Product Review: Kettlebells From The Ground Up

The Turkish Get Up is the foundational ‘grind’ in the Hardstyle kettlebell system. According to Master RKC Brett Jones and World-Renowned Physical Therapist and RKC Grey Cook, creators of the Kettlebells From The Ground Up product package, the Get Up also provides insight into how you move and is one of the keys to building a strong and balanced body.

One of the coolest things about the Turkish Get Up is that it’s simultaneously an assessment tool and corrective exercise. Most people have movement and strength assymetries left-to-right … which is bad news. This is a sure recipie for eventual dysfunction and injury. The Get-Up is a great tool for both diagnosing and correcting this problem.

Kettlebells From The Ground Up can be found exclusively at

Cutting Edge Fitness

The Get-Up attacks the shoulder and hips … two areas of the body that present problems for many folks.  It promotes both stability and mobility in these two problem areas – and ties everything together for you.

This isn’t like the ‘bute force’ Get-Up you’re probably used to – compare these two ways to do the Get-Up:

‘Brute’ Style (impressive, but not what we’re going for from a corrective perspective)

The ‘RKC-style’ – Get Up that’s taught in Kettlebells From The Ground Up (this video is showing the exercise done ‘tactical-style’ or bottoms-up, but the main thing to pay attention to is body position, such as hip bridge, etc., throughout the movement):

So the focus of this DVD set and instructional manual is to teach – or re-teach, if need be – the Turkish Get Up exercise and enable you to use it as a foundational exercise and both for strength and mobility. I’ve described how to do this exercise on this blog a few times, but nothing like the detail that they go into in this product.

If you’re struggling with movement imbalances, pain from past injuries, or you’re just struggling to learn the Get Up, I highly recommend this product.  Keep training hard!

Kettlebells from the Ground Up can be found exclusively on

Cutting Edge Fitness

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  3. My goal is to break 3:00 in the marathon. My tirnnaig will work around a long run (with a tempo in the middle) and another work out day (I.E., repeat half miles). In between will be easy runs, and of course, rocking and rolling at the TR. The trick will be staying healthy, as I’ve had pretty much every overuse knee injury in the book.

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