3 Tips to Beat Forearm, Elbow and Wrist Pain from Kettlebells

Unfortunately, it’s a very common problem among kettlebell enthusiasts.

They get a great start with their kettlebell training. They get so excited about the power of their newly discovered training tool that they pick up and train with a KB almost every day!

And then the forearm, elbow, and/or wrist pain hits. It’s debilitating. They actually have to stop training with kettlebells completely for a time. And the excitement of these newly discovered training tools quickly turns to frustration …

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Kettlebell lifting is something that can without a doubt cause elbow pain. But the good news is that it can be prevented, reduced and even eliminated with a routine of simple exercises and life habits.

(FYI, these tips have and will help anyone who uses their hands and forearms with a high frequency – whether you lift KB’s, do intense body weight training, engage in other strength training activities, play tennis, golf , etc., etc.)

3 Tips to Beat Forearm, Elbow and Wrist Pain From Kettlebells

1. Warm up before kettlebell training

A warm up is an easy thing to skip. But – ESPECIALLY if you have elbow pain – DON’T DO IT! Get in your mind that you will take a preventive approach.

An example of a specific warm up drill you could perform for elbow pain is the elbow circumduction drill.

For this exercise, the upper arm will remain at the sides and then the hands will travel in large circles, pivoting at the elbow. It is a good idea to do these slow to keep tension on the muscles and connective tissues and to eliminate momentum.

Another example is manual resistance of the hands and fingers. You simply push down with your opposite hand on the other hand’s wrists and fingers to warm them up and stretch them out.

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2. Take preventive measures during kettlebell training

An example here is to use something like elbow sleves during KB lifting. This is great for keeping warm and keeping the blood flow going during exercise to the effected area.

Another example of a preventive measure would be modifing your grip accordingly and in a specific way during activity to keep elbow pain down and to keep from futher aggrivating it.

3. Take care of your elbows after kettlebell training

After your KB workouts – and even in between, on your off days, etc. – it’s very important that you take care of your elbows, forearms, and wrists.

Stretching after exercise is a simple tip that will help you beat your elbow pain.

Try the torso-to-hand stretch:

With a wall or other sturdy object, you can perform a stretch that will get everything from your finger tips all the way up to you torso, especially your chest. Also if you turn your head away from the hand being stretched, you will feel it somewhat in the neck muscles as well.

Contrast bathing and band traction are two other examples of things one could do to take care of your elbows and forearms after exercise.

To sum up, elbow, forearm, and/or wrist pain SUCKS. It’s an all-to-common ailment that can stop you in your kettlebell training tracks. But the tips in this article are a GREAT starting point to help you beat it!

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Thanks for reading, and talk soon –

Forest Vance

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