Kettlebell Exercise for Abs – the Renegade Row

No matter WHERE your fitness level is at …

You can always get better abs.

Thing is … traditional ab training …crunches, leg raises, sit ups, etc. … not only is it ineffective … it’s boring.

A fun and unique kettlebell exercise for abs is the kettlebell renegade row.  And as an added benefit, when you do this move, not only will you work the heck out of those core muscles, you’ll hit almost every other muscle group in your body at the same time.  Watch the video below for the full breakdown:

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That’s it for today!  Thanks for watching, and talk soon –

Forest Vance, MS, RKC II

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4 thoughts on “Kettlebell Exercise for Abs – the Renegade Row

  1. Wally Chute

    I am a 75 year old guy teaching kettlebell classes here in Goodyear, AZ for about 3 years now…I also include the renegade row in my classes but have one hand flat on the floor…some of my seniors don’t have 2 KBs and I want them to have good balance while performing the exercise. Of course this is just one of many exercises I put them through in an hour class. We do various ballistic and grind exercises.
    Thanx for your input.
    Wally Chute
    Certified Fitness Instructor

    1. admin

      Hey Wally –

      Thanks for the comment! That is awesome to hear, keep up the great work.

      One thing you might try is elevating one hand on a box/etc. if you’re just going to use one kb at a time … would probably make for a more balanced movement.

      Keep training hard –

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