Me? Get My Kettlebell Certification?

Think about it!!
Think about it!!

While you might have considered getting your kettlebell certification, I know most of you just want to learn how to use KB’s to most effectively and safely burn fat, build lean muscle, and get into great shape. However, there is a case to be made for getting kettlebell certified – whether you plan on teaching others someday or not. Here are four great reasons why you should seriously think about it:

1. Keeps you fresh on all the latest tricks and techniques

I just signed up for the level two RKC certification this coming July … and while I personally train with kettlebells myself and teach others how to use them almost every day of my life, I know that there are new developments in the RKC system that make it well worth it to go back every couple of years.  It will help improve the quality of instruction I deliver to my clients as well as my own personal fitness.

2. The physical challenge

When I completed the level one RKC cert, I was surprised at the physical difficulty – no other personal training certs that I’ve done have anywhere near the physical component that the RKC does.  And I think that’s a great thing – you gotta walk the walk if you’re gonna talk the talk! Each day was easily physically as hard as a three-workout day of (American) football training camp.

But if your goal is personal fitness, a physical challenge like this is awesome – and I think 99.9% of folks couldn’t do it by themselves.  So this is another great reason to think about signing up.

3. Being around like-minded individuals

Whether or not you plan on teaching others how to train with kettlebells, there’s nothing like being around other like-minded folks when it comes to something you’re passionate about.  Kettlebell enthusiasts are a unique breed 🙂  And I think just this, and the connections you end up making, are well worth getting your kettlebell certification.

4. It’s cheaper than personal training

If you’re looking to learn the ins and outs of KB training, it’s actually cheaper and more time efficient to get, say, the new HKC cert than it is to get an equivilent amount of one-on-one training from an RKC (and that’s providing you can even find one in your area). Plus,you’re getting instruction from multiple world-class kettlebell instructors all at the same time!

So there you have four reasons why you should consider getting kettlebell certified.  I think there’s a lot of value in getting your cert whether you’re looking to teach others or just doing it for some or all of the personal reasons listed above.  Who knows – your passion may even turn into a career!

Train hard, train smart and good luck –


P.S. The HKC is a great starting point for a kettlebell certification – it takes only one day, they’re held in locations all over the world, and the experience is simply unmatched.  Click the link below to learn more about it and see if one is being offered in your area soon (and look out for that early registration discount when you head over! 🙂

HKC (HardStyle Kettlebell Certified) Instructor Workshops

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