A Kettlebell Workout For Women

In large part, men and women have very similar fitness goals – lose fat, gain a little muscle, and improve overall fitness. So their workouts should, in theory, look very similar.

However, what people need and what they’re willing to actually do is many times very different. For example, in a gym setting, 80% of women will head straight for the cardio section when they walk through the door, and 80% of men will head for the bench press. This doesn’t mean that men need to bench press more than women, or women need to do cardio more than men .. it just means, generally, this is where people are the most comfortable.

I think this is a very important consideration – if you don’t enjoy and can’t buy into what you’re doing in a workout, you’re going to have a difficult time putting your all into it and gettting the results you should be. The trick is to balance out both what you like and what you need.

A kettlebell workout designed specifically for women should probably keep this idea in mind. If you’re a woman looking to get started with kettlebells that might be a little hesitant about some of the other resources I’ve recommended, you should definitely check out The Kettlebell Goddess DVD with Andrea DuCane.

Andrea goes over the basic kettlebell moves before she progresses you to more advanced exercises. She gives you several workouts to choose from, with several even focusing on some ‘typical female problem areas’ – like Legs & Butt, for example. She also gives you a ‘template’ to work from to design an almost infinate amount of workouts. The package even includes a bonus report: How To Get The Most Out Of Your Kettlebell Goddess Workout DVD. Click the banner below to read reviews about the Kettlebell Goddess DVD and to order one for yourself:

Kettlebell Goddess DVD for Women

The bottom line is that you need to have a solidly-designed program that you actually enjoy. Meet this need and you’ve won half the battle!

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