Kettlebell Workout With The Gymboss Interval Timer

One of the great things about kettlebell training is its minimalist appeal:  A couple of kettlebells are really all you need for a full-body resistance, cardio, and core workout.

However, there are a select few training tools that, although certainly aren’t a requirement for good kettlebell workouts, will make your life easier and your training sessions more efficient. Enter the Gymboss Interval Timer.

The best way to demonstrate the power of the Gymboss is to show you exactly how it can be used during a workout – so here’s a video that:

a) Takes you through a cool KB workout
b) Shows you how useful the GymBoss actually is during a timed interval workout like this one (keeping track of and making the best use of your rest intervals is, by the way, something you should definitely be doing to get the most out of your training time):


P.S. Want to pick up a Gymboss? Click the link below to order one today:

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