Double Kettlebell Circuit Workout

Today’s post is a follow up to my recent Kettlebell + Body Weight Strength Workout article …

This one is a Double Kettlebell Circuit, hits all your major muscle groups, is still ‘strength-based’ but with a bit more of a conditioning element mixed in – watch the video first, then read the notes below.  Enjoy!

Do as many reps as possible of each exercise in the allotted time as possible:

:30 – double clean and presses
:30 – active rest (jump rope, jog, etc.)

:30 – Kettlebell Squats
:30 – Active Rest

:30 – Double Kettlebell Swings
:30 – Active Rest

  • Rest :60, repeat for a total of 4 rounds!
  • Make sure to pick a heavy weight for all these exercises; you’re only working for :30 so you won’t get a lot of reps.

Thanks for reading and talk soon –


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One thought on “Double Kettlebell Circuit Workout

  1. Using double kettlebells is one of my favorite things to do.

    This looks like a great workout and a great way to build strength.

    One word of caution – don’t sacrifice form for speed. Make sure that you are getting quality reps in this kettlebell workout.

    Listen to your body and have fun!

    Coach Denis Kanygin
    Kettlebell Systema University

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