Beginner Kettlebell Workout

Here’s the situation:  You just started training with kettlebells. You’re doing the ‘right thing’ and taking your time to practice and learn perfect technique with the basic kettlebell exercises like the swing, Turkish getup, and goblet squat.

But you want a complete workout you can start with right away, something that’ll leave you feeling like you did something productive to move you towards your fitness goals of fat loss, improved conditioning, etc., something that’ll ‘hold you over’ while you take your time practicing and learning the basic drills …

Try this workout:

Video recap

  • alternating lunge 30-60 sec
  • squat curl 30-60 sec
  • PUP hold 30-60 sec
  • halo 30-60 sec
  • sumo deadlift 30-60 sec

Perform exercises back-to-back without rest in circuit fashion; perform three total rounds of the circuit

Get started with this beginner kettlebell workout while you practice and perfect your form in the basic HardStyle kettlebell exercises; train hard and talk soon –

Forest Vance, RKC

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2 thoughts on “Beginner Kettlebell Workout

  1. Lee Lybarger

    Your website is, in my opinion the best kettlebell instruction site on the web. Congratulations on a job well done.

    I am 69 years old and got involved with kettlebells in Jan. On a lark, purchased a Weider powerbell at a wholesale club and tried it out. I am hooked. For the first 3 months followed the “Elite Powerbell Fitness Journal” routines and then I found your site. Opened up a whole new world.

    My current routine is 1 day Kettlebell and 1 day body weight. Unfortunately at 69 I have come to the conclusion my body needs more recovery time.

    Currently my routine for body weight my is 3 sets each of
    10 Hindu squats (Matt Furey)
    10 Hindu Push ups (Matt Furey)
    10 Prone sit ups (Forest Vance)
    Then 30 Jumping Jacks and
    10 Standing Bends (Jack Lalane)

    Kettlebell routine based on basic 5

    1 min Swing (combination double & single hand)
    2 each side, Get Up (love this after extensive Learning)
    1 min squat (rack & goblet)
    1 min Clean and Press (30 sec each side)
    1 min Snatch (30 sec each side)
    30 sec rest between exercises
    2 circuits.

    Also do 3 min warm up and 3 min stretch cool down.

    I subscribed to your mega bundle. Unfortunately my body said no. Hopefully in another month I will have the basics down and will then experiment with other circuits. Wish I could go to your gym, unfortunately I am on the other coast.

    Again thanks for a very instructional site

    1. admin

      Wow, thanks Lee – I really appreciate your kind words.

      Yes – the mega bundle workouts are more advanced, and are meant to be done after you’ve mastered the basic drills –

      Just remember that you can’t go wrong with the basics; keep training those get ups and swings until you feel like you’ve really mastered them; all the other hardstyle kettlebell drills are built on those two.

      Keep training hard and keep up the good work!


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