Crazy Kettlebell & Body Weight Mud Run Workout

We recently put together a team at my Sacramento training studio and completed the (currently) biggest and most popular mud run event. It was an awesome physical and mental challenge, but also a lot of fun … and most importantly, a great success!

We had been training together as a group weeks before the event, working off of a specific training program I prepared.  So I thought I’d post up one of the group’s favorite workouts here on for your “enjoyment” and training benefit!

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Crazy Kettlebell & Body Weight Mud Run Workout


You’ll do :45 seconds of cardio (jog, bike, jump rope, step ups, or jumping jacks) between each exercise.  Perform each of the following exercises continuously for :45 seconds:

•t push up
•kettlebell (or dumbbell) squat
•pull up (or body row)
•box jump (or step up)
•bear crawl
•farmer’s walk
•diagonal lunge

Do two to three rounds of this circuit total.

Give this kettlebell and body weight mud runners’ workout a try this weekend – and keep training hard!!

Forest Vance, RKC II

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