Mastering The Kettlebell Snatch (part 2)

Back today with part two of my ‘Mastering The Kettlebell Snatch’ video series –

First, watch the video:

Video Recap

If you remember, part one of mastering the snatch is the lockout (by the way, be sure to read part one of this post series and watch the video if you haven’t yet – you can do that by clicking here).

Part two of mastering the kettlebell snatch is the downswing.  Here are your coaching points:

  • To start the downswing phase of the snatch, from your overhead lockout position, think about closing the distance from the elbow to the rib cage as fast as possible to bring the kettlebell down.
  • The arc of the snatch is much closer to the body than the arc of the swing.
  • Another good coaching point for this part of the snatch is to think about throwing the kettlebell through the stomach.
  • If you were to take a snapshot of the kettlebell at the bottom position, it would look identical a one arm swing (another reason why it’s so important that you master the HardStyle swing before moving on to more advanced drills like the snatch).

Work on perfecting your snatch downswing, and I’ll catch you next time when we cover the third and final component to mastering the Snatch: The upswing!


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