Learn The Basics of Safe, Productive, and Effective Kettlebell Training

I’ve started this blog to teach you how to use kettlebells to burn fat, build muscle, improve your condition, and get into better shape than you ever thought possible.

Building a proper foundation of technique, core strength, stability, and flexibility is so critical – I know I learned the hard way.  I want you to have all the tools you need to get started and master the basics of kettlebell training.

I’ve got a few posts up already to kick things off – take a few minutes and check them out if you can.  While you’re here, make sure to subscribe to our email updates – just pop your email address into the form in the top right hand corner.  Also, I’d love to get a little feedback on what you all would like to hear about in coming weeks and months, so please take a second and jot down a few ideas in the comment section of this post.  Thanks for visiting!

7 thoughts on “Learn The Basics of Safe, Productive, and Effective Kettlebell Training

  1. Mike Polk

    Thanks for taking the time to do this! I am very new to kettlebells and really don’t have that much upper body/arm strength. It looks like the kettlebell snatch is a really good exercise, but I am afraid I am going to break my wrist when the kettlebell sort of flops down on it. Any tips on that in the future would be appreciated, as would any tips on breathing during the exercises. Thanks again and happy holidays!

    1. admin

      Hey Mike –

      Thanks for visiting and the feedback is much appreciated! It’s interesting because the snatch looks and seems like an upper body exercise, but it’s really almost all lower body driven – I’ll be sure to cover the answer(s) to your questions in future posts. Hope to see you around here again soon!


  2. Mike Polk

    Thanks! Would you recommend the Pavel book or dvd? As you mentioned, there are an awful lot of youtube videos out there of mixed quality. I don’t know if there are any live kettlebell trainers here in Columbia, SC. Anyway, thanks again. I have enjoyed all of the items you have posted so far.

  3. admin

    The Enter the Kettlebell Book and DVD are both great … really you get different things out of each, I would recommend both to be honest. I think everyone learns a little differently, so you probably have to figure out what’s going to be the most effective thing for you personally.

    Also, there’s slightly different content in each – I don’t think the DVD is really that great as a stand alone item, so if you were to only get one I’d go for the book.

    For some one-on-one instruction you could always check out the RKC website – there’s a place where you can actually search for an instructor in your area.

    Good luck!

  4. sandra

    New to the kettlebell – in fact would like to know how to use it effectively without hurting myself. At 58 (woman) I had back surgery 2 years ago and had a torn rotator cuff (now healed) but have to be careful. would like to see my arms firm up in the next 3 months and keep strengthing my back muscles…how many pounds should i begin with.

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