Kettlebell Exercise For Endurance Athletes

It’s an interesting (but logical) phenomenon … I see very predictable movement problems and pain patterns with new kettlebell training clients.

For example, folks who sit all day – as in working at a desk job – typically have tight traps, pecs, shoulders and lats.

Folks who stand up for long periods of time at their jobs frequently have chronic back pain.

And folks who participate in endurance sports like running and cycling seem to have, among other things, a weak and neglected “core”.

This isn’t surprising, since many endurance sports essentially involve only straight ahead movement – movement in what we call the sagittal plane. (It’s also important to remember that the “core” referred to in this context not only includes your abdominals, but your hips, glutes, and middle/upper back muscles as well).

So here’s a kettlebell exercise that addresses these issues and is great for endurance athletes – it’s called the single leg deadlift:

Video Recap

Athletes that are involved in endurance sports like running and cycling – sports where you largely move through the sagittal plane – have specific muscles that typically get weak and neglected.

One great exercise you can do if you’re involved in these sports is the single leg deadlift (SLDL).  It’s a great move for strengthening your core, balance muscles, and glutes.

Start by doing a regular kettlebell sumo deadlift.  Keep in mind that the movement pattern for the one leg version is very similar.

Then progress to the SLDL.  Make sure that:

  • You initiate the movement with your back leg
  • Your hips stay square
  • Your hips travel backwards as your body moves towards the ground

In conclusion, endurance athletes have special strength training needs. Kettlebells are a great tool to address some of these needs.  And the SLDL exercise covered in this article/video is a great kettlebell exercise for endurance athletes.

Keep training hard and talk soon –


P.S. The SLDL is just a starting point in your kettlebell training for endurance sports … for a complete and well thought-out workout program that takes on the movement and pain issues endurance athletes have and stops them in their tracks, click here ——>>kettlebell/body weight workout for endurance athletes

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