A Kettlebell Training Staple: Gymboss Interval Timer Review

Gymboss Interval Timer

The majority of kettlebell workouts I do myself and with clients have a time component to them. Whether you’re keeping track of rest periods between sets, the length of your entire workout, if you’re doing as many reps as you can in a pre-determined amount of time, or if you’re doing a specific interval method like the Tabata protocol, having a reliable and accurate way to time yourself is essential.

A simple stopwatch is one solution, but it doesn’t give you much flexibility and definitely leaves a few features to be desired.  A great solution is the Gymboss Interval Timer.

There’s all kinds of cool stuff you can do with the Gymboss.  You can simply set a specific rest interval, hit the start button every time you finish a set, clip the device to your belt and set it to vibrate every time it’s time to go again – great for keeping your rest intervals consistent.  You can program a specific time interval, 30 seconds on, 30 seconds off, for example, and set up as many rounds as you want of this interval to lead you thru your workout (perfect for things like the Viking Warrior Conditioning program by Kenneth Jay).  You can even use it to learn to run – set up 2 min on, 2 min off intervals, for example, clip it to your belt, and run/walk every time the beeper goes off.  Decrease the walking interval and increase the running interval every workout until you’re running continuously for whatever amount of time you’re shooting for.  Your imagination is seriously the limit with this thing.

The only downside with the Gymboss is that it’s a separate unit you have to carry around – so it’s not as convenient as, say, a wristwatch. But in my opinion, for the extra features it offers, it’s well worth it.

You can pick up a Gymboss today by clicking here.  And if you have one already, I’d love to hear how you like it!

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2 thoughts on “A Kettlebell Training Staple: Gymboss Interval Timer Review

  1. Jim Clark

    Hey Forest!

    Coming from a fighting background, I have been using timers like this a long time. The problem was they were always expensive and rather bulky. The GymBoss is perfect for any type of interval training at a price and size that makes it a no brainer. I loved it until I broke it finally knocking it onto the concrete floor I worked out on.

    I have an iPhone and what I found is that GymBoss actually has a free app you can download and use. It comes with HIIT levels and Tabata already set up but you can set up any type of interval training. My first was that 45 second and repeat workout we did at your seminar for 15 minutes. I really suggest at least people with an iPhone try it for free to find out how great any GymBoss product is.

    Swing Away!
    Jim C.

  2. admin

    That’s awesome Jim – I wasn’t aware of that app at all – that’s great for being able to try it out and really see how well it works. Once you use the Gymboss, you’re usually sold on it! I guess you’d just have to be careful not to smash your phone 🙂

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