kettlebell Dynamic Stretching Routine – in the style of the Metabolic Stretching

*Pro tip – you can also do this routine on your “off” / non-kettlebell days for some extra stretching, exercise, and calorie burn!

1 – KB Goblet squat – 5
2 – Inchworm w/ push up – 5
3 – KB halo – 5 each way
4 – Reverse lunge w/ twist over front leg – 5 per side


If you liked this kettlebell dynamic stretching routine, check out the Metabolic Stretching program at the link below – it’s a full workout plan based around workouts just like it:

-> Metabolic Stretching

-Forest Vance
Certified Kettlebell Instructor
Over 40 Specialist