The “Fast 5” Metabolic Kettlebell Workout

The Fast 5 Metabolic Kettlebell Workout from  Scott Iardella, Level II RKC and CK-FMS

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BUT – not to worry – I’ve still got a great new kettlebell basics workout coming your way!  My friend and fellow RKC Scott Idarella of has contributed a guest kettlebell workout post to hold you over … enjoy!

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The Fast 5 Metabolic Kettlebell Workout

by Scott Iardella, RKC, Level II and CK-FMS

When I started training with kettlebells, I was blown away with the effectivness of just one simple training tool.  And, I’m still blown away by the sheer power.

That was the hook for me, just one kettlebell and you get a complete, total body strengthening and conditioning program. Who knew it could be this simple?

I said simple. I did not say easy.

In this workout, I’ll share 5 exercises that are outstanding for a complete total body workout in minimal time.

Essentially, this is a powerful, full body program that combines cardiovascular fitness and resistance exercise. You do NOT need to do additional cardio with this program because you are addressing it in the protocol, as you’ll discover.

The way it’s laid out is building up from one exericse to the next and then taking things “down” just a bit (from a cardio standpoint) to finish with the kettlebell press.

Your goal is to perform a few rounds of this program, which is all you’ll need.

You’ll need to know how to perform kettlebell swings, high pulls, snatches, cleans, and presses with good technique before having a go at this program, so please make sure you’ve got a good handle on them.

Choose a kettlebell that you can very comfortably press for 5 reps. That’s the weight you’ll use in this workout.

Before you start, spend 5-10 minutes doing joint mobility or a dymamic warmup. An example would be:

  • kettlebell HALO, 5 each direction.
  • kettlebell arm bar, approximately 1 minute hold each side.
  • ‘mad cats’ for thoracic mobility, 5-10 each direction.
  • bodyweight squats, 20 reps.
  • jumping jacks, 30 reps.

Here’s the workout sequence:

  • double hand kettlebell swings x 20
  • kettlebell high pulls x 10 each
  • kettlebell snatches x 10 each
  • kettlebell cleans x 10 each
  • kettlebell presses x 5 each

How much rest between the exercises? Not much.

Take brief rest periods between the exercises, moving through the round in a circuit-like fashion.

“Shake things out” and keep moving if you need to set the kettelbell down between each exercise. But…keep moving!

This is a metabolic workout, so you’ll be feeling the heart pumping, cardiovascular benefits soon after you begin.

Keep rest time about 1 1/2 to 3 minutes max between rounds.

Perform 3 rounds, and up to 5 if you’re up for it.

Perform all exercises with good form. If you’re technique starts to really deteriorate, it’s time to rest or call it quits.

Time estimate per round is about 5 minutes, if you move through at a “quick” pace, hence the name, the “Fast 5″ Metabolic workout.

This is a short, simple, physically demanding workout.

Remember, you’ve got your kettlebell fundamentals down. Have a good foundation with these exercises before you try it.

Don’t underestimate the power of this workout, it’s a great strengthening and conditioning workout that will leave feeling strong and powerful.

Go to it and enjoy!


This article and program was written by Scott Iardella, RKC, Level II and CK-FMS.

Scott is a long time fitness expert with 30 years of training experience. He’s a former Physical Therapist with experience in orthopedics and sports medicine. He is also a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS), Certified Sports Nutritionist (CISSN), and Functional Movement Specialist (CK-FMS).

He writes on topics in kettlebells and nutrition for fat loss, muscle building, and performance. You can learn more at his website,, where he also hosts the “StealthBody Podcast” in iTunes.

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