Kettlebell Press, Squat + Conditioning Ladder

At my Sacramento, CA kettlebell boot camp classes, 90% if the time we end with a ‘finisher’ – a conditioning-based, circuit-style sequence that leaves you feeling, well, smoked.

In yesterday’s boot camp, the finisher was particularly tough … folks seemed to “enjoy” it 🙂 … so I thought I’d shoot a quick demo video of the workout and share it with you to enjoy as well.

Watch the kettlebell press, squat, and conditioning ladder below:

Video Recap

  • Start the ladder by performing one kettlebell clean and press on each side
  • Follow the single press on each side with two goblet squats
  • Follow the goblet squats with three swings
  • Continue on ‘up the ladder’ – do two presses each side, four squats, and six swings. Then do three presses, six squats, and nine swings.
  • Make sure to do your presses consecutively – that is, don’t re-clean the ‘bell between each press.
  • Continue until failure. The ultimate goal is to hit 10 presses, 20 squats, and 30 swings.

Thanks for reading and talk soon –


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